Pulsar APX V2

Pulsar APX V2 Dry Herb Vaporizer- In Depth Review

There a multitude of affordable and high functioning portable vaporizers that are currently available in the market. I recently decided to try out the Pulsar APX after having several friends recommend it, but mostly due to it’s immense popularity at the moment. Any product that surges in sales deserves an honest look at functionality in order to determine if it’s worth buying or if it’s just hype. The following review is meant to give an in depth review on all the specs of this product, as well as my personal opinion about how well it performs for the current price point. All consumers are encouraged to leave any opinions of their own after reading through this review.

Pulsar APX Design, Portability & Use

The first thing I like to check out on a product is its appearance and easiness of use. When it comes to portable vaporizers, I always want to have something that is attractive but still discreet; the Pulsar APX fulfills all these requirements, and comes in a variety of colors and designs including black, blue, wood, THC molecule pattern and skull pattern. It is under 4 inches tall so it easily fits and can be concealed in the palm of the hand. The design is very basic with a mouthpiece that pops on and off over the oven for easy packing of the herb, a button to activate the vaporizer on the front, and a port for charging at the bottom.
Using it is very simple for even those who may be new to vaping. To activate the device, you simply click the button 5 times rapidly and your device will power on. Next you can select whatever temperature you desire from a low of 356 to a high of 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The device will vibrate in your hand when it has reached the desired temperature and the temp will be displayed in solid blue. From there, the Pulsar APX is ready for use and you are free to enjoy your flower. Overall, I think the product is extremely easy to use and users should not experience any issues in terms of functionality.

Oven Capacity and Temperatures

The oven capacity for the Pulsar APX is approximately 0.35 grams and is definitely geared towards the single user experience. In my opinion, it’s great for some light sessions on the go and is super easy to load, but obviously anyone looking for lengthy vaping should stick with their desktop units like the Volcano.
The device is equipped with five different preset temperatures: 356F, 374F, 392F, 410F and lastly 428F. You can cycle through the different temperatures by simply holding the button down for about 3 seconds. The Pulsar APX manual states it only takes 40 seconds to heat up and that when it vibrates that it’s achieved the chosen temp, but to be honest I had to give it a solid minute before I felt it was adequately heated. I started off my session at 374 degrees but I wasn’t satisfied with the vapor quality, and I think I found the sweet spot to be at 410 degrees. I would recommend anyone using this unit to start with a higher temperature in order to get a harder, more crisp hit. Also, something great I found about this vaporizer was even if you’re using it at the max temperature, it doesn’t burn the throat and you really get the full flavor. On the other hand, though, this device does radiate heat in the palm within two minutes of continuous use so some users may not like that.

Vapor Quality for Price Range

The Pulsar APX is considered a mid-range unit that currently sells for around $70. I think most people buying at this range are looking for a unit that produces good quality vapor without all the bells and whistles. I did several sessions through out the course of a week to determine if I felt the product was really worth the cost, and in my opinion, it definitely exceeds expectations. I stated previously that the unit works best at high heats and I stand by that; at 410 degrees, I was able to completely visualize significant vapor, fully taste the herb and the flavor was strong enough to linger at the back of my tongue. This didn’t completely surprise me since the oven is built right next to the mouth piece and the vapor path is not too delayed. Also, on the bright side, the mouthpiece doesn’t get overly hot in spite of the short vapor path. The vapor quality and taste really is excellent for the listed price.
In my opinion, the only real downside to this unit is that you can’t really conserve much herb. You do have the option to use Pulsar APX at lower temperatures, but anything below 392 really will just not pack the same punch. Also, it’s important to keep in mind this unit is almost solely designed for dry herb use, so anyone that prefers waxes and concentrates will want to go with the sister product, the Pulsar APX wax.

Battery Life & Cleaning

As with most portable units, the battery life of the Pulsar APX is very average and will satisfy consumers that are not using for extended periods. This unit utilizes a standard 1600mAh lithium battery and provides for several small sessions of use. In my opinion, anyone that is looking for a portable vaporizer with extended battery life for longer sessions will be better off purchasing a unit such as the Davinci IQ that comes with an interchangeable battery, but keep in mind then you will be looking at a higher price point.
As far as cleaning goes, the device comes with a scrub brush for the heating chamber and it’s fairly easy to clean. Just make sure the unit is powered off and it’s not still hot when it’s time to clean. I found that a Q-tip was useful getting out the caked bits of herb that didn’t come out with the scrub brush.

My Rating for the Device:

Every vaporizer that I have the pleasure of trying, I try to give a score that will take into account all of the factors listed above. In my opinion, the Pulsar APX vaporizer scores a solid 7.5 out of 10. This vaporizer’s build is sleek, stylish and discreet, as all portable units should strive to be. The unit is easy to use and the vapor quality is fantastic, so any consumer looking for heavier, flavorful hits will be highly satisfied. I also feel the currently sales price is reasonable. The only real problems I foresee for some users will be the limited battery life, and the fact that it really only designed with dry herb in mind. People that prefer a unit that works really well with both dry herb and concentrates, may opt for a higher end product such as the crafty. All in all, the Pulsar APX is a solid product.

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