Rolling Papers vs. Cigar Wraps

Nothing beats a classic, and there’s nothing more classic than rolling up some fine herbs and tobacco and puffing away. If you want to participate in this tradition, you have two options in the smoking market: rolling papers and cigar wraps. Some people dedicate themselves to smoking papers, while others are dedicated to using wraps. Both of them achieve the same purpose, but have different characteristics. The question is: which one is for you?

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are thin sheets of paper, used to make hand-rolled cigarettes. They can be made of wood pulp, hemp, flax and rice. Though some materials have mild flavor (hemp for example has a musky flavor when smoked), rolling papers are mostly flavorless. Certain brands like Juicy Jays add flavoring to their papers, however. Some rolling papers have chemical additives, but most premium producers such as RAW and OCB make papers as naturally as possible. Rolling papers can be filled with varying amounts of tobacco/herb, but one sheet can hold somewhere between ⅓-1 gram of material. In terms of size: rolling papers come in 1.5 (2.4-3”) , Double Wide (2.5-3.5”) and King Size (4-4.5”).

The rolling paper is the most “classic” way to smoke. Rolling one is simple, there are even rolling machines which make it even easier. The papers hold about as much tobacco/herb as one or two people need for smoking, so they’re perfect for quick smoke sessions. In addition, rolling papers are inexpensive and can be purchased in amounts of 52 sheets for only a few dollars.

Cigar Wraps

Cigar wraps are leaves of fermented tobacco that are used to make hand-rolled cigars. These cigars typically consist of two main parts; the inner leaf, which is similar to a cigarette rolling paper, except it is made of tobacco, and a thicker outer leaf which is rolled around the inner leaf in a spiral. Cigar wraps have a strong but smooth tobacco flavor that’s often enhanced with flavoring agents. The taste of the blunt wrap takes precedent over the flavor of your herb/tobacco, so you should choose a flavor you definitely like.

Cigar wraps are significantly bigger than rolling papers, holding about 2 grams of herb/tobacco per wrap. Combined with the fact that they burn longer, the blunt wrap is best for parties and long smoke sessions with friends and family. When smoking a cigar wrap, keep in mind that the tobacco leaf has nicotine in it. If you’re someone who stays away from nicotine, you might want to smoke blunt wraps sparingly.

Which rolling paper is better? That’s for you to decide as both have their merits. If you want to see for yourself, check out to see our selection of rolling papers!

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