Review of the iPV4 Box Mod Vaporizer

By now almost everyone has learned of E-cigarettes and as a result many people have been able to quit smoking. Most people start off with a basic starter kit such as an Ego vape and are often satisfied with it. However, for some people the vapor is not strong enough and they find themselves wanting more.

This is when they often turn to a device called a box mod vape, which is capable of running at higher wattage, which results in more vapor.

Box mods can vary in power from 1 watt all the way up to over 200 watts. The average person likely won’t need anymore then 30w, but for those who are looking to blow huge vapor hits (also known as “cloud chasers”), they will need something more powerful. Power is not everything though as most cloud chasers also want a mod that is versatile and well-designed .

That’s where the iPV4 box mod comes in.

If you’re looking to purchase the iPV4 box mod, we recommend buying it from, which we feel is one of the most reputable dealers online.

The iPV4 is the latest device introduced to the market by Pioneer4you, who is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the market.

Their previous version, called the iPV3, was a 150 watt unit that is still one of most popular mods to date. The iPV4 is capable of outputting up to 100 watts, but it has upgraded features that will most likely make it one of the most sought after dual 18650 box mods in the world.

The most intriguing and exciting one of these features is the introduction of temperature control.

Temperature control is one of the latest advancements in the box mod industry and an extremely important one in terms of safety. This feature when enabled will prevent the vapor from your iPV4 from ever becoming too hot, as well as your atomizer from ever firing above a certain temperature.

It requires that a nickel or titanium wire be used in order to measure the temperature. If you have ever vaped at a high wattage, you’ve most likely once had a “dry hit” (which is a horrible experience).

With this new feature, you no longer have to worry about that ever happening again. In addition, the exact resistance of your build will not matter as much either.

One of the biggest improvements in the latest edition iPV4 mod box is the design of the device. It is much smaller than the iPV3 150w and may be the smallest regulated dual 18650 mod built to date.

ipv4 box mod

As you can see from this picture, the device easily can fit into the palm of your hand and looks closer in size to a box mod which only runs on one 18650 battery.

The iPV4 has a 9 volt charge on the side of the unit, and I highly recommend not using it. The cord does not come with the unit, and when one user had e-liquid in his charge port it caused his batteries to catastrophically fail, destroying his device.

So basically, just take your batteries out to charge them.

Now that we’ve introduced the IPV4, let’s get into how it works:

How the iPV4 100w Box Mod Works

To start, you remove the black sliding door and place your batteries in. Because the batteries are wired in series, you place the left battery with the negative side up and the right battery with the positive side up. There are labels on the battery sled, so please refer to those when putting your batteries in.

Like most electronic cigarette devices, you turn the unit on by clicking the fire button 5 times (after putting your batteries in of course).

Once the device is on, you can choose between power (or normal wattage) and joule (or temperature) mode. You get to the menu for these modes by clicking the fire button five times.

  1. Power Mode: this is basically standard wattage mode. The wattage ranges from 5 watts all the way up to 100 watts, and it comes preprogrammed with 5 settings starting at 20 watts and increasing in 20 watt increments to 100 watts. You can adjust this by clicking the down button first, then either the up or down depending on what you want to adjust to. While most people will never need 100 watts, some users were upset because the IPV3 went up to 150 watts. In my opinion, the fact that the IPV4 is smaller and has temperature control capabilities outweighs the lower wattages. I personally never go above around 80 watts, even when I’m cloud chasing, so that’s something to consider. If you just want to blow massive clouds, while this device can easily do that, there are other devices that can do more.
  2. Joule Mode: this is basically temp mode, but instead of using Watts as the units, it uses Joules (essentially watts/second). The Joule range is from 10 joules to 50 joules, and like in power mode, there are 5 programmed settings, starting at 10 joules and increasing in 10 joule increments until you get up to 50. Adjusting these amounts is the same as power mode as well.

As far as the menu goes, you get into it by clicking the fire button 5 times. Let’s break down the settings:

  • System: this is the first thing that pops up when you open the menu. This adjusts the unit being on or off, which you select using the wattage/joule up/down buttons. Also with all of these settings, you go to the next option by clicking the fire button once.
  • Mode: This determines Power or Joule mode, which you adjust with the up/down buttons.
  • Unit: This adjusts your temp units, either Fahrenheit or Celsius, which you again adjust with the up/down buttons.
  • Temp: This adjusts your degrees for temp control, ranging from 200–580°F, and adjusts with up /down buttons (you can either click to change degree by degree, or hold it down to scroll).
  • Exit: This is to exit the menu settings, which you adjust with the up/down buttons.

Battery Life:

As far as battery life goes, because the iPV4 has 2x 18650’s, it’s very good.

Batteries last about half a day before the battery display starts to show the battery going down, so that’s a good amount of time.

I recommend buying 4 new batteries, pairing them up, and using them only for the IPV4. That will ensure that you will always be able to use your box mod without having to wait for your batteries to charge.

How it Performs

In power mode, it performs just as well as all the past incarnations of the IPV. It’s simple, easy to use, and consistent.

However, temp control changes things up a bit. You have to build with nickel or titanium wire, which can be a pain, and you have to fit many more wraps than with standard wire to get to the target resistance of between 0.1 and 0.2 ohms.

With that being said, the temp control on this device works very well. You can vape your cotton dryer than with kanthal, and dial in your perfect vape with ease by simply adjusting the temperature.

Best Place to Buy the iPV4 Box Mod?

For this unit, we recommend buying it from They have it for a great price, ship it to you free of charge, and even offer ID theft protection. They are one of our favorite merchants in the industry and will treat you right.

Final Thoughts

The iPV4 is a great temperature control device for people who want the battery life of 2x 18650’s, the power of a big box mod in a smaller package, and the ability to do temp control. This is one of the most quality performing devices I have, and you won’t be sorry if you get it.

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