Santa Cruz Wax Vaporizer Review

This is the 3rd guest review we have from for you guys this week. This one is for the Santa Cruz wax vape pen. Check it out:

There was definitely a little excitement in the office when we discovered that we were going to be reviewing the Santa Cruz Wax Vaporizer Pen by Cruz Culture. There have been different opinions from many people and we were quite keen to get our own take on what is no doubt a popular vaporizer pen in the world of the vaping connoisseur.

One of the first things you notice about this vaporizer is the look. It appears just like any other e-cigarette, giving the user the discretion needed when using on the move. With a choice of different colors to choose from you can pick and choose the style that will suit you best. Although that is not exactly a huge selling point, it’s great to have a range of styles to go with, for that little touch of your own.

There’s plenty of extras that come along in the presentation box including a handy mini dabber, a rechargeable battery and spare O-rings.

Designed to be used with waxy concentrates, the Santa Cruz Wax Vaporizer delivers a smooth, tasty vaping experience using a titanium heating coil. It really is a great taste that isn’t too hot, bringing out the full flavour of your favourite waxes and oils.

If there is a slight downside to this pen; it may only be an issue if you prefer longer sessions, but you are limited to an average of twenty uses from the single battery charge. Although it should be enough when you are out on the move, it would be nice to know you can rely on more puffs if needed. Saying that, one of its best features is being able to use the pen while charging, this is a massive bonus and would definitely give the Santa Cruz Wax Vaporizer the edge over some of its rivals.

With a button that indicates how much battery life you have left in the pen you won’t be caught short, this a great feature that should maybe be standard in these style of vaporizer pens.

Overall, we like this vaporizer; it’s a great value product that performs well. It will be interesting to see how Cruz Culture are going to develop and expand on their designs; they seem to be producing products with well thought out designs, and hopefully this is a trend they will continue in the future.

You can see the range of colors and accessories for the Santa Cruz at EveryoneDoesIT

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