Pax 3 Vs The Crafty

The market for mid-to-high end vaporizers has always been relatively competitive with a few name brands dominating the majority of sales. Two of the most famous companies include Pax, and Storz n Bickel, and all true vape enthusiasts are familiar with their products. I’ve tried all the units by these companies over the years and I’ve written extensive reviews on each product. The Pax 3 and the Crafty are two of the respective top sellers that I’ve come across, and the devices share little in common, other than producing excellent vapor quality. The purpose of the following review will be to assist customers in deciding which unit would better suit their individual needs.

Design & Portability 

The Pax 3 is slim, sleek, and stylish; this tiny device accomplishes the feat of being visually appealing while also being highly portable. It is ultra stealthy with a height of about four inches, and a width of less than two inches, so it is easily disguised in the palm of one’s hand. The unit has the traditional “x” Pax logo on the front which also acts as an LED display, and it was crafted for easy functionality with a built-in mouthpiece. The device can be personalized as it comes in a variety of colors including black, silver, teal, rose gold, and fuschia.

On the other hand, the Crafty is the polar opposite of the Pax 3. The Crafty is significantly smaller than its sister product, the Mighty, however, it is still built like a beast. The Crafty is gorgeous with a definite “wow factor” but it is not the most stealthy of vapes. This unit comes in all black with ridges for increased functionality, and it sports an orange power button at the bottom with its signature crafty logo by the swivel mouthpiece. The device is easy to transport and use on the go, but users should be mindful of their surroundings, as it does not allow for discreet use.

Which one is best? It depends. Both vaporizers were beautifully crafted, and have great builds. The Pax 3 would be ideal for users that want a concealable device and the ability to have private sessions anywhere. The Crafty is good for customers on the move that value power over stealthiness, and that want a sturdier, stronger unit.


User-Friendliness & Compatibility 

The Pax 3 is not difficult to use, and it’s pretty much idiot-proof. First off, make sure the device is fully charged. Next the oven lid can be removed from the bottom of the unit, and packed with dry herb. Also take note that users have the option to choose between using the half-pack or full oven based on the size of the marijuana load. After the oven has been packed, the Pax 3 can be turned on with a click down to the center of the mouthpiece. The LED light display will initially display purple, and users can select the desired temperature by holding down the mouthpiece button for two seconds and scrolling through color options. The device will turn green once temperature is reached. Users are free to inhale and begin their session from that point. The Pax 3 is compatible with concentrate and waxes as well, and users will follow a different set of instructions to use with dabs.

The Crafty is even easier than the Pax 3 to use, and for convenience purposes, it comes charged to 80% even fresh out of the box. To enjoy a first time use, twist the oven lid (mouthpiece is attached) off and load the herb. Then simply twist the lid right back on, and power on the unit by holding down the singular button until the LED light flashes red. The default temperature is 356 degrees or “boost” at 383 degrees Fahrenheit. The Crafty’s LED light will turn green once the device is completely heated and users can then inhale. For use with concentrate, the Crafty comes with a concentrate pad.

Which one is best? It’s a tie. Both are easy to use and are equipped with some pre-set temperature options. The Crafty and the Pax also can both be used with concentrates (although I prefer dry herb with these units) and both require the use of mobile phone app for precision temperature control.

Precision Temperature Control & Oven Capacity 

The Pax 3 has four different pre-set temperature options which can be accessed via the vape. The settings include 360, 380, 400, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. True precision temperature control is an option that can only be accessed via the use of the mobile phone app which will pair with users’ devices. As far as oven capacity is goes, the Pax 3 is pretty cool since its offers some versatility; there is a full pack oven which can carry up to 0.4 grams of marijuana, and a half-pack oven which holds up to 0.2 grams of herb. Having the ability to switch between ovens is rather handy since it allows users to conserve herb.

The Crafty is similar to the Pax 3 in regards to temperature control except it has fewer pre-set options. The pre-selected temperatures are 356 degrees and 383 degrees, and both of these settings can be rotated directly on the device. Precision digital temperature control, like the Pax 3, is available by downloading a mobile app and programming one’s custom settings. Unlike the Pax 3, there is only one oven option, so the heating chamber can be loaded with approximately 0.3 grams of marijuana. This is good middle ground number, and it should be noted that the Crafty does have a way more efficient oven than the Pax 3.

Which one is best? The Pax 3 and the Crafty are exactly the same in regards to precision digital temperature control via one’s mobile phone. But their oven spec’s are different and should be taken into account. In my opinion, the Crafty has better oven efficiency than the Pax 3. However, the Pax 3 does offer a half-pack oven which also allows conservation of herb, so it’s really a matter of customer preference.

Battery Life 

The Pax 3 has a 3500 mAH battery that usually provides users with about an hour and a half of non-stop usage. This was a considerable upgrade from the Pax 2 which only gave up to a little under an hour. The device comes with a magnetic charging station which is bound to appeal to a large number of customers, and charging times typically are under two hours to reach full battery.

The Crafty utilizes a standard lithium-ion battery that is removable and replaceable. Since this unit uses a convection-heat method, potential consumers should note that the battery has to work harder, and users can only expect about forty five minutes of continuous use. In order to negate this problem, customers should consider purchasing an extra battery that they can interchange for extended sessions. Charge time for the Crafty is just about two hours.

Which one is best? The Pax 3 has a longer battery life, but the Crafty offers a removable, inter-changeable battery. Therefore, it will again be a matter of personal preference.

Vapor Quality and Pricing

The Pax 3 consistently and reliably provides pretty good vapor quality. Depending on selected temperature, users can take hard rips and the herb flavor still carries over nicely. My only complaint with the unit is that in spite of the oven being at the bottom, and there being an extended vapor path, the vapor still gets semi-warm at times. The current price point for the full Pax 3 kit is about $199.99 at various online retail stores, and it’s quite the deal for customers that want mid-level pricing for a product that behaves like a premium vape.

The Crafty’s cloud quality exceeds most of its’ competition, and that includes the Pax 3 in this case. The thing is the Crafty uses a pure convection heating system so the vapor output is always tasty, pure, and smooth. Every inhale is cool and delicious, and that is just what is expected of any product made by Storz n Bickel. However, customers are also paying more for it, since it retails at $279.99, with a few stores offering a discounted pack at $223.20.

Which one is best? The Crafty wins for vapor quality, while the Pax 3 is the champ for pricing. At the end of the day, both will provide yummy clouds but are relatively costly.


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