The HipVap Vaporizer Review

The HipVap is a pretty interesting portable vape with some awesome features. It has adjustable temperature, adjustable shutoff time, the ability to do dry herbs and concentrates, and great battery life.

In this review, we’ll go over:

  • How It Works
  • Vapor Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Adjustability
  • Price

How the HipVap Vaporizer Works

You start by loading the unit in the base, either with dry herb, or with concentrate. This vape can hold around 0.3g of dry material and around 0.15g of concentrate for optimal performance.

Basic Chamber (picture courtesy of

You then turn the unit on and select your temperature. You do this by clicking the switch on the front that has a +/- on it.

The temperature adjusts in increments of 2⁰ F from 150⁰ F To 430⁰ F. Once the temp is set, the LED will pulse red while heating and turn green when it is fully heated.

If left for a while, the LED will pulse blue to indicate that it is cooling. Now that the vape is ready to go, let’s get into vapor quality.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of this unit is really great for low temp vapers. I feel like it runs a little bit on the cool side, but it really is not all that noticeable.

The flavor is really good, no metallic flavor that you usually get with a steel air path. I just wish the vape was convection instead of conduction, because then it would be a more even vape.

If you don’t stir your material around every 5-7 hits, the vapor quality shoots down.

On another note, something I really liked about this vape is the aluminum body, which helps to keep the vape cool while you’re running hotter temperatures. This helps keep the vape comfortable to hold.

Battery Life

Because the HipVap has two 1700mAh 18650 batteries powering it, this vape boasts nearly 3 hours of vape time. But, because it used 18650 batteries, the charging time is a bit long. I would say you can get up to 7 sessions off of one charge.


The most unique feature of this vape, and, in my opinion, a feature that every vaporizer should have, is a user adjustable auto-shutoff timer.

It can be as little as 60 seconds, and up to 10 minutes. You adjust it by hitting the larger clock to increase the time, and the smaller clock to decrease the time.

Price and Where to Buy

This unit goes for $149.99, which is actually on the low end for all the features this thing has. I could easily see this unit going for $200 or more, so the price tag is great in my book.

If you want to pick it up, head on over to HipVap’s official website.

Final Thoughts

The HipVap may look a lot like the Atmos Transporter, but it’s so much more. Extremely adjustable temp, user adjustable shutoff time, can do dry herbs and concentrates, and great battery life. It’s all anyone really needs in a portable vaporizer.

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