The Brick by Sticky Brick Labs Portable Vaporizer Review

The Sticky Brick is the second butane powered vaporizer that I have had the pleasure of extensively testing.


This vaporizer packs the punch of a desktop vape, without the need of being tethered to a wall outlet.

This device has received lots of great feedback from the enthusiast community for good reason. The Sticky Brick is priced very reasonably, it hits hard, and it’s very efficient with your material.

With that said however, that short summary would do this standout device a great injustice, so as per the usual for our reviews, we’re going to break down everything about the Sticky Brick vaporizer to give you guys the whole story on this product.

The following list is everything we’re going to be looking at in this review:

  • Build Quality and Portability
  • Oven Capacity and Efficiency
  • Vapor Quality
  • Temperature Control and Unit Operation
  • Included Torch
  • Accessories
  • Warranty

So with that all out of the way, let’s jump right into the Sticky Brick review!

Build Quality and Portability

Overall, I would put the build quality of the Sticky Brick up as one of its standout features.


It’s constructed primarily out of wood and glass with some metal parts where necessary. I love vapes that are made out of wood, they’re durable as hell and they start to develop real visual character as the wood ages.

Typical wear and tear will make a plastic or metal design look ugly or flawed over time, but the opposite seems to be the case with wood. Personally, I would define the quality of the construction as “heirloom quality.” This thing can sit in your attic for decades and be pulled out way in the future and still function as it did before.

This is because the Sticky Brick isn’t handicapped by being built with fragile electronics. This vaporizer will stand the test of time if you treat it with care.


The whole vape comes apart into 3 main wood pieces, and everything is held together with very strong magnets. I would like to mention that I found it very satisfying when the magnets snapped everything together, it gives you a lot of confidence in the devices overall construction when you simply hear all the wood pieces snap together effortlessly.


The glass parts are very thick and well made. Replacements are available on Sticky Brick Labs website in case you happen to accidentally break your glass, but I wouldn’t worry about that personally to much.


The glass as stated before is very heavy and thick, and if something does happen, the replacement parts are there and very affordable as well.

The glass is secured with some o-rings to create an airtight seal between the wood body and the glass.


Portability is one area that this vape doesn’t exactly excel at. The design isn’t pocketable, and it requires a case or a bag if you want to transport it.

If you are in need of a portable version of this vape, be sure to check out the Sticky Brick Jr. which we will try to get a review of as soon as possible.

Personally, this unit served more as an on-demand heating cordless home unit, rather than a traditional portable unit.  It works great at home, or if you want to bring it somewhere.

It’s obviously very hard to see someone walking down the street with this vape, so you ideally want to be somewhere out of sight and out of mind when using this vaporizer.

Oven Capacity and Efficiency

In this section, we’re going to be looking at how much material you can load in the oven and how efficiently it vaporizes your material.

The Sticky Brick is sporting a pretty large bowl, but this doesn’t mean that it needs to be loaded fully for it to perform optimally.


I found with a normal grind I could load approximately .3-.4 of ground herb. You may be able to load more if you grind more finely, but I would advise against that.

Personally, I liked to load the bowl about half full. I got the best results when the air could pass freely through the whole load.

I found it necessary to stir the bowl a few times during a session, but this is pretty par for the course in terms of convection heating vaporizers, so I can’t knock the Brick for needing to be stirred.

The efficiency you are able to achieve given that you are using a flame as your heat source is absolutely insane.

You can heat your herb to the brink of combustion if you so desire, extracting every last cannabinoid from your flower to put the units efficiency into perspective, but be warned this puts you on the fast track for eventually actually lighting the bowl up, which I have done accidentally on two occasions.

I found it pretty hard to combust the Brick though given I’m using a torch that doesn’t output a crazy flame. The included torch at least in my experience isn’t that substantial, and creates a good flame for vaping herb without going overboard.

Vapor Quality

In this section we’re going to evaluate the quality of the vapor that the Sticky Brick produces.

We break down vapor quality into 3 subcategories: vapor production, flavor, and smoothness.

These 3 factors will give you an idea of what to expect before you use the Sticky Brick for the first time.

For starters, this thing creates an insane amount of vapor with very little effort. Compared to the Lotus (another butane powered vaporizer) this is very easy in comparison to get massive satisfying hits.

I’ve never had an issue of someone getting a disappointing rip given the bowl still has life in it. Everyone I’ve handed this vaporizer to is blown away by the sheer volume of vapor that can be produced from what you assume is a small draw until you exhale a huge cloud.

That brings us to the next point of this evaluation, smoothness. This vaporizer is very deceiving while you’re hitting it. I’ve found you really don’t “feel it” until your lungs are already full and saturated with vapor.

The Sticky Brick produces very smooth vapor for a device with no water filtration, however it is worth mentioning that this device has a pretty long vapor path when you account for the massive glass mouthpiece this unit comes with.

The vapor you get with the Sticky Brick is also very tasty and a very good representation of flower you put in it. There’s no “woody” taste or anything like that. The bowl will definitely taste spent after a few large and hot draws, but the first 4-5 draws of a pack are outstanding.

Temperature Control and Unit Operation

Temperature control is an interesting topic to talk about with the Sticky Brick. This unit uses a torch as its source of heat, unlike most of the vaporizers on the market which use some form of battery operated heating element.

