Imag Plus Vaporizer Review

The Imag Plus is a portable vaporizer that can vape both dry herbs and concentrates. It isn’t too big, vapes your herbs evenly, and effectively vaporizes concentrates as well. Overall, it is a really solid unit. Let’s get to how the vape works.

imag plus vaporizer

Imag Plus

How the Imag Plus Works

The Imag Plus is an extremely easy vape to operate. To load the unit, you first choose whether you want to vape herbs or concentrates.

If you are vaping herbs, all you have to do is load the stainless steel chamber to the top and pack it down slightly. You don’t want it too tight, because it will impede airflow, but you also don’t want it to be not packed at all, because your herbs will not vape as well.

If you are vaping concentrates, the only difference is that you place the concentrate cartridge into the chamber and load your concentrate directly into the cartridge.

To turn the device on, simply click the only button on the device three times. The LED light will turn blue, and the chamber will begin to heat. Once the light turns a solid blue, You’re ready to vape.

There are three temperature settings, 190º  C (374º F), 210º C (410º F), and 230º C (446º F). To switch between these settings, all you have to do is hold the button until the LED ligh changes color.

The lowest heat setting is a blue LED, the middle setting is a green LED, and the highest heat setting is a red LED. Depending on your heat settings, the battery will last anywhere from 3-6 sessions. Because the battery works so hard to keep the unit hot, you will get less sessions the hotter you vape. Just experiment with it and find what works for you.

The unit also has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the device off after three minutes. All you have to do is turn the unit back on when it shuts off.

For dry herbs, I recommend not going above the second heat setting. The highest setting is far too harsh, and it was designed for concentrates. The vapor is very bearable at the other two heat settings though. The overall vapor quality of this vape is really nice. You will get a lot of flavor at the lowest temp, and you will get big clouds but less flavor at the second heat setting.

With the concentrate cartridge, you will get flavorful vapor for a long period of time instead of thick, harsh vapor for a short period of time like most pen vaporizers.

Our Imag + Video Review

Where to Buy the Imag Plus?

You can grab the Imag Plus directly from their official website here.

Final Thoughts

the Imag Plus is a great portable vape that vapes herbs and concentrates superbly. And, at only $89, this is a highly affordable vaporizer for anyone from a beginner trying to get into vaping to someone who has an extensive vape collection. This unit is easily on par with the Pax by Ploom and the Da Vinci Ascent, but it does dry herb just as well while it does concentrates better than either of them.

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