Pax 3 vs Ghost MV1

Vaporizers come in all different sizes, shapes, and price ranges, but there are also many units that are startlingly alike in both functionality and vapor quality. However, in the case of the Pax 3 and the Ghost MV1, there probably doesn’t exist two units more dissimilar in appearance, and manner of use. I’ve compared the Pax 3 to other discreet, portable products before, such as the Davinci IQ, but this is my first go at seeing how it measures up to a unit like the Ghost MV1, which is built like the Hulk. The following article will be a complete compare and contrast summation of both of these infamous devices.


Design, Portability & Ease of Use

The Pax 3 was constructed with an anodized aluminum material, and finished with a sleek polish. This unit is extremely stealthy with a height of just slightly over 4 inches, and a width of 1.4 inches, making it easy to enjoy sessions on the down low. The Pax 3 is currently offered in a number of colors including black, silver, teal, rose gold, and fuschia, and it features a basic four leaf logo on its front. At the top of the device, there is a built-in mouthpiece for immediate enjoyment, and the bottom of the unit is where the heating chamber is located. Users can turn the device on and off, as well as manipulate temperature control by pressing the button located in the middle of the mouthpiece. The Pax 3 can be described as one of the most easily portable, and desirable vaporizers, and it has withstood the test of time when it comes to popularity since most users immediately fall in love with its gorgeous appearance and simplicity of use.

The Ghost MV1 is a completely different animal from the Pax 3, and it is built to look and feel like a tank. It has more in common with heftier units such as the Mighty, and there is no way that users could enjoy a session without drawing attention. This device prides itself in its unique design, as it has a metal alloy shell, a retractable mouthpiece, and is crafted from solely food and medical grade materials. It also comes in several shades including silver, rose gold, standard black, and stealth black.  The Ghost MV1 leaves customers with the sensation of power just by holding it, however, it is semi-complicated to use, and will require a bit of due diligence to learn to operate. The unit features a large button in its center which serves to power on the device and toggle through settings.

Which one to pick? Users that want stealthy sessions on the go, and don’t want to read instructions prior to enjoying will prefer the Pax 3. Customers that want a complete power-house and more features that will require some studying up on will want to go with the Ghost MV1.

Precision Temperature Control, Features & Oven Capacity

The Pax 3 has the ability to be paired with a mobile phone app for users to exert full control over temperature selection. Additionally, there are four pre-set temperature options that can be changed via the vape itself (360, 380, 400 & 420 degrees Fahrenheit). Other features of note include the device’s compatibility with both dry herb and concentrates, as well as its interchangeable ovens. The Pax 3 currently offers a half-pack oven which carries up to 0.2 grams of marijuana, and the full-load oven which holds up to 0.4 grams of herb.

The Ghost MV1 is a game-changer to the world of vaporizers. It has some similarities to the Pax 3 in that it too pairs with a phone app for precision temperature control (range is 284 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit). However, its temperature flexibility is just the tip of the iceberg in terms to what it can do. This unit aims to impress across the board, as it features on demand 10 second heating, swappable crucibles, adjustable airflow, and micro-dosing. The oven capacity is approximately 0.3 grams of dry herb, and it is compatible with waxes as well. The Ghost MV1 is currently the only on demand vaporizer in the market- it’s not a session vape, which makes it one of a kind!

Which one to pick? The Ghost MV1 is perfect product for users that want maximum control over their vaping experience. It exceeds expectation in every way in regards to features, versatility, and heating elements. The Pax 3 will be a good selection for customers desiring some customization, but a significantly more basic device.

Vapor Quality & Price Point

The Pax 3 is great conduction-heat based unit that creates pretty stellar cloud quality. The pairing of a stainless steel oven with a silicone mouthpiece is a great combination for satisfying and tasty vapor. Users will be pleased with the ability to take heavy, flavor-filled rips, but may note that the vapor is still a bit too warm at times. In terms of cost, the price tag is right on point with the full box set retailing around $199.99. The Pax 3 also gets props for being in the market for quite some time, and still holding its retail value.

The Ghost MV1 utilizes pure convection heating with the highest quality construction to provide users with a vaping experience that is out of the world. There aren’t enough words to describe how delicious the clouds produced by this unit are. It also allows users an intensely custom experience as they can control the level of draw resistance. To put things simply, the vapor output and taste is comparable to units such as the Volcano. Unfortunately, the Ghost MV1 also happens to be a premium unit so it’s rather expensive. The price tag is currently listed at $295.00 in most online retail stores, and from what I’ve seen, there is currently limited amounts of coupons to be found.

Which one to pick? Buy the Ghost MV1 for top-of-the-line cloud quality. Buy the Pax 3 for decent rips at a fraction of the price. Ultimately, both units are reputable and bound to satisfy customers.

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