Saber Wax Vape Pen Review

The sheer amount of possible choices for vaping concentrates makes it incredibly difficult to figure out what is worth your hard-earned money. However, there are some vaporizers that really stand out above the rest, especially in their specific category of the market. In the small, pen-style devices category, the new Saber Vape Pen is making a big impression.

There are few devices in the market right now that stand out as being a small, efficient, and smart device that makes your sessions far more enjoyable. Not only is the Saber Wax Pen constructed of fine materials and easy to use, but the technology involved allows you to utilize the device at a lower, simmering heat to get the full taste and effect of your wax.


Right off the bat, you can see the thought that was put into this device; the packaging is simple, cutting straight to the point. Included on the back of the box are two lists detailing the features of the Saber Vape and what is included in the packaging.

When you first get your hands on the Saber Wax Pen, you notice just how small this vaporizer is. It is comparable in size to the eGo pen-style vapes of 2013. For its size, though, this device is far sturdier than its tiny pen counterparts.

One of the biggest issues that those old vape pens for wax had was that they perpetually got busted up from mishaps in your pocket. You’re not going to find that same problem with the Saber Vape Pen. It is surprisingly heavy for its small stature, and is held together by a neodymium magnet at each of the device’s joints. Additionally, the charger is magnetic too, making charging a breeze. Out of the box, this vaporizer promises an excellent experience.

Saber Vape Pen Features

  • Variable Voltage Settings
  • Magnetic Chamber Connection
  • Auto-heat Capabilities
  • Top Quality Ceramic Coils
  • Slim, Sleek Design

Kit Includes

  • Saber Vape Pen (Dual Quarts Rod Coil)
  • Extra Ceramic Donut Coil
  • Dabbing Tool
  • Magnetic Charger
  • User Manual

Vapor Experience:

The Saber Vaporizer is an enjoyable experience from start to finish, thanks to the dual quartz rod coils & the ceramic donut.  More importantly is an auto heat function that will simmer the wax at lower temperatures to give the tastiest hit ever.  You can turn the heat up and take huge rips for sure, but when it comes to getting a smooth, tasty, hit, it hits the nail on the head.

Out of the box, the Saber is ready to give you a kick of flavor, boosting the enjoyment you get out of every session. The quartz-wicked nichrome coils burn evenly and maintain a nice, glowing red. But this device, much like others in its category, faces one specific dilemma. After continuous heavy use, the coil head will get slightly clogged. With proper cleaning, this concern flies out the window. However, it is worth noting that if you were to, say, drop a giant glob of wax down into the coil head, don’t be surprised when the coil head can’t keep up. For a quick fix, heat up the coils until the wax begins to melt, then use the handy-dandy dabber that is provided with the Saber to reposition your wax (or take some out if necessary).

Build Quality:

This Wax Vape Pen is a primo example of the strides the cannabis industry has made in product quality. Manufacturers have turned away from the fragile pens of yesteryear and towards far stronger materials that are resistant to the everyday hustle and bustle of life.  This vape components are held together via strong magnets – say goodbye to threads and the screwing motion.

The Saber Pen is constructed out of high-quality stainless steel, and the coating on the outside seems to be rather resilient. It is highly resistant to scuffs and scratches, making this device an ideal contestant for your everyday carry – no need to worry about your keys scratching it up or cross threading the atomizer in your pocket.

The real kicker when discussing the build quality of the Saber Wax Pen is that the coil heads provided are manufactured incredibly well. Even the generic ceramic donut coil is well made. There is plenty of space to drop wax or shatter into the well, and the coils themselves are of high quality. The dual quartz rod coil head included with the Saber is one of the device’s largest draws. The hype is right about this coil; it is a fantastic choice if you are looking for something efficient that brings out all the flavors of your wax or shatter.

There is one downside when it comes to the build quality of the Saber Vape Pen, though. The 650mAh lithium ion battery within the Saber vape does not make for the longest sessions and a heavy user will likely run out of juice at some point.  But, the short battery life is made a bit easier with the inclusion of such and easy-to-use charger that connects right to USB – no cords, no worries.


The Saber Vape Pen follows the same path as many other eGo style devices that have been flooding the market for years. Whether it is wax/shatter or e-juice that you want to use, you can find a wide variety of eGo devices that will fit your needs. These devices thrive due to their incredible simplicity. They pair a minimalistic aesthetic with a single-button design. Essentially, they are perfect for anyone wanting the easiest vaping experience possible. This is not necessarily negative. In fact, eGo style devices have recently gotten more mainstream love, thanks to improvements in battery quality and build innovation. Variable voltage devices are light-years beyond what they were just last year. The Saber Vape Pen follows suit with its variable voltage component that adjusts the temperature of your vape for a great experience. The device uses various colors to indicate which temperature setting it is on, all of which shine bright.

  • Green: 3.7V (390-570°F)
  • Blue: 3.9V (570-750°F)
  • Red: 4.2V (750-895°F)

The device is reminiscent of the glowing action of Blu E-cigs; you definitely stand out when you are taking a hit. But the look of the LEDs still make you feel a little bit cooler while vaping, which is always a plus. What better way to express your products simplicity than to model it after the simplest vapor product to date (Albeit a product attributed to Big Tobacco)?

In Conclusion…

The Saber Vape Pen for concentrates is hands-down one of the highest quality small vapes on the market. There are few other devices that shine quite like this one, especially with that LED glow. Despite there only being a 650 mAh lithium ion battery in this device, it still makes the running for everyday vape purely based on the satisfying experience it provides. If you are looking for a vape that will bring out the flavor in your wax or shatter, but you don’t want to sacrifice efficiency and simplicity, you should really check out the Saber Vape Pen.

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