PAX ERA Vaporizer Review

The PAX ERA is a new handheld concentrate vaporizer that uses pre-filled cartridges which can be purchased only in California and Colorado.

While we don’t have any pods on hand to give you an idea of how the unit performs, we do have the actual unit in hand, and we can give a good overview of the devices construction and how to use it.

Also, we hope to clarify some frequently asked questions about the ERA that have come up quite a lot since this unit was announced.

Look and Feel of the PAX ERA

For starters, the PAX ERA is a really small and discrete unit, very close in design to the JUUL which PAX has also designed.

However, as you can see, the ERA is clearly more inspired by the PAX rather than the JUUL.

Pax Era vaporizer

The PAX ERA is very lightweight and doesn’t have any noticeable heft to it; it feels almost as if you aren’t holding anything at all.

The material on the exterior of the unit is a textured matte finish that feels nice in the hand. This material doesn’t lend itself to feeling cheap and provides a very quality and durable feel to an otherwise very lightweight device.

Unit Operation and Temperature Control on the PAX ERA

Operating the PAX ERA is pretty easy once you know what you’re doing, since it can be confusing at first given there aren’t any buttons on the device.

For starters, inserting a pod into the ERA is how you power it on, and you’re supposed to remove the pod once you’re done with your session.

Pax Era review

The ERA is also sporting 4 different temperature settings that you can cycle between on the fly pretty simply.

To start, you want to shake your ERA. This will then illuminate the petals on the front to your current battery level.

While the battery level is displayed, remove the pod. You’ll then see the petals change from white to either green (low), yellow (medium low), orange (medium high) or red (high).

You then put the pod back in the unit when the unit has cycled to your desired temperature setting.

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Another cool feature with the ERA is that it will actually tell you how many puffs you took in your current session. Just double tap on the unit with your thumb, and the petals will then begin illuminating 1 by 1 to count how many hits you’ve taken since you began.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, I do not reside in a state where the pods are available (California and Colorado only at this time), so I am unable to give you guys an idea of how this unit performs.

We’re looking into getting an opportunity to try the pods in the future, but for the time being, we have no means of actually using the ERA.

With that said, however, there are a lot of questions about this unit that we can help clarify today.

Q.) Will there be cartridges for waxy and shattery like concentrates?

A.) No, the ERA Pods are strictly for runny concentrates that are pre-filled from PAX Labs approved suppliers. PAX Labs at this time has no plans of introducing a cartridge for traditional concentrates.

The PAX 3 may be up your alley if you’re looking for a sleek portable that does traditional concentrates.

Q.) Can I buy empty pods for use outside of Colorado and California?

A.) Unfortunately not. PAX Labs is looking to curate an all around consistent experience from the device to the material used in the ERA. This is why the ERA pods are only available from select suppliers.

Q.) But why only Colorado and California, isn’t there other states where these pods could be sold?

A.) PAX Labs wants to ensure a consistent quality experience with the ERA. This means they specifically picked out suppliers who will manufacture an end product to PAX Labs standards for use in the ERA.

I can tell you from experience that there’s a lot of terrible products in the pre-filled cannabis oil cartridge market.

The little 510 threaded disposable atomizers in other units have a tendency to die before you even finish the whole thing because the coil wasn’t designed for anything really viscous like cannabis oil.

The ERA pods on the other hand were specifically designed for this type of oil and not e-cig juice.

Not to mention, the oil is downright terrible that is used in some competitor’s cartridges. A lot of the time, the pre-filled 510 threaded cartridges taste very funky and are very harsh on the chest.

While I haven’t personally tried the pods offered by PAX Labs approved suppliers, I have a lot of faith in their desire to create an all around good experience and fill a niche in the market that doesn’t have many high-end or quality options.

Hopefully, we will see the ERA pods spread out to more states with the proper Medical and Recreational laws in the near future.

Q.) Can the pods be refilled?

A.) No, the pods are disposable and designed to be thrown away after they are expended.

Price and Where to Buy the PAX ERA?

The ERA is only $29.99, making it very affordable. If you’re looking to pick this unit up, I’d recommend buying it directly from PAX’s official website here.

We always like buying direct from the manufacturer whenever possible, and PAX has great customer support should you ever have any issues with your unit.


While the PAX ERA may not be available for everyone, it is in fact filling a niche in the market that has needed a strong competitor with a high-quality product and experience.

Pax Era reviews

In my opinion, as a connoisseur, the pre-filled 510 cartridges sold in dispensaries currently just don’t cut it for someone who actually likes to vaporize concentrates regularly.

The atomizers themselves aren’t designed for cannabis use and produce small amounts of vapor, or they just break before you even finish all the oil.

If you happen to live in an area where the PAX ERA is available though, I would encourage you to give this product a try if you have been interested in pre-filled cartridge vaporizers in the past.

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