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As the use of concentrate, oils and waxes has become more common, there has been a correlating increase in the sale of specialized vaporizers for dabbing. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of predominately dry herb marijuana vaporizers; however, I’ve been steadily becoming fonder of oil vapes since I sometimes enjoy sessions where the highs tend to be more intense and potent. Currently, there is a pretty big selection of brand-name vaporizers for concentrates, but the most popular, acclaimed one by far is KandyPens. I typically enjoy writing reviews on heavily promoted products since it’s important to establish if a unit is truly great, or if it’s just been intelligently marketed. In this case, KandyPens Crystal became my latest guinea pig, and overall, I think it packs a decent punch and gets the job done. The following review will include highlights, tech specs, and my personal experience with the KandyPens Crystal.

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Design, Portability and Facility of Use 

The KandyPens Crystal has a sleek and chic look that is guaranteed to please most consumers. It is currently offered in two colors which include crystal black and crystal white, and it relatively simple in use featuring just one button that serves to power on the device, allow users to inhale, and for voltage selection. As far as portability is concerned, it is easy to enjoy a session on the go, and its’ super compact design aids users in dabbing discreetly. The KandyPens Crystal boasts stainless steel construction but with a stealthy build, as it stands just below four inches in height, and it’s just a tad bulkier in width than the average vape pen. It also is stamped with a “K” logo on the front of the unit, and a crystal image at the bottom like its’ cheaper, sister product, the KandyPens Rubi.

There are three components that make up the body of this device which include the mouthpiece, the coil-less glass crystal atomizer, and the battery/hand-piece. Operating the device is extremely easy, and the box comes with a simple instruction card for immediate use. First off, charge the KandyPens Crystal via its usb port for at least an hour. Once it’s charged, the unit can be powered on by clicking the center (and only) button five times in succession. Users can click the same button three times to choose their desired voltage setting. Next, remove the mouth-piece and load up some concentrate with the dabbing tool into the heating chamber. From there, users may reattach the mouthpiece by firmly screwing it back on, and then click and hold down the button to inhale some smooth clouds.

Voltage Settings and Atomizer 

The KandyPens Crystal does allow users some flexibility, as its offers variable voltage choices. The settings are color coded and include 2.6V (yellow), 3.0V (green), 3.6V (red), and 4.2V (blue).  Most heavy hitters and flavor aficionados will probably enjoy sessions between 3.6V or 4.2V, however, users new to shatter should play it safe and start on the lower settings since the Crystal provides pretty hard rips. Personally, I’m more of a dry herb kind of person, and concentrate can hit me too hard at times, so I enjoyed my session on 3.0V and I still felt the vapor was tasty, and sufficiently dense. Users should also take note that there is a 2 click sesh mod, which will allow them switch between lengthy rips and quick draws.

The KandyPens Crystal really rose to fame because of its’ all quartz crystal glass atomizer. The bowl sits completely above and sufficiently separated from the heating coil so that combustion never takes place. Therefore, it is considered a coil-free device and is acknowledged to produce superior flavor and cleaner clouds. Additionally, the atomizer does a great job of heating the herb evenly, and the airflow is pretty smooth and easy to draw from. My opinion is that the KandyPens Crystal did a great job in refining its heating element while succeeding in removing the glues, wicks, and dyes which plague some its cheaper products.

Battery and Accessories 

The KandyPens Crystal comes with a 900 mAh Sub-Ohm battery that is definitely no joke. The box comes with a USB charger, and it typically takes about two hours to reach full power. The beauty of this device is though, once it is fully charged, it can easily last a full day even if consumers are heavily using. Additionally, the battery is 510 threaded which means it can be utilized with other pre-loaded cartridges if desired. Users will also be thrilled to know that the battery comes with a lifetime warranty, which is an unexpected bonus for products at this price point.

As far as accessories go, I didn’t find the box kit to be that impressive, but it wasn’t disappointing either. The box includes the KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer, an additional glass mouthpiece with splash guard, a black pouch with the crystal emblem, a micro-usb charger, and a key-chain packing tool. All in all, it’s fairly basic. 

Vapor Quality and Price Point

The vapor quality of the KandyPens Crystal is pretty good, but to be honest, the unit is undeniably over-priced at a retail value of $134.97. The clouds produced at all four voltages are flavorful, and thick, but the mouthpiece does get quite warm and the vapor itself is sometimes a bit too hot for my taste. My advice would be for customers to consider an alternative such as the Puffco Plus, which is cheaper, still coil-free and absolutely rips with cool, smooth clouds. However, if a user is dead set on purchasing the KandyPens brand name, then the Crystal will be an excellent choice compared to some of the other products in their line.

The bottom line is that consumers should just be mindful of their budget and be aware that the Crystal is a good product, and it meets expectations, but it does not exceed these expectations. It has some notable qualities, but be sure to shop around and compare competitor products.

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