The Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2019 Guide

The market in 2019 for desktop vapes remains a steady yet smaller field than that of portable vaporizers. It is important to recognize that there are two things that will never change about desktop devices- the number one fact is these units produce a higher quality of vapor, and the second fact is (on average) they tend to cost more than portable vapes. Like portable products, desktop vaporizers can also be classified by their price range into different categories ranging from the premium level to budget-friendly units. This article will highlight the best 2019 products starting with the most expensive devices, and will end with the most economic devices.

This guide may be used as a frame of reference for consumers that want a non-biased approach to selecting their ideal desktop vaporizer. There are a number of factors that should be considered before choosing a product, and it’s my goal to cover all the pertinent details and specs of each brand. Additionally, please note that some popular desktop devices have been discontinued and will not make the list, as they are no longer available for sale. Also keep in mind since we are early into 2019, this guide may be updated and changed if any new, and exceptional products are released.

Premium Desktop Devices

(Retail Price – $600 to $400)

The best desktop vaporizer of 2019 is the Volcano, with the hands down win. The Volcano was released in the early 2000s by the famous Storz and Bickel brand, and it is a testament to the supreme quality of this device that it remains the number one desktop device even in 2019. There are currently two versions of the Volcano, digital version which has a display to set the temperature sells for $599, and the other classic version which utilizes a dial/turn in temperature which sells for $479. This makes the Volcano, the most expensive desktop around, however, it’s worth it since this desktop doesn’t just out-rank every other product—the Volcano literally kills all its competition.

The Pros of the Volcano: It’s the best of the best. It’s a simple to use, pure convection-heat based device with a wide temperature range of 266 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. It stands as a class of its own with the label of “medical grade device”, and the use of an aluminum block heat exchanger and a steel encased ceramic heating element. The Volcano is designed to be used with a balloon and takes approximately two to three minutes to heat. As little as 0.1 grams of herb can easily provide up to five bags of vapor, making it the most efficient and best device for herb conservation. The most important feature of the Volcano, though, is the out of this world cloud quality. If a consumer wants the best, flavorful herb, the ability to take the largest hits, and experience the most intense highs, then a Volcano is necessary. I’m absolutely in love with this unit, and in my opinion, it is the pillar in any true vape enthusiast’s collection.

The Cons of the Volcano: Zero cons. The only bad thing is if you can’t afford it. The price is for $479 at minimum for the classic version, and almost $600 for the digital Volcano. It’s worth every single penny, but some customers may just not have the financial freedom to purchase such a wonderful device….(hint, hint: there is always the option of using a credit card!)

The second and final unit for the premium desktop section is the, Super Surfer Vaporizer . It was a heavily anticipated edition to the 7th Floor Vapes family, and it boasts compatibility with both the balloon and the whip for variable versions of top-notch, delicious vaping sessions. The basic version of the Super Surfer Vaporizer  has a price tag of $420, however there is also the option for complete customization of the product for an upped retail value of $590. In my opinion, unless color scheme and design is of utmost importance to you, I recommend buying the classic version, as the original provides amazing clouds, and has great functionality and easy facility of use.

The Pros of the Super Surfer Vaporizer: Overall, this device has fantastic versatility. I think users will love being able to switch from enjoying a full food-grade plastic bag to sucking down on the whip. Also of note, the company switched the temperature knob back to the front of the unit, and they made the temperature control an easy to use color-coded system with 13 different modes. The Super Surfer Vaporizer  incorporated a new heater stand base for enhanced airflow, which allows for an amazing yet quiet fan experience as well. All in all, I would highly recommend this desktop vape for users that want the best vapor quality, while simultaneously having the option to alternate between use of the whip assembly and the balloon.

The Cons of Super Surfer Vaporizer: It’s slightly a pain to clean versus cleaning other desktop units such as the Volcano. I would recommend purchasing the Consumabox, cleaning subscription which provides fresh packs of screens, cotton swabs, a 40 ounce Agent orange cleaner, etc. Cleaning the vaporizer may not be too much a nuisance for most customers, but I’m not a fan of any type of work period.

Mid-Range Desktop Vapes

(Retail Price – $300 to $150)

Next up, and the first in the mid-value section is the Plenty vaporizer by the beloved, Storz and Bickel brand. Aside from looking a bit like a power tool, this is actually one of the best vaporizers with reference to its retail value in the market. Storz and Bickel already dominates the desktop vape niche with the premium unit, the Volcano, which is inarguably the best vaporizer on the market, so consumers can be assured that they are getting a quality product with the Plenty, as well. This device is without a question a steal, as it currently sells for a mere $249.95.

