The Puffco Peak Erig Review

The Puffco Peak was released in March 2018, and has been steadily rising in notoriety since then. It was previously named the “Best Vape Pen” by High Times, and it is one of the most expensive, high end devices around with a sales tag of $379.99. I was eager to get my hands on the Peak when it first made its debut last year but I resisted the urge as I know that new, premium products can sometimes have bugs/tech issues. Waiting turned out to be a good decision because the CEO of Puffco, Roger Volodarsky admitted in an interview with Leafly later that year that the first to buy were basically beta testers, and they did experience several issues. He also stated as of October 2018 that about ninety percent of the bugs had been eliminated, and that it typically takes a full year to work out most problems. Mr. Volodarsky pretty much said his ultimate goal was to make the Puffco Peak essentially “idiot-proof” while maintaining quality. Since slightly over a year has passed since its release, I decided to take the plunge and test out the Puffco Peak. Parting with that much money was hard for me, so I really wanted to take my time and adequately test the product for the entire month of March 2019. The following article includes my experience with the Peak, as well as it’s pertinent product details, but for customers looking for a short summary- here’s a quick one: Best Portable Concentrate Vape I’ve Ever Had!

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Design, Portability, & Ease of Use

The Puffco Peak is absolutely stunning in both its design and build. The unit feels powerful, as it stands at seven inches high, and reaches a little less than three inches at its silicone base. There is a single button at the base which serves to both power on the unit, and offer control over settings. The general appearance of the Puffco Peak is akin to a mini-mountain complete with a “peak” at the top, which is undoubtedly where its’ name was derived from. The unit is currently offered in a solid black color with a hand-blown glass mouth-piece; however, for a limited time Puffco is offering it in “lightening” color as well. The device’s design is revolutionary in regards to functionality, however, it should be the mentioned that it’s not discreet in the slightest. Therefore, users that require stealthy usage and portability should consider a different concentrate vaporizer. The Puffco Peak is meant for people that will be enjoying single and social sessions in the privacy of their homes.

As far as ease of use is concerned, the Puffco Peak is uncomplicated to use and it has no learning curve, but consumers should still take a look at the instruction pamphlet prior to their first session. The first step to using this vape will to be to verify it’s fully charged- users can charge via the usb cable. Once the device has sufficient battery life, remove the glass from the base and fill it with water slightly above the air holes. Next place the glass back into the base while making sure the inlet hole is aligned with the atomizer. The Puffco Peak may not be powered on by holding down the singular button for three seconds and a single click can be utilized to scroll through temperature options. Select the desired temperature (temperatures are signified by different colors) and use the loading tool to place the shatter at the bottom of the bowl. Finally put the carb cap on top of the atomizer, and press the button twice to start the “heat up” process. The Puffco Peak will alert users that it’s ready for use by vibrating the palm of the hand, and flashing a light for three seconds, and from there users are free to deeply inhale. Please note the instructions listed above are for basic use, and sesh mode must be activated in a different manner.

Temperature Control & Oven Details

The Puffco Peak comes equipped with four different temperature settings which are differentiated by distinct colors. The settings include 450 degrees (blue) for smaller loads, 500 degrees (green) for medium size bowls, 550 degrees (orange) for larger loads, and finally, 600 degrees Fahrenheit for extra-large loads. Temperature control is a feature available in almost all vapes so that’s not what makes this device special. What’s truly unique about the Peak is its intelligent temperature calibration. This technological break through ensures that every session is perfect by automatically adjusting heat times while the bowl is still hot. Additionally of benefit is the Puffco Peak’s twenty second heat up time. Twenty seconds absolutely slays its competitors average time of about three minutes.

The Puffco Peak features a completely ceramic, coil-free chamber that can be removed for easy packing and cleaning. The oven is among some of the largest seen in the industry and users can get up to 30 dabs without any issues. There is also an extra ceramic bowl included in the kit which is convenient for users enjoying lengthy sessions with friends.

Battery & Accessories

The Puffco Peak comes with a super-charger and micro-usb cable for charging purposes. The device powers up very quickly, and it typically only takes two hours to reach a full charge with the super-charger. The overall battery life is good with about a 30 dab average, and I found that  number can sometimes even be stretched a bit more. Customers should take note that the battery is not removable, so swapping out a battery is not an option for those on the go.

In terms of accessories, the Puffco Peak is a premium device and comes with a completely loaded box. The full kit includes the vape itself, the carb cap, the loading tool, cleaning mini wipes, the “supercharger”, the micro usb charger, a gorgeous carrying case, and two ceramic bowls.

Price Point & Vapor Quality

The Puffco Peak is by far one of the most expensive devices in the market and it carries a steep price tag of $379.99. A premium portable unit that may comparable is the Mighty (although I personally favor the Mighty for use with dry herb material). As most customers already know, the Mighty also initially retailed at $379. Consumers that are buying at this price range should expect top of the line performance with the cleanest, tastiest cloud quality. Therefore, I tried to judge the Puffco Peak as harshly as humanly possible. The thing is, even after repetitive usage, the Puffco Peak blew my mind. It’s not overly hyped- it just happens to be one of the best concentrate vapes ever made.

The vapor quality of this unit is so good that it’s hard for me to put into words. The clouds created are dense, flavor-rich, and smooth in a way that I hadn’t previously experienced before with other devices designed for shatter. The fact is the Puffco Peak is pretty much a dabber’s dream come true. The craze about the device is not opinion, it’s not hype- it’s the real deal.

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