SToK Edition One

SToK Edition One

SToK self-proclaimed “The Original Rip King” has dropped yet another wax pen and #ThisThingRips! Labeled as “Mile High White” this dab pen has variable voltage, dual ceramic Ti Coils, and quick rally mode. This sleek, discreet, durable and portable device is retailing under $70. This dab pen is a steal compared to competitors in it’s price range and keeps up with SToK’s reputation of making affordable products you can be happy with.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 – Mouthpiece
  • 2 – Dual Ceramic Coil Atomizers
  • 1 – Set It and Forget It Smart Battery
  • 1 – Stainless Steel Tool
  • 1 – USB Charging Cable
  • 3 – Silicone Jars



The SToK Editon One is similar in design to the Puffco Pro and is a totally different than it’s cousins in SToK’s This Thing Rips series, the R, the R2, the Roil, and the ReMIX. With more of a modern twist on the traditional wax pen, the Edition One has a cool LED color changing power button designed to look like a stream of smoke. SToK placed the Micro USB charging port on the side of the device instead of the bottom which is convenient when charging your device because you can place it standing up, whereas with other pens most design them to have the Micro USB charging port on the bottom, so when the device is charging while on it’s side the oil left in your chamber can leak all over the sides of the devices chamber and inside the mouthpiece.

How to Use

The SToK Edition One is very easy to use and has the same functionality as most wax pens. To load waxy product into the Edition One simply twist off the mouthpiece to reveal the dual ceramic Ti coil chamber. Load about .1 to .2 of waxy product in the chamber on top of the dual ceramic Ti coils and then place the mouthpiece cover back on your Edition One. To power on the unit press the power button five times rapidly. Once the Edition One has been powered on you have three voltage settings to choose from that can be changed by pressing the power button three times rapidly while the device is on. The three voltage settings are as follows:

  • Blue: 3.4 Volts (600-700F)
  • Cyan: 3.8 Volts (700-800F)
  • Red: 4.2 Volts (800+F)

Once you have selected your desired temperature hold the power button and draw from the unit and enjoy! The SToK Edition One also has a quick rally mode, where you can hit the device for up to 20 seconds without having to hold the power button. This option comes in handy for those consumers who like to take huge rips of their waxy material as opposed to just casually vaping little hit by little hit. To use rally mode simply press the power button two time rapidly. Once engaged the power button will light up and the atomizer will heat up continuously for 20 seconds. To end rally mode early simply press the power button two times rapidly while rally mode is engaged.


Vapor Quality

The SToK Edition One lives up to the company motto, meaning this thing rips! Wither using your edition one in rally mode or hit by hit, it produces thick, dense, tasty, rich clouds of vapor every time you use it. The dual ceramic coil atomizer does seem to burn through waxy product fast however the Edition One gets the job done as opposed to other wax pens that burn product up fast but the vapor quality as well as the device is some cases are poor.


Battery Life

The battery life on the SToK Edition One is solid and lasts depending on usage of the device, it can last a day or a week depending on how often it’s used and what voltage setting you use it at. The battery on the Edition One is also considered a smart battery since it has variable voltage and the rally mode option. Although the battery is solid and last longer than most devices the downside is it takes three hours to charge to a full battery.

Final Thoughts

The SToK Edition One is a decent wax pen for it’s price tag of under $70 with it’s long lasting smart battery with variable voltage and rally mode, it’s dual ceramic Ti coil atomizer and extra replacement, and it’s easy cut and dry design. The only negatives for myself personally is the charge time being three hours and I personally like all ceramic in my pens instead of the dual coils and you could get the SToK ReMIX which has an all ceramic thermal heating cup atomizer for around the same price. All and all though it’s hard to be disappointed with this pen for the features, durability, price tag, and performance.

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