Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen Review

The Kandypens Gravity is the latest offering from Kandypens. It features both a dual quartz coil atomizer and a ceramic coil-less atomizer, both creating different experiences.

Having the option to choose between a quartz and ceramic atomizer I feel gives the end user a lot of flexibility in terms of how they want to enjoy their Gravity.

We’re going to look at everything regarding the Gravity and compare each of the atomizers later in the review.

To make the review easier to follow, we’re going to break it down into a few key sections:

  • Temperature Control
  • Parts and Assembly
  • Vapor Quality and Efficiency
  • Battery Life
  • Portability
  • Accessories

With all that aside, let’s take a look at the Kandypens Gravity!

Temperature Control

Powering on the Gravity is a pretty straightforward process to anyone familiar with e-cigarettes: simply tap the power button 5 times rapidly to turn the battery on and off. It’s good practice to turn your vape off before pocketing it so it doesn’t misfire in your pocket wasting material.

The Gravity is sporting 4 different temperature settings, unlike the Galaxy vape pen from Kandypens, which only offers 3 different temperature settings.

The Gravity’s power button and bottom logo will glow different colors according to which temperature it’s set to. It will glow either pink (low), red (medium low), green (medium high), or blue (high).

The new pink temperature setting is a great improvement over the Galaxy in my opinion. I feel the new low setting is a great compliment to the quartz coil atomizer.

There’s only a little incremental difference in settings, but I typically stick to the low pink setting as the coils still get hot enough to fully vaporize your concentrate.

Like the Galaxy, the Gravity has a rather bright LED on the bottom of the device that can be kind of annoying to obscure when using the vape during night time. You can obscure it pretty easily with your palm, but I would rather just have some way of turning it off via a function on the battery.

Not a deal breaker, but it is something I would like to see improved upon in the future.

Parts and Assembly of the Kandypens Gravity

The Gravity is using a pretty standard 510 threaded battery like most e-cigarettes and concentrate vaporizers.

That brings us to the atomizers, and with the Gravity you have two different options to choose from.

The Gravity is sporting both a dual quartz coil atomizer, but also a ceramic coil-less atomizer.

Both atomizers feel about the same in terms of build quality – I don’t see one or the other being built to a higher degree than the other. They both look and function solidly.

From there, the mouthpiece has a handy carb hole which is great for either clearing the vapor out of the pen after a hit, or leaving it open during a hit to allow for an airy hit.

Kandypens Gravity Mouthpiece with Carb hole

If you have an issue with draw resistance, you can adjust your index fingers placement on the carb hole to allow for more airflow. Bottom line is the carb hole gives you a surprising amount of flexibility.

Vapor Quality and Efficiency

Both atomizers that come with the Gravity are good for different situations in terms of vapor quality. As far as efficiency, they’re about the same, but there’s a little bit of a difference.

For starters, I would only load .1-.15 in both atomizers respectively. You don’t want to underfill the atomizers, but overfilling them just causes a mess for you and can impair the function of your coils.

So be mindful of how much you load. About the size of a pea is what you’re going for.

Now, lets talk about vapor quality with each of these atomizers.

Kandpens Gravity Vapor Quality

Quartz Atomizer

I found the quartz coils hit a lot harder than the ceramic:

Kandypens Gravity Quartz Crystal Atmoizer

The quartz coils are great for getting large vapor hits instantly. They deliver some really potent and dense vapor when you have your finger over the carb hole.

I found allowing some air in while you take your hit makes the hit more comfortable when you draw longer than 5+ seconds.

Vapor production is pretty instant with the quartz coils, so you don’t really have to take long draws. 5-10 seconds is all you really need to take a good hit.

I personally don’t like anything with a red hot coil for flavor, and that’s nothing against this vape in particular, but I haven’t used a quartz coil yet that I feel represented the flavor of the concentrate I put in accurately or closely.

