Pulsar APX Smoker

Pulsar APX Smoker


Vaporizers, both portable and desk top units, advertise their number one benefit as the elimination of carcinogens. It’s well known that desktop units tend to use convection heating, while portable units use conduction. Most vape users are pleased with the experience and some even claim their breathing improved since the transition from smoking to vaping. However, there is a large number of consumers that can be considered traditionalists. These are people that enjoy the taste and satisfaction of smoking a delicious blunt. The APX smoker was designed with this specific demographic in mind. As a former tobacco user, and someone that loves the taste of a good, old fashioned joint, I was extremely curious to try out the APX smoker. The sections below will cover the specific details on this unit, as well as my personal experience using the device in both a single and joint smoking session.


Device Build & Facility of Use

In my opinion, the Pulsar APX Smoker is highly attractive, as is the case with most products created by Pulsar. The unit is discreet, standing at about 3.4 inches tall and it fits snugly in the palm of your hand. It comes with a hand-blown glass mouthpiece, and filling the heating chamber with flower is a simple matter of snapping the mouthpiece on and off. The unit does not feature temperature control because it utilizes combustion, therefore, the typical temperature range will anywhere from 950F to 1094F.

To use the unit, first make sure you charge the device: it comes with USB cable attachment that fits at the bottom. While the device is charging and powered off, go ahead and load your herb into the oven. Next, power it on by clicking the button in the middle five times at a quick pace.  Once it is turned on, there will be four different circular, green LED lights which indicate the battery life. From there, you are good to go, hold down the button for approximately eight seconds and the upper indicator light which is a P, will turn from red to green and you are free to take in the herb.

The steps I listed are above are written more in depth in the instruction manual. I read the manual twice to try to get a feel for using it, but I confess my initial experience using the smoker wasn’t the best. The Pulsar APX smoker is supposed to be immediately ready for inhalation once the P turns green, but I found I had to wait an additional five seconds holding the button in order to get a really good hit. Unfortunately, you also have to wait for the atomizer to reheat for several seconds in between using it, and I had to reload it twice since it burns through the herb quickly. The good news is that I got acclimated to using it after a short period. However, when I introduced the product to my friend during a joint session, I found that she struggled with the initial use as well. All in all, I would say it should be easy to use in theory but it does take a small time to get accustomed to the device.


Smoke Quality & Oven Capacity

The best thing about the Pulsar APX smoker is it allows you to get really, really high. The rips you can take on this tiny unit are incredible and I feel like anyone that truly enjoys blunts will appreciate that fact. Additionally, there was no throat burn which I usually did experience with traditional smoking, and the smoke flavor is cool, smooth and intense.  My friend that sampled the product during our joint session agreed with this assessment, but she did note that the glass mouthpiece gets pretty warm which some users may not appreciate.

As far as oven capacity, this unit can hold about 0.3 grams of dry herb which is not too bad. However, given that this is a combustion unit, I found that I burned through flower relatively quickly. I reloaded three times during the joint session with my buddy which I didn’t mind, but it is something that consumers should be aware of.


Battery Life & Cleaning

The Pulsar APX smoker comes with the typical 1100mAh battery, and a simple cleaning brush.  Something I liked about the unit is the LED light battery indicators which lets you know exactly how much power available while using it. I used the device multiple times over several hours and did not need to charge it so it met my expectations.

As far as cleaning goes, the scrub brush was handy, but this unit does produce ash and I think that it’s semi impossible to remove all the debri. This is not entirely surprising, considering that anyone that has ever washed a well-used ash tray has probably experienced the same issue.


The Bottom Line & Overall Rating

In summary, I think the Pulsar APX smoker scores about 7 out of 10. I would have given it an 9 due to the sheer smoke quality and its ability to provide such intense hits. However, the fact that it took me awhile to get familiar with using it, and my friend had the same issue lowered my opinion. I also knocked off a point for the fact that I had to reload the oven which I think many users get lazy with. The bottom line is the unit will be a must have for blunt enthusiasts and avid smokers, but the younger generation and people that prefer conduction vaporizers will probably want to skip purchasing this piece.



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