SeshGear Commute Review

Consumers that are looking for an affordable, portable dry herbal vaporizer often have to sacrifice quality for budget, and select a unit that just gets the job done. As a professional reviewer, I’ve tried a wide variety of vaporizers in different price categories ranging from five hundred dollars to below sixty dollars. The good news to report is there are some decent, economic devices such as the Pulsar APX, or the Boundless CFC lite. Unfortunately, though, even these well-known vapes still can’t boast super 100% pure cloud quality. Therefore, I was curious to find if there was a cheap brand that utilized convection heating in order to combine affordability with top quality. That’s how I ended up discovering the new and upcoming vaporizer, the SeshGear Commute. The SeshGear has a multitude of positive factors going for it, and the information below should help potential customers figure out if this device will be right for them.

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Build, Portability & Ease of Use 

The SeshGear Commute has a sleek, stylish design that manages to be both discreet and unique. The device barely reaches four inches and it can easily be slipped into one’s pocket, or concealed in the palm for maximum stealth. This treasure comes in two basic colors, either black or gray and it features a magnetized mouthpiece at the top of the unit, and a small power/control button with a marijuana leaf logo on the side of the vape.

The vape, itself is extremely easy to use and customers can happily manage without checking out the user manual. To initiate a session, just make sure the device is charged via the USB port at the bottom, then snap off the mouthpiece to reveal the oven and go ahead and pack the herb. The next step in this process will be to place the mouthpiece back on, and power on the unit by simply clicking the leaf button fives times. The unit will heat up to the pre-set temperature; the flashing LED light indicates that the device is heating up. Once the vaporizer has reached temperature, the light will turn a solid color and users may be begin their aromatherapy experience.

Convection Heat, Pre-set Temperatures & Oven Capacity 

The biggest highlight of the SeshGear Commute is it’s utilization of true convection heating through its entirely ceramic heating chamber. Convection heating methods are typically only used in high-end desktop units and expensive portable vapes like the Boundless Tera to create top quality, tasty clouds. The fact that the SeshGear Commute was able to incorporate this into their product is a big deal, and should be noted by customers. As far as other features go, this unit gets kudos for its super quick thirty second heat up time, and ability to reach and maintain temperature. The SeshGear has three pre-set temperatures to choose from which are 390 (green light) , 405 (blue light), and 420 (white light) degrees respectively. I enjoyed all my sessions at different temperatures, but for consumers looking for lower temperatures or less intense rips, I would a recommend a different device.

The SeshGear Commute can easily support up to 0.35 grams of herb in the heating chamber, although it is recommended to not over-pack the oven. If a user wants the best quality experience, I would suggest loading between 0.2 grams to 0.25 grams, and making sure to grind the marijuana into fine pieces first. It’s also awesome to report that this vape does a terrific job with oven efficiency and will burn through the flower rather slowly, which allows for long-term savings.


Battery Life & Accessories 

The SeshGear Commute utilizes a standard, non-removable battery and can be charged via its’ mini usb charger. The device gets pretty good battery life in relation to its’ size, and one charge can usually provide up to at least nine sessions, and about an hour of continuous use. As far as accessories go, the box is packed with typical goodies such as a cleaning brush, stir tool, usb charger, and manual. The one exciting accessory of the whole kit is the glass mouth-piece which can be interchanged with the plastic mouthpiece for users chasing enhanced cloud flavor.


Price & Vapor Quality 

The SeshGear Commute has a listed retail price of $55.00, which makes it the cheapest, portable, purely-convection based unit in the entire marketplace. I was honestly shocked at how good the cloud quality is on this device. The marijuana flavor gets fully transmitted and there is none of that nasty plastic after-taste that I’ve found in similarly price units such as the Vapium Lite. The SeshGear Commute does everything right, and has managed to create a product with vapor quality on par with some mid-level units, but at a fraction of the price.

To give consumers an even clearer picture, I would suggest they take a look into popular, cheap devices such as the Pulsar, Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen, etc, and research the heating method used in these units. Any device that is using a conduction or hybrid heating method can be great, but not the best. In my opinion, finding an affordable pure convection heater is like finding gold. In summary, the SeshGear Commute is a great product in relation to its price.

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