Shake Weed: What It Is & How to Use It

If you’re relatively new to smoking cannabis, there are likely a few terms you still need to learn more about as you navigate purchasing your bud. One of the terms that you’ll come across in any dispensary is shake. But what exactly is shake, and how does it differ from the regular bud that you see on display?

If you’ve potentially interested in purchasing shake but didn’t want to buy something you didn’t know anything about, this comprehensive guide will help you learn more about this cannabis product and whether or not it’s right for you!

What Is Shake Weed?

Aptly named, shake weed refers to the tiny nug of weed that fall off your bud while they’re being held in a jar or a bag. Generally, this type of weed is what’s used to make pre-rolls at your local dispensary, but it can also be sold by itself for users who may be more interested in shake. Now that we have a better idea of what this product is, let’s dive into some of the advantages and disadvantages of deciding to purchase it. 

sugar shake


Easier to Use

Since shake is already collected in fragmented pieces that broke off of the original flower being stored away, all you really have to do with shake is load it into your joint, blunt, or pipe and you’re ready to start smoking without all of the hassle of grinding up your herbs beforehand. Because of this simplicity, some may consider shake to be a better way to smoke. 

Roll More 

Continuing with the above point, there’s far more to roll given the sheer volume of shake that can be purchased at a time. After all, you’re going to see a lot more readily smokable shake in a package than you would if you were to purchase flower. If you’re someone who loves to roll, wants to buy a lot of weed at the same time, and wants to be able to easily roll their joints without the typical struggles of rolling, shake can be something you should consider purchasing once in a while. 

It’s Affordable

Sometimes, we may want to smoke but don’t want to break the bank. The one major advantage of choosing shake weed over bud is that shake is far more affordable than the latter. If you’re finding yourself in a situation where you may not be able to afford the same type of weed that you always purchase, shake weed gives you an alternative that may be better for your wallet in the short term. 


While all of the pros listed above are great, that doesn’t mean that shake isn’t without its issues. Some of the main disadvantages of choosing shake over bud include:

Not As Strong to Smoke With

The biggest issue with shake is quality. The quality of shake will vary from batch to batch, but most are susceptible to issues like drying out and losing quality the longer that it stays at the bottom of a jar or bag. Additionally, not all shake may be potent. While some may still contain kief, other shake may just be flower, carrying lower levels of THC. Put simply, purchasing shake can be a bit of a wild card. 

Some Include Stems

Arguably the worst aspect of leftover weed is that some of it can contain stems, which produce no benefits when smoked and can take up valuable room for actual flower. Keep an eye out for stems when you do purchase shake from a dispensary. 

cbd shake trim weed with stemsWhat to Do With It? 

Most cannabis enthusiasts recommend trying out other methods of absorption as you may get better results using methods other than smoking. But what exactly should you be doing with it? A few ideas include the following. 


Choosing to use your shake to make edibles can help you get more out of your shake as you’re getting the THC out of the flower and putting all of it into a baked good or another snack instead. All you have to do is bake your weed for a short time, incorporate it into some butter, and whip up your favorite snacks to enjoy later!

Tea Bags 

Have you ever brewed THC tea? For some, this is the perfect use of your shake. Because your shake undergoes the decarboxylation process in the hot water, all you have to do is let it steep, pull it out, and enjoy!

Turn It Into Wax 

There’s no guarantee that your shake will yield a ton of concentrate, but you can always try to turn it into wax. Just make sure you have plenty on hand or else you can end up doing a lot of work for very little output. 

Smoke It 

Of course, you can always just smoke it to see what type of experience you will receive with your shake!

Difference Between Shake and Trim? 

Understanding the difference between shake and trim can be done by understanding the names. Shake is weed that has naturally shaken off the bud while stored. Meanwhile, trim refers to the parts of bud that have been trimmed off during the harvesting process. 

king louis xiii trim shake

How Much Is Marijuana Shake?

Various sources online will give you different ideas on how much you can expect to pay for shake. For some, an ounce of shake may cost as little as $25. For others, you may be able to get an ounce for $40 or above. Regardless, this is still an excellent discount for such a large amount of weed. 


Although bud is often what we think about when we think of buying weed, there are far more options out there that you may know, including shake. If shake has come into your sights and you may want to purchase it to try out, use the guide above to learn more about what shake is, what the pros and cons of smoking it are, and what you can do with it once you’ve bought it. 

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