SOURCE Orb v3 vs Kandypens Galaxy – Vape Pen Comparison

The SOURCE Orb v3 and the Galaxy by Kandypens are two of the hottest, newest, and best portable concentrate pens on the market today. Each has their differences, but they share more attributes than you may think.

Today, we’ll be breaking down these pens, looking at what you get with each, comparing them using several categories (ease of use, customizability, vapor quality, battery life, and customer service), and telling you why you should pick one over the other.

Let’s get into it.

Features on Both the SOURCE Orb v3 and the Kandypens Galaxy

The V3 and the Galaxy share quite a few basic features that most pens share. Each pen has a battery, which has adjustable voltage, and a 510 connection on that battery.

Both are also charged the same way, in that the charger screws into the 510 connection (see pictures below).

Kandypens Galaxy next to Source Orb v3

kandypens galaxy charging

And, as the main draw to these vapes, they both boast an amazing quartz coil (see below) that offers really good flavor and very little hassle when it comes to cleaning and general maintenance. That is about where the similarities for these two pens ends, so lets go on to what you get in the box.

kandypens galaxy quartz atomizers

What you get with the Kandypens Galaxy

First, we will start with the Galaxy, because it comes with a lot less stuff than the SOURCE kit does.

kandypens galaxy full kit

In the Galaxy kit (pictured above), you will get:

  • The Galaxy Quartz atomizer
  • The matching battery
  • The battery charger
  • A packing tool

It is a very simple, bare bones kind of kit that takes up less space than most cellphones do. It gives you everything you need to vape, and nothing else.

That being said, they have a ton of color options to choose from, so it can be customized to how you want it to look, at least to some extent.

What you get with the SOURCE Orb v3 kit

Next, we’ll talk about what you get with the SOURCE kit, which is a tremendous amount of hardware.

Source orb v3 vape pen

In the SOURCE v3 kit, you will get:

  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Wicked Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Dry Herb Baker atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Dry Herb Hitter atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut atomizer (Requires Variable Voltage Battery)
  • 1x SOURCE orb Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1x Large eGo Charger
  • 1x Premium Dabbing Tool
  • 1x SOURCE 10cig wax attachment

source orb v3 full kit

And, if you upgrade to the signature kit Pictured above, you get all of that plus:

  • 1x Quartz SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut atomizer (only available in the Signature Kit)
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 attachment
  • 1x SOURCE orb slim attachment
  • 1x SOURCE globe 4 attachment
  • 1x SOURCEvapes Signature Case

In my opinion, upgrading to the Signature kit is worth the extra money, because you get an awesome travel case plus three options to hook the atomizer into instead of one – each with airflow that is adjustable to what you want (not an option with the regular kit).

Now that you know what’s in each kit, lets break them down.

Ease of Use

In all actuality, both of these vaporizers are equally easy to use. They both run off a switch that heats the coil when it is activated, and they both have variable voltage.

The Galaxy’s voltage is adjusted by clicking the “K” shaped button on the front three times rapidly. The color will then flash either red (low), greed (medium), or blue (high).

kandypens galaxy button

The SOURCE Orb v3 is easier to adjust than the Kandypens Galaxy, and it also has many more options. The V3 kit uses a rotary dial on the base of the battery to adjust the voltage (see below) which allows you to dial in your voltage in as little as 0.1 volt increments, which is definitely more tune-able to your individual needs.

source orb v3 temperature dial

For example, if the red setting on the Galaxy was too cool, but the green setting was too hot, you just have to choose between those two. With the SOURCE kit, you do not really have that issue.

So, as far as ease of use goes, it’s a tie, because they are both relatively easy to use. Just know that the SOURCE is more tune-able to what you may need as far as voltage goes.


This is kind of an unfair category, considering the size difference in these kits. If it was not obvious already, the SOURCE v3 kit wins this round. It just has so many more options in terms of atomizers, voltage adjustment, and (if you get the signature kit) even different airflow options.

source orb v3 vs kandypens galaxy vaporizer pens

There just is no contest here, so if you want more customization options than any other kit on the market, go SOURCE.

