Our Top Rated Portable Vaporizers

The E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer really hits the nail on the head when it comes to fulfilling what you want in a portable vape for herb.  It stands at only 3.5 inches tall and had me vaping in less than … Continue reading

If you are looking to spend about $300 for a portable vaporizer, you surely have come across both the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2 and may be wondering how they exactly stack up when compared to each other. Today … Continue reading

The CFV is the newest vaporizer from Boundless Vapes. Boundless’ previous units the CF and CFX were initially launched and advertised as being convection vaporizer, however it was quickly discovered that the vapes used a combination of conduction and convection. … Continue reading

The Lotus and the Arizer Air are both affordable vaporizers that offer outstanding performance for their respective price points. These two vaporizers are coming in under $200, with certain lotus kits being as cheap as $100. This is a great … Continue reading

The Exxus Mini is a small and discreet lightweight portable vaporizer that I feel is a great low cost competitor to the PAX and also is a better option than our previous budget PAX alternative, the G Pen Elite. If … Continue reading

The Source Nail is one of the better implementations of a portable e-nail that I have personally seen and used. There have been a number of designs coming from a few different companies, but this one in particular from Source … Continue reading

The PAX 2 has recently dropped in price in response to the PAX 3 finally hitting the market, and it doesn’t look like the PAX 2 is being phased out anytime soon. With that said, many of you may be … Continue reading

The Sticky Brick is the second butane powered vaporizer that I have had the pleasure of extensively testing. This vaporizer packs the punch of a desktop vape, without the need of being tethered to a wall outlet. This device has … Continue reading

The PAX ERA is a new handheld concentrate vaporizer that uses pre-filled cartridges which can be purchased only in California and Colorado. While we don’t have any pods on hand to give you an idea of how the unit performs, … Continue reading

The PAX 3 is PAX Labs’ latest portable vaporizer and is sporting improvements in key areas that make the device all around better than the previous iteration, the PAX 2, which was already an awesome unit. Because of these improvements, … Continue reading