herbalAire Vaporizer Review

For most people I know, combustion is their preferred way of enjoying their tobacco or other herbs. Unlike them, I prefer a cleaner alternative. This is why I use vaporizers, and a great vaporizer on the market right now is the herbalAire H2.2 by herbalAire.

While they might not have the cleverest naming system for their models, herbalAire has made a solid unit with the H2.2. They also carry a unit with LCD display called the herbalAire Elite, but I prefer the simplicity of the H2.2’s temperature dial, because there are less things that can go wrong with simpler electronics.

With the younger generations seeking to enjoy their herbs in a healthier way, the herbalAire is a great choice for anyone looking to “try it all” without dropping too much cash, coming in at only $200.

This is our full review of the herbalAire where we will break down how it works, the different features, and ultimately whether we think it’s worth purchasing or not. So keep reading to learn more!

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herbalAire vaporizer

The herbalAire H2.2

How the herbalAire Works

This unit comes with a few options as far as use goes. You can either use the whip that comes with the vaporizer or fill bags up with the pump they include. Keep in mind that this is an external pump, and it is a bit on the loud side compared to strictly bag vapes.

As far as filling the unit goes, it is a bit different then how most vaporizers are normally set up. Surprisingly, the bowl (or what they call “the Crucible”) holds up to around two grams of material, a much higher capacity than most vaporizers can handle. This makes the unit useful for groups, and ensures that you won’t need to change the bowl as often, and loading couldn’t be simpler, although it can be a bit odd at first if you have experience with other vaporizers.

herbalAire crucible

The Crucible

While loading the bowl is as simple as putting your material into any bowl, there is one major difference between the herbalAire and other vaporizers on the market. With the herbalAire, the manufacturer actually states that it is best to not grind your material at all to get optimal vaporization of your material. This is contrary to every vaporizer I have ever come across, but, needless to say, the manufacturer is one hundred percent correct.

The vapor you get from this unit is phenomenal, it tastes very pure and is extremely potent, and because of the design of the Crucible, there is no need to stir your material for it to vaporize evenly. This makes sense, being that it is a convection vaporizer, but I did not expect the flavor I achieved from material that had not been ground at all.

The way this vape functions is very simple. You simply turn the dial (on the H2.2) to your desired temp, then load the “crucible” (it’s shaped like a thimble) with your herb of choice and pop in the mouthpiece (it will be loose, but the material the top of the unit is made of expands while hot to make a tight seal). Then you either pop in the whip or the straw to fit the bags and you are ready to go, or you can just take draws directly from the unit. After trying each, I found the direct draw method to be the most effective. While more irritating then the whip or the bag, it offers a stronger draw then the whip allows you to get, and is much less cumbersome than the bag can be (while the bags are no louder than the bags on all bag vapes, I have always found bags cumbersome).

herbalAire mouthpiece

The mouthpiece (white piece on top) with whip inserted

However, even though I may not use the bags when vaping on my own, if I am with a group of my friends I have found the bags to be the best way to vaporize. Because the bags allow the vapor to cool more sufficiently (something that cannot be achieved with directly drawing) and you can fill up to five at once with the right attachment.

herbalAire bag

The Bag

There are also some great attachments that you can purchase for this vape, like an attachment that allows you to fill either three bags or five bags at once. There is also a kit you can get which replaces the pump with a high output pump, the three bag mouthpiece, and extra bags and clamps (three of each, to be exact).

The 3 Bag Piece

The 3 Bag Piece


the 5 Bag Piece

the 5 Bag Piece


  • Size: this unit is fairly small, and at only around 7 inches tall, is very inconspicuous. It does, however, have a nine to twelve foot long chord, so you never have to worry about reaching an outlet.
  • Heating Up: this unit will heat to any temperature you set it to in under two minutes. And, with a temperature range from 250⁰F to 400⁰F, you will never have to worry about your herbs combusting with this vape.
  • Vapor Quality: the quality of the vapor that you can get from this unit is amazing. Some people even prefer it over the Volcano, which is arguably the best vaporizer currently on the market.
  • Versatility: offering three different vaporization options, this vape is definitely the “all-in-one” package. You can do just about anything with this vaporizer.
  • Price: at only $200 for the H2.2, you really can’t go wrong with this unit. It out performs more expensive and bulkier models for a cheaper price. Plus, who doesn’t like saving money?
  • Durability: this unit has a Teflon body to ensure it does not get too hot, and according to the manufacturer, as long as you keep the unit clean (a simple process) you should never have a problem with it. People have literally taken the unit by the cord, swung it around, and smashed it onto concrete. There were no problems with the unit afterwards, showing the extreme durability this unit holds.
  • Warranty: with a three year manufacturer’s warranty, you can sleep soundly knowing that your vaporizer is covered from damage (please see the warranty information for exact coverage).


  • Smell: this vaporizer is smellier than most units, so if you are vaping something like marijuana in a non-medically or non-recreationally legal state, please keep this in mind.
  • Bags: the bags tend to take a long time to fill (1-2 minutes). It does not take longer than most bag vapes, but people (like me) tend to be impatient.

Best Place to Buy the herbalAire?

The best place to buy this vaporizer would be from Vapor Nation. They have the largest selection and are an authorized retailer with fast and discreet shipping. Plus, with all the promotions they always run, you will most likely get it for cheaper than anywhere else.

You will also get free shipping and some other free gifts like a grinder with your purchase. It’s an awesome value.

Final Thoughts

Both models made by herbalAire are fantastic. They require little maintenance, have fast heat up times, are versatile, and are extremely durable. If you are trying to step into the vaping world, no unit will suit you better. Are there better vaporizers out there? Sure there are; there always will be. But, no other vaporizer will deliver the quality hits time and time again. With no grinding and the ability to use bags, whips, and directly draw from the unit, the herbalAire is a great choice for any vaper, from people brand new to vaporizers to veterans of vaping. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

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