Pax Vaporizer Review

Let me start by saying that you guys are in for a real treat with this product! This past weekend I had a chance to get my hands on the Pax Vaporizer and I have to say that I’m in love…again lol. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say that the Pax is the “Ferrari” of portable vaporizers. There’s a lot of nifty little details about the Pax that I think you’ll get a kick out of. So unlike some of my previous reviews I’ll be going through the features of the product piece by piece to give you a good idea as to how everything works.

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How does the Pax Vaporizer work?

The mouthpiece and activation

The mouthpiece on the Pax vaporizer is tucked into a little shell that prevents it from rubbing against things when you’re not using it or while it’s in your pocket. To open it all you need to do is simply push down on the top and it pops up for you to use. I should also mention that at the same time the mouthpiece opens, the heater also engages and is ready to use within a minute of warming up. All you need to do is begin puffing. You just gotta love this level of simplicity!

The heating mechanism

The heating unit of the Pax Vaporizer comes with 3 settings:

Low:  370° F / 188° C

Medium: 390° F / 193° C

High: 410° F / 210° C

This is convenient because it takes the worry out of trying to figure out exactly what temperature you need to set the vaporizer to. I personally found this very appealing and I wish that I was fortunate enough to start out with something this simple back when I was new to the vaporizer scene. To switch between the settings all you need to do is pull up on the cap to remove it and then press the little button on the inside. The indicator light on the side of the Pax Vaporizer lights up a different color for each setting (Yellow, Orange and Red) which makes temperature adjustments a walk in the park. After you’re done simply replace the mouthpiece and you’re good to go.

The “oven”

On the bottom of the Pax Vaporizer is the actually chamber, or what the makers call the “oven”. What’s really cool about it is that it uses a magnet system to hold the cap in place. To open it you simply push down on one side and the other side pops up to allow you to remove the lid. Inside you’ll find a nice little compartment big enough to hold quite a few decent sized nuggets. To replace the cap all you need to do is put it back in place and the magnet system catches it and secures it with a nice “snap” that lets you know it’s fully secure.

Charging and battery use

The Pax Vaporizer comes with a neat little charging station that is separate from the actual unit itself. I found that using the dock was really simple as all you need to do is turn the Pax upside down and connect it. The battery in my unit was fully charged in just under 90 minutes which is well below any of the similar products on the market. I also found that while using it I was able to get around 10 full smoking sessions in with each lasting roughly 10-15 minutes.

Check out this video to see a demo of the Pax and learn more about this vaporizer:

Pax by Ploom vaporizer


  • Automatic shutoff. There’s a sensor built into the Pax that automatically detects when you put it down and stop using it after 20 seconds. This is very convenient for saving battery power.
  • Appealing design. This device is simply beautiful. It looks very high tech and definitely well made.
  • Very small. The Pax Vaporizer will easily fit into even the smallest of hands. I’d feel more than comfortable taking this anywhere with me.
  • The perfect vapor. Very easy to pull and produces a solid vapor that allows you to easily taste your herb and all of its subtle nuances.


  • Only 3 heat settings, but as I stated above this could actually be a good thing if you don’t like fiddling around with this stuff.
  • Can’t use and charge at the same time.

What’s the best place to buy the Pax vaporizer?

If you’re looking to get your hands on this baby then your only real option is buying from Vape World unless you purchase directly from the Pax website, Getting the Pax Vaporizer here will allow you to take advantage of exclusive deals available to no other online merchant.

Final recommendation

The final verdict? Drum roll please………..

Save yourself the frustration of comparing portable vaporizers and pick up the Pax. This thing is a MUST BUY. I found it very convenient and easy to use and it went from nowhere to ready to smoke in under a minute flat. Not to mention this thing looks super cool and it’s so discreet that no one will even be able to tell what it is. Not even other smokers!

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