Kandypens Gravity Quartz Crystal Atmoizer

Ceramic coil-less atomizer

I would lean towards the ceramic coil-less atomizer if you’re looking for something that doesn’t hit quite as hard, but delivers smoother and flavorful vapor:

Kandypens Gravity Coil-less atmoizer

The ceramic atomizer doesn’t scorch your concentrates with a red hot coil, it gently boils off the vapor on a ceramic hot plate similar to a low temperature dab off a ceramic nail.

I found this atomizer was the best for flavor. I could pick out the different flavors better than I can with the quartz coils.

When I’m just at home relaxing, I prefer to use this atomizer. I like to sit down and enjoy a few different types of concentrates, and when I do I want to use a medium that allows me to enjoy the various flavors of my concentrate.

This atomizer doesn’t produce the same thick and dense clouds, but I find this atomizer’s vapor is more enjoyable personally.

Battery Life on the Kandypens Gravity

I found the Gravity’s battery life to be very exceptional. I only ran my Gravity to dead twice; typically the battery lasts long enough for me to get a days use before it dies.

I charge it before bed every night and it’s usually good for a whole day.

The Gravity’s battery simply threads onto the charger which is then plugged into either a USB port or a USB wall socket to charge it.

I found on average it takes about 2-3 hours for the battery to fully recharge.

Portability of the Gravity

The Gravity is very portable and sleek like all of Kandypens other offerings.

The design is similar to basic e-cigarettes, and this gives it a pretty discrete profile for public use. The whole thing put together is a little over 4 inches tall, which is nothing to throw in your pocket or bag.

Kandypens Gravity

Likewise, if you want to bring an extra atomizer with you, the included carrying case is great for that.

Gravity Case

While the case isn’t smell proof, it is smell resistant when it’s only carrying a dirty vaporizer, which is something good to note if that’s a concern for you transporting this unit around.

I like to put everything in the case and just throw it in my backpack when I go out so I have everything I need. Concentrate pens already don’t smell a whole lot, and the case is great for containing what little smell is emitted passively from the vape.

Likewise, you can just grab the pen itself when you can’t bring a lot with you. I like to bring the Gravity with me longboarding since it doesn’t weigh down my pockets, and it’s really low key to use on the go in public since you only need a few seconds to get a nice hit from it.


The Kandypens Gravity kit comes with the following items:

  • Mouthpiece with carb hole
  • Quartz Coil Atomizer
  • Ceramic coil-less Atmoizer
  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • Charger
  • Concentrate Tool

Kandypens Gravity Kit

Pros/cons breakdown

To conclude this review, we’re going to break down all of the main points of our review into a short pros and cons list.


  • Quartz coil great for large hits and maximum vapor production
  • Ceramic coil great for flavor and lighter sessions
  • Great battery life
  • Small and discrete build


  • Bright LED’s

Final Subjective Assessment of the Kandypens Gravity

So far this has been my favorite concentrate vape pen from Kandypens. It offers a good variety to its users via its quartz and ceramic coils.

Kandypens Gravity

The quartz coils are great for on the go when you only have a few seconds at a time to take a hit. They get really hot in a second or two, and they are ready to vaporize your concentrate very rapidly. Plus, the hits you get are huge.

The ceramic atomizer on the other hand is a little different. It slowly boils away your concentrate even on the highest setting. It doesn’t produce crazy dense clouds or anything, but it does produce consistently flavorful and smooth vapor, which I personally like more than the quartz coils.

If you’re looking for a small and discrete concentrate vaporizer pen that offers two different experiences, the Gravity may be what you’re looking for. I like the kit a lot, and it’s a great companion to anything you want to do.

The long battery life lends itself well to someone always on the go, which is the person I would primarily recommend this vaporizer to. That’s not to say it isn’t also great for those who vape at home, because it’s perfect for that too. But if you’re a more mobile person, then you will definitely appreciate this pen.

Looking for the best place to buy the Kandypens Gravity?

We recommend buying it right from Kandypens’ official website, which is the best deal by far. If you use promo code ‘GRAVITY25’ you will save 25% off this pen.

I’m not sure how long this will be running for, so I’d take advantage of it now if you’re thinking of buying the Gravity.

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