Kind Pen Dream Review

As the vaporizing industry grows bigger and bigger with diluted subpar products, it’s always best to make sure you’re going for the best of the best.

Our friends over at the Kind Group presented us with their vaporizer that was awarded “Best Vaporizer 2016” by HighTimes Magazine: the Dream.

The Dream isn’t a figment of your imagination; this is the real deal. This bad boy is a concentrate only pen that delivers the smoothest flavors with the convenience of being on the go.

This sleek handheld device has stepped up the game for concentrate pens by outperforming in taste, build, and presentation. This pen is easily distinguished with its glossy finish and glass mouth piece, with the company logo imprinted on the touch-sensor 1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery as well as on the mouthpiece itself.

What makes the Dream stand out from other vaporizers is its unique touch-sensor UI that compares to no other. Located at the bottom of the unit, there is a button that serves as the on/off switch as well as to rotate temperature settings and to activate the unit to take a drag.

The battery is activated by tapping the button five times, and can be turned off this way as well.

To adjust the temperature of this device, you simply tap the button three times to rotate the three pre-set temperatures to your choice. These pre-set temperature settings are color coded and displayed on the bottom of the unit, circling the button.

The unit indicates that it is heating up when these colors are in a slow rhythmic blinking, and when it turns into a solid color, it is ready for use.

The 3 temperature settings are:

  • 350°F (Red)
  • 390°F (Yellow)
  • 430°F (Green)

These 3 temperature settings allow for the best vapor productions as well as allowing variability in your sessions.

But the most critical part of this device that changes the vapor production would be the two different heating components that are offered: the dual quartz rods wrapped in titanium coil atomizer and the coil-less atomizer with ceramic dish. These two atomizers are included to give you an even better vaping experience for maximum usage of your concentrates.

The classic coiled atomizer is the more popular atomizer to use with the Dream, due to the coils’ capability of creating dense, tasty vapor without a harsh impact on your throat. The ceramic dish atomizer is favorited more for those who prefer lower temperature settings when vaporizing. A very helpful component of the Dream is its built-in adjustable air flow control. Located below the mouthpiece is a weaved band that can be rotated to reduce or increase the air flow of your air path to your desire as well as ensuring that no clogs or leaks occur. To ensure that no concentrate rises to the mouthpiece of the Dream; the mouthpiece was designed with a splashguard, just to make sure to contain all the concentrate within the chamber. The beauty of all these different combinations leads to a variety of different vaporizing experiences that can only be done with the Dream.

Here’s what’s included:

• Packing Tool (To load concentrates into atomizers)
• Retractable micro USB charger
• Extra mouthpiece
• Extra “O” seal rings for mouthpiece and tank
• Instruction Manual

From over 7 different colors to choose from, the Dream vaporizer from the Kind Group can be purchased from their website for $99.99, a fair price for such an impressive device that will definitely become your favorite and of your friends as well.

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