KandyPens Oura Review

KandyPens have recently unveiled their latest product for the portable dab rig market, the KandyPens Oura. 


The Oura is a sleek and functional electronic dab rig  aimed at providing users with a smart and convenient experience. All  internal circuitry is housed and protected inside a durable zinc shell allowing for a secure layer of protection.

The unit  has all the features today’s portable dab rigs have to offer and more.

The rig consists of a two-part system including a  3000mAh smart battery at the bottom and a sleek water filtration system sitting at the top, it is also equipped with smart touch sensors.

The lower section also  comes with an extended compartment sticking to the side of the KandyPens Oura where users insert the heating cup covered by a carb cap to control air intake.

Features, amongst others, include the durable shell, hand made glassware, smart rig, long lasting battery capacity, 4 heat settings quick heating, haptic feedback, smart sensors &  anauto shut off feature.

It also comes with  a lifetime warranty covering all parts including the coils, the glassware, and most importantly, the base . The unit is also sold with a USB charger and carry bag. 

Vapor Quality

Sitting atop the base is the handmade bubbler attachment  which efficiently and effectively sifts out all   irritants and cools down them down for a smoother draw. The orientation of the KandyPens Oura is linear and slightly inclined allowing the user to hold the unit upright whilst  drawing from it . This means no tilting the unit  and causing  water to spill from the e-rig.  

Vapor quality from the KandyPens Oura is superb. In conjunction with the 4 heat settings the Oura dab rig comes with both a quartz and a ceramic bucket. Both buckets offer  generous room for loading  waxes. The bigger the dab the fuller the vapor and the higher the temperature level the more effective the hits are.

Temperature Settings

Each of the 4 temperature profiles is represented by a  coloured light.  The second and the third temperature settings  represented by the green and the red light respectively get vapors with good density that pack a great deal of flavor and potency. Heat up time is estimated at 5 seconds

Smart Touch

With the KandyPens Oura, there are a number of features that simplify things for the user . A base that turns itself off after 4 minutes of inactivity and instead of having to deal with the painstaking task of dialing in specific temperature levels, the KandyPens Oura uses four optimum preset temperature profiles that are automatically adjusted and are well suited for wax vaporization. 

Portable Rig

The KandyPens Oura is designed and engineered to be the one-all-be-all portable rig giving consumers a definitive experience . It is extremely  compact and instead of having a standard conical shape that you will  find in many portable dab rigs the KandyPens Oura has a round almost barrel-like body with a structure allowing for superior stability when placed atop a table .


The KandyPens Oura is fitted with a rechargeable battery pack with a 3000mAh battery capacity meaning that you’ll get to spend more time with the Oura because of its extended battery life. Users won’t  find themselves getting cut off mid sessions. The unit is also equipped with USB-C charging capabilities  meaning a user will  be spending less time charging and more time vaping because of the faster recharge time.

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