Iolite Vaporizer Review

Created by Oglesby & Butler in 2008, the Iolite portable vape is an interesting breed of butane vaporizers. What really catches my eye about this one is that it looks almost like something you’d expect to see in a Star Wars movie or maybe even a Batman film. It has a very sleek and cutting edge look and feel to it that I find very sexy. 😉

How does the Iolite work?

What I really love about this vaporizer is that it’s pretty inconspicuous. At first glance it actually looks more like a high tech walke talkie or some other handheld radio. If you happen to have it out in public most people won’t even know what it is.

Instead of using an electric system like some of the more popular products, this one actually uses a butane system to produce heat. Now I know what you might be thinking, that this may mean that it won’t be as reliable in terms of temperature output, right? Or maybe you’re more concerned about it constantly running and being low on butane? Well these problems are solved by a patented technology that regulates the heat. The butane only runs when the temperature drops significantly below 370 degree Fahrenheit. When this happens the butane turns back on in order to keep the vaporizing chamber nice and hot.

While giving the Iolite vaporizer a try I found that this on and off sequence happened roughly every minute or so which was reliable enough for me to not worry about. With this technology I also found that the butane lasted well over 2 hours which was plenty enough time for me to enjoy. What I really love about this vaporizer is the fact that the butane was very easy to refill. This was something that I was worried about initially as I have never used a butane vaporizer and was quite worried about having to do this constantly. All you need to do place your refill can directly into the little brass port and press down. The entire process only took about 7 seconds.


-Very consistent. The automatic temperature regulation inside of the Iolite vaporizer keeps you from having to constantly engage the heater. Everything is automatic so you can just relax and enjoy your herb.
-No need to worry about temperature as everything is regulated for you.
-No batteries or electric plugs which makes it perfect for those camping out or on the go.
-Comes with a very nice carrying case that will easily fit in your pocket for mobile use
-Comes with a full 2 year warranty.


-Will clog if you use too much “cheap” butane like the kind you’d get from the gas station.
-Unlike electric vaporizers it requires refilling.

What’s the best place to buy one of these?

As in serious vaporizer fan knows, Vape World is hands down the best place to purchase the Iolite vaporizer. If you’re anything like me and love scouting out the best deals on vaporizers, then Vape World is the last place you’ll need to look. In addition to having the best prices around, they also ship very fast which means you won’t have to wait too long before taking your first hit from the Iolite.


Final recommendation

Some people may be put off by the fact that it’s a butane vaporizer, but I must say that the Iolite is one of the better products in this category. It will even rival most electric vaporizers in terms of consistency, ease of use, overall design and aesthetics. If I had to choose a butane vaporizer all over again I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the Iolite vaporizer, and I recommend that you do too.


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