How to Prevent Pests While Growing Cannabis?

So, you are finally able to grow your own organic cannabis at home, legally. You sow the seeds, tend to them for months, and finally at the time of harvest, you see your valuable cannabis plants are riddled with bugs. How awful would that be!

Most of the time, you do not even realize that your cannabis cultivation has a pest problem, until the moment you begin trimming or taking your buds to start enjoying them. Then, it’s probably too late to think about getting a pest control program in place. 

Usually, there are more signs of a pest infestation on your cannabis plantation, with pests that are visible, and damage to the leaves. However, the pests do the most damage to the prized cannabis flowers more than the leaves. 

Prevention of pest infestation on cannabis plantations is very important if you want to enjoy fruitful returns on your time and efforts invested. This article looks at pests, specifically on cannabis plants, and lists ways to prevent them. 

What is a pest?

Pests, in cannabis growing, are those organisms that can cause harm or destruction among the plants. Generally, pests that are found on cannabis plants include insects, fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and viruses, among others. 

Though pests on cannabis plants mostly cause leaf and root problems, there’s a wide variety of organisms that can cause harm to different parts of the plant. There are pests can cause devastating effects on the cannabis crops if they are not dealt with soon enough, so it is absolutely vital that you take steps for proper prevention of these potential threats.

One of the most important steps to take is to keep the grow room clean if you are cultivating indoors. You can use air filters, dehumidifiers, and exhaust fans, to keep the air clean and fresh, while also maintaining optimum humidity levels. 

What are the types of pests found in Cannabis plants?

You can find hundreds and thousands of organisms in nature that can be called pests. A few of them are insects, caterpillars, fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc. With such a wide range of organisms, you might find the identification of pests a bit confusing at the beginning. 

We list some of the most common pests for indoor Cannabis crops, but you can find many more. 

Insects and bugs in Cannabis

Insects that are considered pests in Cannabis plants feed on the plant and secrete substances that cause damage to the plant foliage, aid fungi growth, or transmit some kind of disease. 

There are fewer chances of finding random insects on your Cannabis plants if you are growing them indoors, rather than in your garden. However, there is the danger of the bugs getting in your grow tent, and then they can multiply rapidly and destroy the plants quickly. Hence, it is very pertinent that you should regularly monitor the plants for new insects, so any infestations can be avoided. 

Insects commonly found in indoor crops of Cannabis are fungus, gnats, aphids, thrips, and spider mites. These insects attack the leaves, but you can also find them in the soil mix, in the run-off water left in the tray, and sometimes even in the preflowers and buds. Insects can also be found in the form of eggs or larvae, so keep an eye out for them. 

One thing you need to remember is that there are certain species of insects that are connected to the Cannabis plant, but they are not all harmful. In fact, there are some insects that can be beneficial to the plants. For example, Ladybugs are natural predators to pest insects like aphids, mites, and scales and hence act as a natural pest controller. 

Another useful organism is earthworms, which are not insects, but of the annelid species. Earthworms are beneficial to Cannabis plants as they make the soil fertile and boost their ability to retain water. Worm castings have lots of valuable nutrients and hence they are very beneficial to Cannabis plants. If you are an organic grower, they also provide protection to the plants from many diseases. 

If there are earthworms living in your pots, allow them to flourish! The presence of earthworms also provides aeration to the soil, which helps the growth of healthy roots.

Fungus in Cannabis plants

Like insects, fungus too can be harmful or beneficial to the Cannabis plants. Fungi species that cause the plants to rot, decompose, and damage the Cannabis plant are considered pests.

The fungus can appear in almost all parts of the plant, such as leaves, stems, roots, and flowers. There are many types of fungi that can be categorized as dangerous for the Cannabis plants, and they can appear at any stage from the germination to the flowering and after harvesting too. 

A few species of fungi pests that attack indoor Cannabis crops are Pythium, Powdery Mildew, Fusarium, and Botrytis. 

Another type of fungi is mold, which develops filaments called hyphae and appears fuzzy. Fusarium and Botrytis are species of mold. Mold growth is aided by high humidity levels so air conditioning and dehumidifiers can be good companions for indoor crops, especially in tropical regions.

Mold attacks are stronger during the flowering stage and it can cause untold devastation, it is very important to do pest control during flowering. 

How do prevent and manage pests in Cannabis plants?

The foremost thing to do is to sanitize the grow room. Disinfect all areas and tools, including the tent, the pots, and every piece of equipment you use. Also, look for dead plant materials, such as leaves and branches that fall from the plants. 

Ensure good ventilation indoors, use low-temperature lights and dehumidifiers, along with exhaust fans for air circulation to get a healthy crop. Proper fertilization and maintaining the health of the plants are of prime importance, as pests and fungi usually attack the weakest plants.

Ensure good ventilation indoors, use low-temperature lights and dehumidifiers, along with exhaust fans for air circulation to get a healthy crop. Proper fertilization and maintaining the health of the plants are of prime importance, as pests and fungi usually attack the weakest plants.

If there are plants that are already infected, remove and isolate them. Keep them away from your healthy crop for the period that you are treating the infected plants with the pests. In case that is not an option for you, then treat all the plants in your grow room, as a matter of prevention. 

Tips to avoid pests in your grow room

The thing that is better than the treatment of infected plants, is prevention. Follow these tips to keep your grow room free from pest invasion. 

1 – Avoid overwatering your plants. Many species of insects and fungi grow faster if there is excess water in the soil.

2 – Examine your plants with a magnifying glass or eyeglass and look out for evidence of pests which can show in the form of spots or “dust” on the leaves, variations in color and shape of the leaves, visible insects, and any other irregularity.

3 – Try to identify the organism you find in the plants and determine if it is a pest or just an insect that strayed in. If you find it is indeed a pest, take suitable steps for controlling them and make the stay away from your plants 

4 – Keep yellow sticky traps in the grow tent, that will attract insects living in your plants. That will make identification easier. It can also act as a control method for some pests, as the yellow color acts as a natural attraction for some insects. 

5 – Keep your grow room sterilized, along with each and every tray, tool, and shelf not only when they are in usage, but especially between crops. Pests may come back persistently after every crop if they are not dealt with, in a timely manner.


Growing cannabis is quite a rewarding, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience. The reward is usually gained through enduring the trial and tribulations of the challenge. Pests are one of the biggest threats to a healthy and bountiful harvest for cannabis growers. Follow the tips provided in the article to prevent pests from ruining your cannabis cultivation. To buy the best quality Green Crack feminized seeds online, please visit here i49. 

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