Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

The Pinnacle Pro portable vaporizer is made by VaporBLUNT, and it is quickly becoming one of the best stealth vapes on the market. With its easy to load bullets, this vaporizer can do both herb and concentrates without any special modifications.

This vape also can be used while charging, and comes with a mouth piece that lets you connect the unit to any water pipe, including the one that was made for the Pinnacle Pro (but more on that later). This unit could even give the Pax by Ploom a run for it’s money, which was the king of stealth until now. Overall, the Pinnacle Pro is hard to beat (although it does have a few drawbacks like any unit).

But first, lets see how it works.

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Pinnacle Pro vaporizer

How the Pinnacle Pro Works

The Pinnacle Pro is very easy to turn on, and even easier to use. All you have to do is press the one button this vape has on it to see the battery level, then hold it down for two seconds to turn it on. After that, you simply have to press the button once to cycle through the temperature settings.

These settings are color and light number coordinated. Here are the settings:

  • Level 1: 370°F (White)
  • Level 2: 395°F (Blue)
  • Level 3: 420°F (Green)
  • Level 4: 445°F (Orange)
  • Level 5: 470°F (Purple)

Once you set your temperature, you then remove the plastic mouth piece and wait for it to heat. Once the unit is heated up (in about a minute or so), its time to load the bullet. There are two different bullets: one bullet for dry herbs, and another for concentrates.

  • The dry herb bullet holds 0.1 grams to 0.2 grams loosely, and you want it to be loose so that the hot air can pass through your material. Because the Pinnacle Pro is a convection vaporizer, less is more. Realistically, you will only load the bullet about one third of the way, because this is the optimal load for you to get the most out of your material.
  • As for the concentrate bullet, you will probably need to turn the temp up to level five and be ready to hit it once you pop the bullet in. The optimal load for this bullet is probably around 0.1 grams, just so you don’t end up with your concentrates splattered everywhere. Hopefully you have some sort of water filtration around to help cool the vapor, because it will be really hot otherwise.

Once you load your bullet of choice, all you do is pop it in and vape. Now, without water filtration, the vapor will feel warm on level one, dry and slightly harsh on level two, and very hot, dry, and harsh on level 3. Levels four and five are meant solely for concentrates.

This brings me to my next point, which is the great water pipe that comes with the Pinnacle Pro DLX edition (you can also purchase it separately if you already have the Pinnacle Pro and want to add it on). Pictured below, this mini bubbler is amazing. It has just the right amount of filtration, drag resistance, and cooling effects to give this vape the best vapor quality of any portable I’ve tried.

However, without the hydrotube, the vapor is very dry and pretty harsh on the throat above level one. If you are considering this vape, I would most definitely purchase the DLX kit so you can get the hydrotube.

Pinnacle Pro Hydrotube

Pros and Cons

Now I will discuss both the pros and cons of the Pinnacle Pro. While I do think this is an awesome stealth vaporizer, it does have some drawbacks too.


  • The biggest pro for me would be that the Pinnacle Pro can vape both herbs and concentrates effectively, without extra modification. Nearly no vaporizers on the market can do this, and none within the fairly low price range of $200 can do it period, even with costly, and often risky modifications.
  • Probably the second most important feature is that the device can be used while charging. This is a feature not many portable vapes have, and it is a big plus if you are using it at home or if you are near an outlet. This is really good if you are running low on power and you want (or need) to vape, because you don’t have to wait the up to four hours you would for some other portable vapes.
  • Another major pro is the PONG (plastic-on-glass) mouth piece, which nearly no vaporizers on the market come with standard. This saves you from spending extra money on after market products that might not even work.


  • The Pinnacle Pro doesn’t have super great battery life, and while some people have good results, I would say you can get probably two sessions on the go with this unit. Now this isn’t horrible, but there are other units that, while slightly more expensive, allow for more sessions before they need charging.
  • Another problem I have with the Pinnacle Pro is that the mouth piece, which is made of plastic for God’s sake, comes off very easily after only minimal usage.This should not be expected from a $200 vaporizer. In fact, the entire unit is made of plastic, something I don’t think a device that reaches hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit should be made entirely out of.

Now for me, having a plastic mouth piece, let alone an entirely plastic  body, is a bit of a turn off. Plastic is not usually heat safe and can lead to getting toxic gases while you vape. In fact, the Pinnacle Pro plastic-on-glass (or PONG) mouth piece has been known to melt at high temperatures – usually on level four or five. This is one of the major cons of the Pinnacle Pro.

With that being said, I still feel the pros of this vaporizer far outweigh the cons and it’s worth purchasing. If you’re careful, you shouldn’t have any problems melting the plastic or the mouth piece. It doesn’t happen often at all, but it’s something that needed to be mentioned.

Best Place to Purchase the Pinnacle Pro?

If you’re ready to buy the Pinnacle Pro, I highly recommend grabbing it from Vapor Nation. They currently have it for the lowest price I’ve seen online and they also offer Free Shipping and a free grinder and other gifts with your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Pinnacle Pro is a very good vaporizer. Some people love it, and some people aren’t too crazy about it.

I personally really enjoyed using this vape with the hydrotube, but that makes it less portable. Still, I think that it deserves some credit, because it is a fairly small vaporizer and it has a great loading system.

However, I think it fell short on build quality since it’s made out of plastic, and vapor quality since it tends to be hot and dry if you don’t use the hydrotube.

Thanks for reading and vape on! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter! We love to answer any questions and we appreciate your comments.

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