Controlling how large your flame is, how far away it is from the intake tube, and how fast or slow you draw are all factors that come into play when trying to get either a hot vapor hit or a low temperature hit.

For lighter vapor, use a smaller flame or hold the flame further away from the intake tube. I found getting consistently light vapor was harder to achieve than consistently thick vapor. There’s more finesse involved I found in getting a constant stream of low temperature vapor, so it definitely takes a bit of technique in that regard.

Getting a constant stream of thick and hot vapor is very easy though. You pretty much just want to hold the flame directly above the air intake. Given the flame isn’t too large, it will milk up the mouthpiece with thick vapor with no combustion. Dialing in the flame is the key, you don’t need a crazy big flame, a small flame on the torch is sufficient for getting monstrously large hits.

Besides the flame, there is a small carb hole on the rear of the unit like you would find on a spoon pipe or an old school bong, which you can use to clear the remaining vapor out of the Brick after a hit.

They include a cork to plug the carb if you prefer not use it. I personally didn’t like the carb, so I used mine with the carb hole plugged through the duration of my testing.

It’s purely preference and I had no issue clearing the remaining vapor from the unit after each hit without it.

Included Torch

Like my experience with the Lotus, I had a pretty mixed experience with the included Torch. When it was brand new, it worked flawlessly, but quickly started to give me some trouble over time. 


These cheaper torches seem to not like low quality fuel. For example, Ronson brand butane wouldn’t create a flame. Luckily, that was just one experience at a friends house when I forgot to bring my own butane.

I’ve had good luck with Special Blue, Stok, and Calibri brand butane. If you run into the issue of the fuel not working with your torch, try those brands I just listed.

Likewise, mine seems to only produce a flame when the flame output is set at maximum.

There are times when you click and hold the ignition switch and get nothing, which can be aggravating, and other times it’s worked flawlessly over and over again.

The bi-polar experience I’ve had with my torch makes me want to upgrade it, but I still haven’t felt the actual need to.

I wouldn’t let the included torch deter you from purchasing this device if you are interested in it. My torch while it has its issues still works fine and gets the job done. It can be a bit of a pain to work with sometimes, but that’s pretty much par for the course with lower end torches.

If you intend on making this your daily driver, I recommend upgrading to something more substantial. 


Each Sticky Brick comes with the following accessories:

  • Pocket Torch
  • 2 Cork Plugs
  • Tweezers with a Built in Flashlight
  • Stirring Tool
  • 5 replacement screens

In particular, I found the tweezers to be really useful not just for the Brick but the rest of my vaporizers as well. A set of tweezers that illuminates what you pick at is a good idea and should be included with more vaporizers.

It makes installing and replacing the screens very easy, especially if you have something like arthritis or vision impairment.

If you have interest in water filtration, Sticky Brick Labs offers a “Hydrobrick add-on”, which will allow you to use the vape with VapeXhale style Hydratubes, or even to be used with a traditional water pipe via a whip. Definitely a good upgrade idea if you intend on making the Brick your daily driver.


Sticky Brick Labs offers a lifetime warranty on the wood parts, and a 30 day warranty on the glass parts.

Overall a fantastic warranty, and it’s great to see a company stand by their craftsmanship. Due to the nature of glass, it is understandable why the warranty wouldn’t be longer on the glass parts.

Pros/Cons Breakdown

To summarize the review, we’re going to break down the good and bad of this unit with a short and concise pros and cons list.


  • Easy to produce large amounts of vapor.
  • Very smooth vapor.
  • Large bowl that doesn’t require being filled fully.
  • Woods exterior finish feels nice in the hand, and is very durable.
  • Thick and heavy glass.
  • Satisfying magnetic construction.


  • Included torch is less than stellar.
  • Not a pocketable portable vaporizer.
  • Possibility of combustion.

Conclusion of my Sticky Brick Review

The Sticky Brick is without a doubt one of the coolest vaporizers I have had the pleasure of using throughout my time of being a vaporizer enthusiast. I can safely say it is one of my all time favorite devices, and that’s saying a lot.


I don’t think it’s necessarily the perfect vape for everyone, but I think it has its place in many people’s collections.

If you haven’t purchased a vaporizer yet and still combust, this is hands down one of the best units you can buy to transition from combustion to vaporization. It hits hard, and every hit packs a punch.

You’re able to achieve the more sedating high easier with the Brick, simply due to the higher temperatures a torch can comfortably reach.

If you maybe have a vaporizer already or a few even, I think you’ll really see the value in this unit. It’s great for home use, and it provides the performance of a desktop vaporizer with no cord.

There’s no heat up time, click on the torch and you’re ready to produce thick clouds anywhere in your house.

My VapeXhale Cloud EVO has been seeing less use during the day because the Sticky Brick is more convenient to use while I’m writing, editing photos, cleaning, etc. There’s no process to using this vape, it’s simple and it just works.

The glass parts and the thickness of the unit make it less than desirable for on the go use, but I think that’s where the Sticky Brick Jr. falls into Sticky Brick Labs’ product lineup. 

For $179.95 it’s hard to say no to the Sticky Brick in my opinion. The lack of electronic temperature may steer people away, but if you truly seek a unique experience, don’t miss out on The Brick because it may be a little rough around the edges.

It’s a hard hitting vapor production machine that will put you in your seat every time!

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