Our Top Rated Portable Vaporizers

As an avid vaper and a fan of PAX devices, I was excited to get my hands on the newest addition to the lineup: the PAX Plus vaporizer. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details and discover what … Continue reading

Atmos is a brand-name that is both respected and trusted in the vaporizer industry. This company has been around for a long time, and they produce a variety of products for dry herb material, waxes, and e-liquids. As a professional … Continue reading

The company, Pulsar, is one of the indisputable champions of affordable yet decent quality vaporizers.  Previously, I extensively tested out and reviewed several of their popular units including the Smoker, the Pulsar APX V2, and the Pulsar Flow, and I … Continue reading

The vaporizer industry is saturated with distinct units that vary in price, build, and vapor quality. Additionally, the majority of these vapes will only be compatible with either dry herb or concentrates, with the exception being some select brands that … Continue reading

Consumers that are looking for an affordable, portable dry herbal vaporizer often have to sacrifice quality for budget, and select a unit that just gets the job done. As a professional reviewer, I’ve tried a wide variety of vaporizers in … Continue reading

The company, Pulsar, is one of the most recognized brand names in the entire vaporizer industry. This enterprise has continued to astound both customers and competitors alike with its continuous stream of innovative devices. Several of its products have already … Continue reading

Choosing a vaporizer in 2019 can be a difficult process since there is already such a wide variety to select from. There are many well-known, brand name companies such as Boundless, Pulsar, Davinci and Atmos which dominate the market almost … Continue reading

As the use of portable dry herbal vaporizers continues to grow in popularity, there is an increasing number of new brands attempting to infiltrate the market. Budget-conscious consumers may already be aware of some of the more popular units such … Continue reading

According to consumer surveys, most people cite their number one concern of purchasing an item as price in relation to quality. The vaporizer industry is not immune to this sentiment, and the market is saturated with a variety of low-cost … Continue reading

As technology grows and the populace moves forward into the new and exciting year of 2019, the vaporizer industry can be expected to introduce some exciting and original, cutting-edge products. The recent trend in the market has been the creation … Continue reading