Our Top Rated Portable Vaporizers

The Crafty and the Pax 2 are both widely renowned portable vaporizer units. However, they both fill two different niches in the market. In this article, we’ll break down the two vapes in the following categories so you can see … Continue reading

With the Pax 2 rising in fame, many believe that it is the best portable vaporizer on the market, but others believed that there were ways to make the Pax experience even better. In this review, we will be going … Continue reading

The Pax 2 and the Arizer Air are known to be two extremely popular portable vaporizers in the vape community. Both of these units have been praised for having amazing vaping technology and ease of use. Although the Pax 2 … Continue reading

Flowermate Mini v5.0s: A Review Every vaporist has to start somewhere, and for many, it is with a Flowermate branded vaporizer. Coming in at a reasonable price point, ease of use, and strong portability, they are a common staple for … Continue reading

The Alfa by Goboof is a fairly new portable vaporizer to hit the market. It’s small, light, and has a lot of really interesting and innovative features that help this portable vape stand out from the rest. Let’s get into … Continue reading

The Prima is the newest portable vaporizer from Vapir, having a very similar chamber design as the Vapir N02, but with many other upgrades that make this unit much more portable and user friendly. Let’s get into the review. Click … Continue reading

The miVape by Vaporfection is a pretty new portable to hit the market. One thing we really like about the miVape is its versatility; it can do dry herb, concentrates, and even liquids. The miVape also has decent battery life and really … Continue reading

The Haze v3 vaporizer by Haze Tech is the newest version of the Haze that was recently released. It’s an amazingly innovative portable vaporizer that offers both convection and conduction style vaping as well as the ability to vape concentrates and e-liquids. … Continue reading

The HipVap is a pretty interesting portable vape with some awesome features. It has adjustable temperature, adjustable shutoff time, the ability to do dry herbs and concentrates, and great battery life. In this review, we’ll go over: How It Works … Continue reading

The Atmos Transporter and the Atmos Orbit are two dry herb portable vaporizers from Atmos (and unlike some Atmos products, they actually vape). The reason I’m doing these two vapes together is because they perform exactly the same, work the … Continue reading