Pros of the Plenty vaporizer: With a fairly large chamber, and with the ability to be handheld, this is a very impressive unit that is good for personal use and for groups as well. Loading is super easy- simply unscrew the coil and the coil base from the unit, then unscrew the base to open the herb chamber. After loading the herbs of choice, screw the base back onto the coil, reattach it to the unit and then enjoy! I think users will also adore the 7 heat settings, which can be experimented with in order to find the perfect temperature range. A small recommendation is to start at 4 and move up from there. Long story short, if you just want something simple to use that’s very efficient, and don’t mind the “power tool” look, the Plenty is definitely for you.

Cons of the Plenty Vaporizer: To be quite honest, the only thing that is not entirely spectacular about this unit is how it looks, which is like some kind of weird drill with a big spring attached. Fortunately, even the odd appearance actually serves a purpose. Consumers should know that the “spring” is actually a cooling coil, which cools the vapor down substantially before reaching the mouth. This means that it’s easier to handle more vapor than with other devices because it is cooler and it doesn’t irritate the throat.

A happy medium between budget and quality is one of my favorite units, Da Buddha. This cylindrical desktop device was created by the 7th Floor Vapes and it stands out for all the right reasons. This unit is specifically geared solely for whip enthusiasts and allows for some extremely heavy rips. Its original price was $199.95, however, there are some coupon codes and providers that bring the price down to $190. Da Buddha has held its retail value pretty well, which is a tell-tale sign that the device is high quality.

Pros of Da Buddha: It’s a masterful blend of fantastic functionality, a beautiful, stylish build, and magnificent vapor output. Da Buddha uses a ceramic heating element for true convection heating paired with glass components for enhanced herb taste. The assembly comes with three foot whip tubing that is composed of food grade vinyl which also helps promote improved flower flavor. To put things simply, this is a great desktop vaporizer for people that really enjoy using the whip and getting heavy hits. I also feel the price is right on target for the quality cloud users are getting.

Cons of Da Buddha: It’s only for whip users. This means if a user wants to enjoy a session with the balloon one day, they will be unable. It’s important that customers are 100% sure that they favor the whip before purchasing this device, or else they are better off spending a bit more and upgrading to the Super Surfer Vaporizer 2, which is made by the same company and is of even better quality.

One of my personal picks for new users, and easy vaping is the mid-level device, the Arizer Extreme Q. This unit could easily be mistaken for the Arizer V-Tower, but differs in that it is compatible with whip and balloon, and it comes with a remote control and built-fan for forced air. This beauty first hit the market a couple years back with a price tag of $199.95, but as of January 2019, I’m happy to report that costs have greatly decreased and it is relatively easy to quite a number of online stores selling it anywhere from $149 to $169.

Pros of the Arizer Extreme Q: It has pretty good cloud quality, is super easy to use, and is fun for joint sessions. Basically, if a user just wants to get accustomed into desktop vaping, but doesn’t want to break the bank figuring out which method of vaporization that they like the most between whip and bag vapes, then Extreme Q is definitely the optimal choice. Or if a consumer likes both whip and bag style vaporizers but doesn’t want to cough up the cash for a premium, dual device like the Silver Surfer 2 Vaporizer, then the Arizer Extreme Q could be an alternative.

Cons of the Arizer Extreme Q: So there were two things that I didn’t like. Number one, I felt that this device didn’t vape the herb evenly, and secondly I wasn’t a huge fan of the flower taste with the whip assembly since they are using a cheap tube. The vapor quality with the balloon, on the other hand, is delicious.

Low End Desktop Vaporizers

(Retail Price – $120 to $80)

So for the sake of having a complete guide, I am including one popular “budget” desktop vape, the Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer. I want to preempt this particular product summary with a warning, though. It is not recommended to be cheap when investing in a desktop vaporizer- all the mechanical parts will be of poorer quality and the cloud quality will not match the pricier units listed above like Da Buddha. If you absolutely cannot afford a mid-to-high end unit, then go ahead and buy the Easy Digital Vaporizer, but make sure to have realistic expectations.

Pros of the Easy Digital Vaporizer: The extremely cheap price. Finding a desktop unit for $79.95 is pretty much unheard of. The unit does feature precision temperature control which can be adjusted via a knob, and it has a digital LED display. Additionally, it uses a basic ceramic heating element and it is capable of producing some large dense clouds for customers desiring quick and intense highs.

Cons of the Easy Digital Vaporizer: Breakable parts! So it’s important that consumers remember that you get what you pay for. In the case of the Easy Vape, there is several glass pieces involved in the set up, and the build itself is delicate. If you are not a very careful vape enthusiast, or you get clumsy while high, just be warned it’s easy to damage, and a hassle to replace parts. Also, the vapor quality is obviously not as good as units like the Plenty, but it is still decent.

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