Iolite WISPR Vaporizer Review

Coming in at about the same size as the typical iPhone, the Iolite WISPR vaporizer is a must have for any fashion conscious user. I must say that I am really impressed with the packaging of this vaporizer as it’s obvious that a lot of care went into the design. Most vaporizers simply come in a plain cardboard box, but this one comes in a box that looks a little more “commercial” and of higher quality than usual.

The actual vaporizer itself has a very stylish design to it and resembles a small 1950’s radio. This includes what looks like an antennae which is actually the vaporizers mouth piece. The WISPR comes in several different colors, and just like the original Iolite, non vaporizer user’s won’t have the slightest clue as to what it is. 😉

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How does the Iolite WISPR work?

Just like the original, the Iolite WISPR uses a butane vaporizer system. The only difference is that with this new version you can actually see exactly how much butane you have left through a little window on the side. Users of the old Iolite will realize just how handy this is as it prevents you from starting the vaporizer only to have it run out right in the middle of your session.

When you’re ready to begin your session all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece to expose the actual chamber. For my own personal use I found that the chamber was large enough for me to fit enough herb inside for roughly 3 sessions. Once you’ve done your packing simply replace the mouthpiece and push the on/off switch down so that it turns orange. Give it another click and it ignites and begins to heat.

I should add that there’s a nifty little light on the side that lights up to indicate that the WISPR is heating. You’ll know when it’s ready to use once the light goes off. Now here’s what I really like about this product. Out of all of the portable vaporizers I’ve tried this one has one of the fastest heating times. It only took about 30 seconds for me to flip the switch and take my first puff. I must say that this is very impressive.


-Very fast heating times. Faster than most other vaporizers. Fully ready to vape in less than 30 seconds.

-Fashion friendly design. The design of the Iolite WISPR is of very high quality and it simply looks great!

-Fast and easy refills. The recharging port for the butane is located on the bottom of the device. I found that it only took about 6 seconds flat to completely refill.

-Bendable mouthpiece. This is an important upgrade to the original Iolite as many users complained about the plastic piece breaking off quite easily. On the WISPR, it’s so bendable that even the clumsiest of users won’t have a problem with it.


-Butane delivery system. Some users find that having to constantly refill the butane gets a bit annoying. I found that one refill typically gave me a good 3 hours of use.

-No temperature control. Unlike some other vaporizers you can’t set a specific temperature. With the Iolite WISPR it’s pretty much one size fits all.

What’s the best place to buy the Iolite Wispr?

Beyond a doubt, the cheapest place to get your hands on the Iolite WISPR is through Vapor Nation. This is where I go to buy all of my vaporizers as well as any other supplies I might need such as extra screens and replacement mouth pieces. They carry the widest selection of vaporizers and accessories and not to mention the shipping is super fast.

Final recommendation

I have to say that the manufacturer definitely nailed it with this one. Since its release the Iolite WISPR has become a big hit in the portable vaporizer community being featured in both Wired and Gizmodo magazines. After trying it myself I would not hesitate to recommend it to others. This one is going right at the top of my stash as my “go-to” when I’m looking to hit the road and do some vaping away from home. All I have to say…is get one!

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