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The company, Pulsar, is one of the indisputable champions of affordable yet decent quality vaporizers.  Previously, I extensively tested out and reviewed several of their popular units including the Smoker, the Pulsar APX V2, and the Pulsar Flow, and I found that they all ended up exceeding my expectations.  Their portable wax vape, the Pulsar APX Wax, has been my latest conquest and my experience with the device was mostly positive with just one or two minor annoyances. The following article will encompass the important device specs, technical details, and several opinions in regards to the ease of using the product, as well as the vapor quality.

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Design, Portability & Facility of Use

The Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer has the same gorgeous design, and sleek feeling of its sister units; it is particularly reminiscent of the Pulsar Smoker in its build. This product is offered in a large number of colors and prints which include blue, two versions of black, silver, wood grain, thc print, tie-dye print, and psychedelic print. The unit is very straight-forward in regards to build, and features a single button for both powering up and temperature control, with an APX wax logo on the side. This device can be classified as highly portable and stealthy, as it only reaches a diminutive height of 3.5 inches and can be readily concealed in one’s palm. Personally, I feel that in terms of build and the ability to enjoy sessions under the radar, the Pulsar APX wax is fantastic.

The Pulsar APX Wax is simple to use and doesn’t require an extended effort. For users that want to have a session right away, start by charging the unit for at least an hour. Next, remove the glass top piece (if a consumer bought the black-out style, they will still be taking off the top piece) and load the chamber with shatter. From there, the device can be powered on by five clicks of the singular button. The voltage setting can be adjusted by pressing the same button twice and users can scroll through by using the LED display lights. Finally, hold down the button when ready to inhale and begin a perfect thick, cloudy session.

Voltage Settings & Atomizer Composition

The Pulsar APX Wax allows users some flexibility when it comes to temperature settings. The range includes 2.5v, 2.8v, 3.2v and 3.7v, which is a pretty decent selection. My recommendation is for customers new to dabbing to start at a low to mid-level, and increase as they become more accustomed. The unit at 3.2v and 3.7v gives hard and heavy rips so expect to be semi-couch bound and happy-stupid depending upon the strain of marijuana concentrate that is used.

The Pulsar APX Wax has a triple coil quartz atomizer that will blow users’ brains. This type of atomizer composition provides not just even heating of the dab material, but also gives clean and savory flavor due to its use of pure quartz. The market for wax pens is kind of vast, but finding units that utilize a good heating element can be tricky so the APX gets props for achieving this feat.

Battery Life & Accessories

The Pulsar APX Wax features a standard 1100 mAH lithium ion battery which gives users a solid ninety minutes of non-stop usage. Users should bear in mind that the device is meant to be used sporadically since it is geared for heavy hits.  As far as accessories go, the box comes with the actual vape, the micro-usb charger, and a wax picking tool. All in all, the kit is as basic as it gets, and the battery is average. In my opinion, if consumers are looking for lengthier sessions or a few more goodies, they should consider other options.

Vapor Quality & Price Point

The Pulsar APX Wax is currently selling for approximately $69.99, and consumers could possibly find it listed even cheaper depending upon which online retail store they choose. The retail value of this product makes it an absolute excellent bargain, as many units below $80 sacrifice quality for affordability. In the case of the Pulsar APX wax, it manages to find a happy middle between cheap and good vapor quality due to its utilization of a pure quartz chamber.

The clouds produced by this unit are unexpectedly tasty, and dense. My sole complaint is that I feel it doesn’t allow for anything less than intense highs, and users that want lengthy or light sessions may have an issue with the APX. Overall, the device does a great job and it will really appeal towards dabber enthusiasts and consumers that want a small, concealable vape with the power of a dab rig.

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