Reviewed: Micro G Vaporizer Pen by Grenco Science Inc

American vaporizer specialists, Grenco Science, burst on to the scene a few years ago with their flagship vape pen known as the G Pen vaporizer. Back then, it was packaged together as the G Box and came with a range of accessories including a dabbing tool and concentrate jars. The possibilities opened up by the Grenco Science G Pen vaporizer, particularly the fact that it was suitable for use with sticky oils and concentrates, made it a huge hit in the USA and the 7:10 vaping generation in general.

The Dogg Pen

The immense popularity of Grenco’s G Pen quickly cemented their reputation as a leading vaporizer manufacturer and led to their collaboration with gangsta rap star, Snoop Dogg.

After the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal was released, there was no looking back for Grenco; the company has gone from strength to strength forging collaborations with big name stars and counter-culture brands such as Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Gang, DGK, Skate Mental and Gumball 3000.

The Micro G

Their smallest portable vaporizer which was the follow-up to the G Pen is known as the Micro G. The Micro G reflects current trends among vaping connoisseurs: it is purpose made for use with sticky oils and concentrates as opposed to flowers or dried herbs. Although Grenco now manufacture a special herbal version of the Micro G, the original model is by far the most popular.

From the moment you open the gift box, you realise the possibilities with the Micro G vaporizer. Firstly, it isn’t one vaporizer, but two. Grenco Science realised that vaping enthusiasts often want to mix and match their flavours. To avoid the need to clean and re-pack the Micro G, Grenco just give you two of them so you can take a choice of products with you on your travels. “Take TWO vaporizers out and about!?!” I hear you cry. Well, sure. Seeing as the Micro G is just 4 inches in length, it isn’t a massive issue. You can easily slip them inside a pocket or purse when not in use, and the sleek black casing makes the Micro G virtually indistinguishable from a regular e-cigarette.

In terms of vaping performance, the Micro G is up there with the best wax vaporizers on the market. Not only is it incredibly simple and intuitive to use, the Micro G pen is also a very frugal vaporizer; a little goes a long, long way, so it’s best to be careful not to overload the chamber. The Micro G is capable of producing lovely, clean vapor that is bursting with natural flavors and active ingredients – although the very best results can take a little practice to achieve. We discovered that holding the power button down for a few seconds before inhaling is a good tactic, as this gives the Micro G a chance to properly heat the oil up to temperature. The hit itself is smoother and cooler than you would expect from such a small vap – a very welcome surprise.

Charging is a simple operation, too: use either the USB attachment or wall charger to charge the Micro G. It charges from flat in around 90 minutes and a single charge is enough for a full day of vaping pleasure. If you organise your charging by rotating between the two vaps, you may never be without access to a vaporizer again.

Of course, there are negative points to the Micro G vaporizer pen: the most annoying of which is the potential for leakage after use. If you do not completely vaporize everything in the chamber and then return the vape to your pocket, the oil remains liquid and has a nasty habit of leaking out – you’ll only make that mistake once, though – just keep it upright and you’ll have no problems. The other thing we have question marks about is the fact that the Micro G vaporizer is exclusively for oil and wax. There are vaporizer pens on the market that are compatible with both sticky concentrates and dried flowers, and we just wonder whether Grenco have missed a trick by bringing out a wax only vape. That said, it’s not incredibly expensive, so many folks would be able to stretch to buying both types of vape.

So, where to get one? Well, once again has it covered. With a huge range of Grenco Science products including special edition Micro G vaporizers from Gumball 3000, Skate Mental and Snoop Dogg, the world’s largest headshop offer the best deal we could find – they also offer free shipping on larger orders, as well as their excellent price match guarantee.

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