How to Get Rid of a Marijuana High? Sober Up Quick

Smoking marijuana is fun until you overdo it and you are hit with a serious high that makes you feel wasted, confused, and uncomfortable. Although every cannabis consumer gets high now and then, not very many people know how to get rid of a high when it happens.

If you’re looking for how to how to sober up from weed quickly, then you are in luck, because this article covers what you need to know about a marijuana high and ways to stop being high. 

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How Did I Get So High?

Not all cannabis strains are grown equally – some have higher levels of THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana) than others. More often than not, smokers, especially newbies don’t know the amount of THC present in their weeds, so they end getting high than expected. 

Also, trying a new cannabis strain for the first time or not knowing how much weed your body can take can have you floating in the clouds in no time.  Getting too high is also influenced by factors such as taking too many edible weeds, level of weed tolerance, and smoking marijuana on an empty stomach. 

While I advise that you keep your marijuana intake low whenever you have important tasks to handle, knowing the fastest way to kill your high is an important life skill every smoker should learn.

How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

Before learning how to come down from a high, you first need to answer this question – how long do you stay high? The duration of a marijuana high depends on many things including the mode of consumption (smoking or eating), quantity consumed, and the weed potency. However, edibles can leave you high for up to 6 hours while smoking lasts for 2 to 3 hours. 

Know Your Limit – Plan Ahead 

When it comes to smoking cannabis, it is essential to know how much your body can handle and when to stop. Weed affects people differently. Just because you saw your buddy consuming up to 20mg in one session, you decided to do it too! That could mean bad news for you. You may still be a new smoker who is more prone to get too high than someone who has had weed all their life.

How to Stop Being High 

It might seem like your world has finally come to an end when you get too stoned. This rookie syndrome, hopefully, wouldn’t kill you, and there are some things you can do to ease your suffering. Here’s how to sober up from weed!

what to do if you get too high

Consistently Breathe In from Your Nose and Out Through your Mouth

Tons of homemade remedies may exist, but experienced smokers can tell you that there are times when you won’t even be able to get yourself from the couch, especially when you smoke too much indica strains. The fastest way to kill your high at a time like this is to breath the right way.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it might seem like a long shot but breathe. Consistently take deep breathes and try holding and releasing those breaths until you feel a little relief. 

Breathing circulates the blood, which in turn could help move the cannabinoids out of your body. This exercise will also cause your brain to receive some more oxygen which has a calming effect. Meditative breathing practices can also be beneficial. 

Distract Yourself 

Sometimes the “how to get rid of high” lies in a great distraction to get your mind off the butterflies in your head. You can do something that engages your brain and keeps you occupied for a while. Here are a few suggestions

  • Solve a puzzle or play an addictive game 
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Invite a friend over and engage them in interesting conversations

While these options are not guaranteed to kill your high instantly, having your buddy around when you are high can help reduce the risks of experiencing a weed panic attack. 

Drink Coffee

Coffee is an amazing drink that offers so many benefits to our body. Caffeine can help wake you up, get you on your toes when you feel like drowning and give an extra boost of energy. It won’t stop you from being high, but it can help you refocus and ward off the sense of feeling foggy. Coffee or even tea can give your mind a break from the explosive feeling and help you stay alert. As long as the coffee does not contain any cannabis, relief is assured. 

coffee to sober up from being high

Drop some Clear Eyes, Visine or Eye Drops

This will not actually make you sober up from weed – it does a different job entirely. One of the downsides of consuming too much marijuana is having bloodshot eyes. Since THC helps to lower blood pressure, you will have red eyes when you become high. So the best way to eliminate the redness in your eyes is to use an effective eye drop 

Taking a shower works like a reset button for a lot of people. It might not sound enjoyable but believe it when I say it can help you to come down from a high very quickly. 

Cold water triggers the “mammalian diving reflex,” which consists of a set of reflexes that are activated when our face is cooled. This reflex decreases heart rate, drops body temperature, and preserves oxygen. It provides an effect that kind of like shocks the body out of its weed induced state. 

If you’re miles away from home or at a friend’s place and showering is not feasible, you can splash some cold water on your face to help you snap out of it. A warm shower or a hot bath is another alternative to help relax both mind and body, but cold water is best!

Take Terpenes

Terpenes are the aromatic oils found in not just cannabis but plants in general that give them their distinct fragrance. Terpenes are a great way to get rid of a high. By taking counteracting terpenes like limonene found in lemons or piperine in black pepper, you can alter the effects of a marijuana high.


Eating lemons (or drinking the juice) can help you get unhigh because citrus fruits contain Limonene, a  non-stimulatory terpene that alters the psychoactive effects of THC and can help calm the nerves. 


Just like lemons, Lavender also share a vital terpene with marijuana called Linalool. This chemical acts as an anticonvulsant, and it helps to relax the muscles. So if you have access to lavender, add it to your lemon juice and drink. 

terpenes of marijuana

Take some CBD

One of the fastest ways to kill your high is to consume more cannabis, not the THC strain that got you high – I am talking about CBD strain. Although both chemical compounds fall under the same class of “cannabinoids,” they have their differences. 

While THC is the extroverted brother who gets the party started and has everyone pushing beyond their limits, CBD is the introverted brother that tries to keep everyone calm and gets everything back in order before mom and dad get home. 

CBD has non-psychoactive compounds that act as nature’s antidote to THC’s high effects. When someone takes too much weed and gets too high, a dose of CBD can restore calm and bring mind and body back to homeostasis. 

Aside from taking a CBD dominant strain, You could also take CBD extracts or put a few drops of a potent CBD tincture beneath your tongue for maximum absorption.

Hike or Exercise

If fast relief is what you seek, exercise may be one of the best ways to sober you up quickly. Exercise releases endorphins which are neurotransmitters that block pain signals when traumatic events occur. When you get too high, endorphins can melt the effects of extreme high away. Just exercise! 

If you, however, are in no mood for push-ups and jumping jacks, you may take a quick walk. A change of environment coupled with the fresh air of the open will help fire you up and clear your head off. Results won’t be instant, but relief will be in sight. 

Stay Hydrated 

Water is life! Having water when you’re too high can make a big difference. The uncomfortable feeling of being too stoned may be as a result of dehydration and dry lips which could cause a weed hangover. Take lots of water to flush your system of excess THC.  Staying hydrated doesn’t mean you should go downing bottles of alcohol. A non-caffeinated drink will do if you don’t want water. 

Watch a Funny Cartoon or a Movie 

Keep yourself busy by seeing your favorite movie or a funny cartoon. This will keep your brain entertained and engaged. 

Lastly on How to Get Rid of a High 

Although there are many remedies, getting un-high is not as easy as it seems. It’s something you would eventually have to wait out by allowing your body to metabolize the THC and slowly give your mind the rest it deserves. 

Prevention, they say, is better than cure so to skip all this drama, know your tolerance level and do all it takes to ensure you don’t go beyond it or better still, you can opt in for CBD instead of THC.

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