Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

If you’ve read my blog for some time then you probably realize by now that I’m all for standing out of the crowd. And this is one of the reasons why I’ve chosen the Silver Surfer vaporizer as my next product to put on the grading scale. Now I must admit up front, this product is quite the odd looking creature…which is why it peaked my interest the moment I first saw it.

The Silver Surfer is smooth, sleek, futuristic in design and I dare to say it’s one very sexy product. This vaporizer was designed from the beginning by the 7th Floor company with those characteristics in mind. And quite frankly, I think they got it just right.

Silver Surfer vaporizer

How does the Silver Surfer Vaporizer work?

The on and off switch on the Silver Surfer is basically a radial dial. But what’s interesting about it is that it is made from hundreds of melted down marbles. The dial also functions as the temperature control for the unit as well, but unlike most other vaporizers, there isn’t a number system. And since the Silver Surfer uses a whip style heating system, the temp knob simply acts to control the sensitivity. The harder you pull, the hotter the unit gets.

What’s really cool about this vaporizer though is the fact that no two are exactly alike! Why? Because each glass wand is custom made specifically for your vaporizer. I must say that this is a very cool feature to have. To my knowledge no other vaporizer incorporates this level of uniqueness. And while it may not be much, it does help to make you feel a bit special and unique, if that makes any sense. 🙂

As far as usage goes, I found that while vaporizing my medicine, the vapor comes out very smooth as I would expect it to be. I also found it very easy to pull and did not feel like the air was being restricted. This is a very good vaporizer for those of you that like to take long and deep hits.


  • 10 Ft. Power cable. This means that you aren’t limited to using it near a plugin source. The Silver Surfer will be able to reach most places in a decent sized room.
  • Highly customizable. The manufacturer offers many different options for customization of the Silver Surfer. You can change everything from the base plate cover all the way to cover itself.
  • Wand points upward. Unlike most other vaporizers the Silver Surfer is designed to keep the wand pointing upright at all times. This stops your medicine from accidentally falling out which can be quite annoying.
  • Very reliable. If you’re looking something that isn’t cheaply made, then this one is for you. The Silver Surfer has undergone over 6 years of work, design and perfection.


  • No numbers on the heating control. Instead the vaporizer requires constant fine tuning in order to find your “sweet spot”.
  • Designed with a lean. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some users have reported that this can make it awkward to use.

What’s the best place to buy the Silver Surfer vaporizer?

Like a lot of the other vapes I’ve purchased, I’ve found Vapor Nation to be the best place to buy the Silver Surfer. They have the lowest price online and will also give you free, discreet shipping as well as a free grinder and other gifts.

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Final recommendation

For any of you that want a solid, customizable and unique desktop vaporizer, the Silver Surfer is definitely worth picking up. The Silver Surfer uses a whip which will allow each user to control the airflow while using it. This makes it ideal for groups of smokers with varying preferences. It’s also one of the coolest looking vaporizers out there in my opinion and the vapor quality is very nice.

This vaporizer is a must have for any decent sized collection.

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