Nectar Collector: The New Way to Dab

When it comes to using wax concentrates, a nectar collector dab kit is the best way to dab. Users are typically confined to two products: dab rigs and portable dab vaporizers. Both of these products have their advantages and disadvantages that make each of them a desirable option and in some enthusiasts’ opinion, makes one better than the other.

For example, one is portable and makes the dabbing process much simpler for those on the go but the other provides a powerful experience that is generally unmatched by the other. However, very few know that they have a third option at their disposal that combines the two to make for a unique product and experience that stands out from the crowd of products currently on the market. This third option is known as the nectar collector. 

dabbing with a nectar collector

What’s a Nectar Collector?

On one side, we have the portable vaporizer that uses electricity to heat up the device so that concentrates can be vaporized whenever and wherever you are. On the other side, you have a large glass rig that features complex water filtration systems and metal nails to make for a pure, intense vaporization experience.

With the nectar collector, you have a product that lies in the middle of these two offerings, providing users with a product that is capable of being carried around with ease while maintaining the flavor and vapor integrity that you would expect to receive from a dab rig.

A nectar collector comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors but the basic body is broken down into a mouthpiece, a body, and a tip, which acts similar to the nail on a dab rig. While these products are certainly larger than portable vaporizers, they are smaller and easier to carry than dab rigs. 


As you can tell from the description above, there are quite a few benefits of the nectar collector that makes it a more attractive option for certain individuals. Here are a couple of these benefits broken down further. 


Nectar collectors are extremely efficient and use a different system to vaporize products that you don’t see in other vape products. With a nectar collector, the tip is superheated to the point that it can easily vaporize your concentrates and then is applied directly to the concentrate and used almost like a straw to inhale the vapors that are produced by your piece. Because it uses this method instead of the traditional method of placing the vape directly on the hot surface, it is far more efficient in making sure that you are getting the most out of each session, saving your materials, and vaping more in less time. 

Better Flavor

Dab rigs are often valued by vape enthusiasts because the water filtrations systems and glass body work hard to preserve the flavor of the concentrates that you are vaping. That’s not to say that you can’t find a portable vaporizer that performs well and provides you with excellent vapor quality but dab rigs do tend to provide a better overall experience in terms of vapor production and flavor. Rather than trying to mimic the technology of portable vaporizers, nectar collectors imitate the performance of dab rigs, meaning that you are getting the same quality of vapor that you would expect from larger devices but from a more portable device. 

lookah seahorse electric nectar collector


When compared to other products, this portable dab straw comes with its fair share of advantages. Here are some of the pros that come with using a nectar collector. 


Innovation is prominent within the vape industry and we are always seeing new offers coming out that are changing the typical structure or expectations of certain products. That being said, a lot of the products are similar and feature the same kinds of features on a new body that make things feel a little stale over time. The same goes for dab rigs as there is only so much you can do with a glass body and the main features are pretty much the same across the board. The nectar collector, on the other hand, is a refreshing take on the two repetitive lines of products that gives us something fresh and exciting to work with that does its job excellently as well. 


As much as people would like to say that dab rigs are technically portable, they are certainly not easy to carry around and use. For the most part, these glass rigs are rather large and, like bongs, would have to be emptied and refilled before they were brought anywhere.

Additionally, you would have to pull your rig out each time along with your torch and go through each painstaking step just to get a hit, which is fine if you are at someone’s house but not so great if you are in another location where you can’t just settle down and vape your concentrates.

Although nectar collectors are a little bigger than a vape pen, they are much easier to handle and are definitely portable when compared to their larger counterparts. 

Spill Proof

Spilling concentrates on the ground is the worst thing that could happen to a dab enthusiast and this is definitely a possibility as many of the devices that require top loading open up the user to potentially dropping their wax while they are trying to get their concentrates into their device or onto a nail.

The nectar collector acknowledges and solves this issue by making it so all you have to do is dip your piece into the wax in order to start vaping. When you do it this way, there is no way that you are going to accidentally lose wax trying to scoop it out during the vaping process. 

nectar collector quartz tip wax concentrate


While nectar collectors are great pieces, that doesn’t mean that they don’t come without their disadvantages as well. When using a nectar collector, here are some of the cons that you may notice during use. 

Multiple Parts

Portable vape products are great because they are easier to carry around but a little of this convenience is lost when the portable piece contains multiple parts that have to be put together after they are pulled out of their container. Unfortunately, the nectar collector is made of multiple pieces, a complication that could be made worse if you have a piece that is made of glass and easily breakable. 

Can’t Control Temperature

There is one thing that portable vaporizers have over dab rigs and that is the fact that they often come with full temperature controls that give you the ability to choose what temperature you are vaping your concentrates at. This serves to allow you to explore the full flavor spectrum that your concentrates have to offer and it prevents the vapor from being too hot or possibly becoming unsafe, something that the dab rig is unable to do due to the fact that you heat it up with a torch. Since nectar collectors use torches as well, they share the same problem of not being able to control temperatures. 

Can Be Too Long

When we say that it is portable, don’t make the mistake of assuming that this means that it is as small as most portable vaporizer products. The nectar collector is much larger but its length is what allows it to be easily held in the hand and what it makes it a more portable alternative to a dab rig. However, this extensive length may make it too long for some individuals and you may find that it is not the right product for you based on this detail. 

How to Use a Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is very easy to use. All you have to do is prepare your torch and hold it to the tip of the piece until the metal starts getting red. Once it has reached this point, give the piece about 15 to 30 seconds to cool down enough so that you don’t inhale any harmful vapors and then dip the piece into your wax concentrates.

When it has entered the concentrates, it will start the vaporization process and all you have to do is start inhaling to get all of the vapors. In some cases, your product may contain a water container so that you can cool down the vapors. If this is true of your piece, fill this part with water before use. 

How Do You Clean a Dab Straw

Yet another advantage of this piece is that it simple to clean. Depending upon the type of material your piece is made out of, you can easily soak it in a solution of rubbing alcohol and water to clear it of material or use a pipe or brush to go through it if it is a more sensitive material. 

What Makes It Different?

By simply making a more portable alternative to the dab rig that is capable of sucking up vapors, the nectar collector is truly a unique piece that would work well for any dab enthusiasts who wants a great portable option. If this is the type of piece that would interest you, brush up on your knowledge with the guide above and use it to make an educated choice on your new nectar collector. 

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