Vapor Quality

Before we get into the units, I want to define what I mean by “Vapor Quality”. When I say vapor quality, what I am referring to is the overall taste of the vapor, the density, and the smoothness.

Granted, these all vary a bit depending on what concentrate you are using, but for the most part it is pretty standard across the board. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into these units.

Unsurprisingly, both of these performed equally in terms of vapor quality when it comes to the Quartz atomizers. The Quartz atomizers are almost identical, and they each perform very well compared to other atomizers in the industry (and even better than most of the other non-quartz SOURCE atomizers).

With this category, it’s almost a toss-up again. It really just depends on which you like the look of more and if you want a smaller battery or a larger one if vapor quality is all you care about.

Battery Life

This category really boils down to physical size. If you look at the two units (pictured below), you will see that the SOURCE Orb v3 is much larger than the Kandypens Galaxy, and because of this size difference, the SOURCE battery lasts much longer than the battery that comes with the Galaxy.

Source orb v3 vape pen vs kandypens galaxy vape pen size comparison

Choosing between these two comes down to trade-offs, and what you are willing to sacrifice for gains elsewhere.

If compact size and portability are a reason you choose a pen, the Galaxy is a better call. If you want longer battery life and do not need to be worried about the ability to be concealed, the SOURCE kit will not steer you wrong.

Customer Service

Customer service is always a huge selling point for a product, because if any problems occur, you need people on the other side to help you.

Many people have shown disdain for Kandypen’s customer service, and while we have only had positive experiences dealing with them personally, it’s something that we feel needs to be mentioned. In the past, they would not take care of problems and made a lot of customers very upset, thus leading to a huge backlash against them.

While their customer service has improved since then, we do feel it’s only fair to mention these things so that you can make an informed decision.

As far as SOURCE’s customer service goes, they used to be one of the best, but recently some people are falling through the cracks with them. We’ve heard of some people not getting responses, which could be explained by the high volume of customers, but it could also be signs of a larger problem.

So, when purchasing, try to keep these things in mind. And if you do have a problem, try to follow up with a couple extra emails if you do not hear back in a timely manner.

Best place to buy either of these units?

For both the SOURCE Orb v3 and the Kandypens Galaxy, we recommend grabbing them from the official manufacturer’s websites. They have the best deals and also some promo codes to help you save a little bit of money.

Click Here to head to SOURCE’s website and check out the Orb v3Use promo code ‘MOON’ to save 10%

Click Here to visit Kandypens’ website and check out the GalaxyUse promo code ‘GALAXYLOVE’ to save 20%

Final Thoughts

When choosing between these two vape pens, it boils down to the features you care about and the features you don’t.

If customization and the ability to change things up when you want is what you are looking for, the SOURCE Orb v3 vape pen kit is perfect.

I would highly recommend upgrading to the Signature kit, as it has a lot more customization options and comes with a really nice case. The regular v3 kit is $79.95 (or $72 with our coupon code ‘MOON’), and the Signature kit is $129.95 (around $117 with our code ‘MOON’)

If all you want is a simple vaporizer pen that gives you a great vape experience and is also really concealable, look no further than the Kandypens Galaxy.

The only downside of the Galaxy is the low battery life due to the small battery size, but that’s a tradeoff for the more portable unit. The amazing vapor quality more than makes up for it too.

The Galaxy is $99.95 on their site, but if you use promo code ‘GALAXYLOVE’ you will get it for 20% off, or around $80.

So, in conclusion, you really can’t go wrong with either of these vaporizer pens. They both provide phenomenal vapor quality due to the quartz atomizers and are just solid pens all around.

We hope you enjoyed the review, and thanks for stopping by!

If you have any questions for us, hit us up in the comments below and we’d be glad to help you out.

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