SOURCE Orb XL Vape Pen Review

This review is for the standard SOURCE Orb XL. If you’re looking for the SOURCE Orb XL Flosstradamus edition, Click Here to check out that review.

The SOURCE XL is one of the newest vape pens released from Source Vapes, and it’s also one of the hardest hitting vape pens on the market today.

Let’s get into what the Orb XL is and how it works!

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How the SOURCE Orb XL Vaporizer Pen Works

Like most concentrate pens, the XL is really simple to set up. You start by choosing your coil (pictured below, right), which is either a dual- or tri-coil. These are pretty hefty compared to the regular Source Orb coils (pictured below, left).


New XL Coils


XL vs Original Orb Coils

After you choose your coil, just place your concentrate onto the coil (0.1-0.4 grams for optimal performance). Then, screw the coil into the base of the tank, and attach the top of the tank to the base with the coil head in it.

Then, you simply unlock the battery (the battery can be locked/unlocked by clicking the button 5 times quickly), and you are ready to vape.

Voltage Settings

This is where you really set your experience up. The voltage settings on this battery range from 2.7-4.2 volts. Now, while this is less voltage than previously provided, it serves a very important purpose. I won’t go into the details of Ohm’s Law, but essentially these coils need less voltage to get as hot, so the voltage can be lower.

And, because the coils are larger, they draw more power, meaning that they need a larger battery in order for the coils to get the power they need and still be able to provide that power for extended periods of time.

I tend to like from 3.2-3.7v, as anything above that for me is either too big of a hit or just too hot to inhale without some form of filtration. But I’m sure some of you SOURCE Orb owners out there are thinking, why do I need a bigger version of what I already have?

Well, for one, these coils are twice as big as the original coils. And, the best part is, the XL is completely backwards compatible, so you can use all of the attachments from the Orb as well!

Battery Life

The battery life on this is, as expected, great. The battery is massive compared to the normal Source Orb (see picture below), and it has probably twice the already decent battery life of the normal Source Orb.


Orb vs Orb XL

Only real downside is that it takes a long time to charge, but that’s just because it’s such a big battery. I do not find the battery any less comfortable between the two, but I find myself going toward the XL because I have fairly large hands and because I prefer the Source XL coils.

I also get better battery life using those coils with the battery that comes with the Source XL kit.

Build Quality

As always, the build quality of Source’s gear is top notch. The threads on the XL are better threads than I’ve seen on any concentrate pen, and their overall kit is really well put together. It comes with everything you need, plus a hard carrying case.

Our Video Review of the SOURCE Orb XL (and the Orb v3, it’s little brother):

Value for Money

Now the real question, is it worth it?

Yes, yes it is.

The XL runs for only $89.95, and like all of SOURCE’s products, the XL is really well made. Also like their other products, it comes with Source’s amazing warranty and customer service, which is why I keep coming back to their stuff.

They’ll help you with any questions or concerns, as well as help you deal with any issues you may have with your unit. It’s really hard to go wrong with any of Source’s stuff, and their customer support is reason enough to buy from them.

Best Place to Buy the Orb XL?

If you’re looking to pick this pen up (and why wouldn’t you?) then we recommend buying it from none other than Vaporizer Chief. They are a very reputable company and will take care of you every step of the way.

Final Thoughts

Is the Source XL worth it? In short, yes, it definitely is.

If you have owned a Source product in the past, it gives you enough new features that it’s a new product, but is still backwards compatible with your old stuff.

And if you’re new to Source’s gear, it’s hard to beat an all quartz atomizer that can hold almost 0.5 grams of concentrate at once.

If you need a concentrate vaporizer pen, but it doesn’t need to be super discreet, then the Source Orb XL is for you.

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