PUFFiT X Vaporizer Review

This is a guest review of the PUFFiT X vaporizer written by our friends at EveryoneDoesIT.com. Enjoy!

Ok, so we kinda understand the premise; Discreet Vapes have made a portable vape that looks like an inhaler so as to fool the casual passer-by.

But what happens when a product becomes so well known, that it outdoes itself to the point where it is no longer what it is trying to be?

Here you have the PUFFiT X, the long-awaited follow up to the original PUFFiT. Improving on its predecessor, this dry herb vaporizer boasts to be the world’s first portable forced-air vaporizer. The manufacturers claim that the PUFFiT X uses technology similar to the legendary Volcano desktop vaporizer, which passes heated air around the herb of choice and fans it towards the mouthpiece.

But therein lies the problem: It utilizes a fan system, which is noisy. So if it’s discretion they were aiming for, why make it look like an inhaler but sound like a desktop fan?

Now, so far it would seem that we are far from keen on the PUFFiT X, and that this is a negative review.  That’s not wholly the case, however.  Whilst it is difficult to ignore the obvious flaws and focus on what it does well, we should point out that the vaporizing function of the PUFFiT X is actually quite good.  The PUFFiT X vaporizer produces tasty vapour and does exactly what you would expect of a vape of that size. The technology it uses is somewhat revolutionary, if you can overlook the noise.

Overall, it is just hard to look past what it is trying to achieve. On one hand you have a fantastic dry herb vaporizer with an adjustable temperature setting that is portable and lightweight. On the other, you have something that sounds like a toy helicopter.

Either way, the novelty will appeal to some people, whilst the majority will more than likely look at a more conventional portable vaporizer or a vape pen.

You can see the range of PUFFiT Vaporizers at EveryoneDoesIT.com

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