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The company, Pulsar, is one of the most recognized brand names in the entire vaporizer industry. This enterprise has continued to astound both customers and competitors alike with its continuous stream of innovative devices. Several of its products have already achieved fame and glory including the Pulsar APX, the Pulsar APX Wax, and Pulsar EZ Hit vaporizer. The newest rising star in the Pulsar family is the Pulsar Flow, and naturally, I was excited to try it. There are certain expectations that are attached with brand name units, and the following summary below is my unbiased observations, the vaporizer specs, and my experience with the product.

Design, Portability & Facility of Use

The Pulsar Flow was fashioned to look both sleek and elegant; in fact, its design is highly comparable to the gorgeous, high-end vaporizer, the FireFly 2. This unit comes in all black, and is different from most vaporizers in that its silicone-lined, cooling mouthpiece is fixed into the device. In terms of portability, this vape can be easily transported and utilized on the go; however, it is not stealthiest unit in the market, as it sits just below six inches in height which means it can’t be disguised in the palm of the hand. The Pulsar Flow also features a button on the side of the device which acts as both the power on, and control button, as well as five LED display lights which distinguish the preset temperatures.

One of the best aspects of the Pulsar brand is typically facility of use. I was happy to discover that the Pulsar Flow like its sister units is very simple to operate. To initiate a session,  start by charging the device, and then pop off the magnetic body-piece to reveal the oven. From there, pack the exposed heating chamber with herb, click the pieces back together and turn on the unit by clicking the power button five times in succession.  The Pulsar Flow will light up red to alert the user that it is on,  and the LED light will change from red to green, and vibrate once temperature has been reached. Users are able to puff away from this point onward.

Temperature Control & Oven Capacity

The Pulsar Flow is identical to the Pulsar APX when it comes to temperature control.  This vaporizer is programmed with five pre-set temperatures including 356, 374, 392, 410 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat up time is pretty rapid and it usually takes about forty seconds to reach max temperature. I initially tried the unit at 428 degrees and ended up with a major coughing spell as the Pulsar Flow is powerful. So here is a word of caution from my personal experience with this device; start on a lower temperature like 374 degrees and then increase gradually. I found the vapor was very warm at 392 degrees and hotter, and I had some minor throat irritation. On the other hand, my friend that joined me in reviewing this product  stated it wasn’t that hot, and got some heavy, tasty rips at 428 degrees, therefore this will probably be a matter of user preference. Some users may prefer cool sips, while others want strong hits.

The Pulsar Flow has great oven efficiency due to utilization of true convection heating. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I conserved a lot of marijuana even after a lengthier session. Most units at this price range of $100 tend to burn quickly through flower so this is definitely a bonus. On the downside, though, the Pulsar Flow’s heating chamber only holds about 0.2 grams of herb which makes it more ideal for users having a single session. The body of the unit doesn’t get to hot so it’s easy to reload, but some may prefer a larger oven capacity.

Battery Life & Accessories

The Pulsar Flow contains a standard 1600 mAH lithium ion battery that is non-removable. The unit takes about an hour and half to achieve a full  battery life, and can be relied on for up to three hours of use after charging. One nice power-saving feature of this device is its safety switch off which triggers the Pulsar Flow to turn itself off automatically after five minutes of continuous heating.

As far as accessories go, this vape kit offers the basics. Inside the box, consumers will find a USB charger,  a packing tool, a scrubby clean brush, two mouthpiece inserts, two cleaning wipes, and one magnetic face plate lid. When it’s time to clean the device, I would suggest using the cleaning brush first and then wiping down with the wipe after, as the faceplate grooves tend to get bits of marijuana around.

Vapor Quality & Price Point

The Pulsar Flow always provides dense clouds, and pretty good vapor quality with regards to its retail value. I think the secret to this unit’s cloud quality is probably a combination of its quartz-lined heating chamber and its use of an extended, embossed air flow pathway. In my experience, devices that place their ovens at a longer distance from the mouthpiece typically tend to make delicious clouds. The only thing I didn’t like was vaping the unit at higher temperatures, as I prefer my vapor on the cooler side.

Currently, the Pulsar Flow is listed at mid-range price point of $99.95, and it’s already on its way to becoming a 2019 fan favorite. The general rule of thumb is that vapes around one hundred dollars should provide decent vapor quality, good portability, sufficient battery life and have semi-efficient ovens. The Pulsar Flow manages to fulfill all these requirements, and I think it will be a satisfying purchase for most consumers. However, I do feel obligated to mention that there is another competing vape, the XMax Starry, that sells at the exact same price and in my humble opinion, is a superior product. My review for the Xmax Starry can be accessed here, and consumers are free to draw their own conclusions. All in all, whether a user chooses the Pulsar Flow or the Xmax Starry, they can expect some fun, intense high times.


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