Our Top Rated Portable Vaporizers

7th Floor Vaporizers is a pioneering company that started in 2004 with its launch of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.  Since then, the company has put out the Super Surfer, Da Buddha, the Light Saber, and now the Sidekick. The Sidekick vaporizer … Continue reading

If you have spent any time researching portable concentrate vaporization options, you have surely ran across these portable E-Nail style rigs like the Boost eRig from Dr Dabber. As a concentrate connoisseur and daily dabber, I was very skeptical of … Continue reading

Today we will be looking at the Arizer Solo vs the Arizer Air vaporizers and telling you why you need to add at least one of these to your portable vaporizer collection. Intro to the Arizer Air and Arizer Solo The … Continue reading

The Crafty and the Arizer Air are both very popular units in the dry herb vaporizing community. Both of these units produce vapor via a hybrid of conduction and convection heating. Likewise, both of these units are hailed for excellent … Continue reading

The Firefly 2 builds upon the platform left behind from the original Firefly. The original Firefly gave users the ability to enjoy on demand vapor that is smooth and flavorful from a portable unit, something some users still rave about … Continue reading

Intro to the Boundless CF and Boundless CFX vaporizers The Boundless CF and CFX portable vaporizers have dropped and have already been making a splash in the vaporizing market. These mid-priced units seem to target higher end units and the … Continue reading

The Crafty and the Pax 2 are both widely renowned portable vaporizer units. However, they both fill two different niches in the market. In this article, we’ll break down the two vapes in the following categories so you can see … Continue reading

With the Pax 2 rising in fame, many believe that it is the best portable vaporizer on the market, but others believed that there were ways to make the Pax experience even better. In this review, we will be going … Continue reading

The Pax 2 and the Arizer Air are known to be two extremely popular portable vaporizers in the vape community. Both of these units have been praised for having amazing vaping technology and ease of use. Although the Pax 2 … Continue reading

Flowermate Mini v5.0s: A Review Every vaporist has to start somewhere, and for many, it is with a Flowermate branded vaporizer. Coming in at a reasonable price point, ease of use, and strong portability, they are a common staple for … Continue reading

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