Top 3 Little-known Cannabis Strains with THC 25%  

So, you’ve been around for a while and you know your weed quite well, and now you want to experience some new tastes? At the same time, you don’t want your weed to blow your head clear off. Well, you came to the right place because today, we are looking at some of the best weed strains for intermediate cannabis users. Hop on and let’s see what the options are!

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Gorilla Punch Strain (THC 26%)

Gorilla Punch is one of the top cannabis strains for experienced users, thanks to its high THC content, so you don’t want to rush it in. This is a hybrid strain that comes out of the Fruit Punch and Gorilla Glue #4 lineage, some of the better-known strains in their own right. It is known for boosting creativity and relaxing effects, so you will be having quite a fun time smoking on this tree. 

Smell and Aroma

This weed has a flowery smell with a hint of berries on the background. The smoke itself is quite punchy, making even some of the well-versed cannabis enthusiasts cough. You can tell it has a classic weed smell – a bit sweet, earthy, flowery smell that will be a dead giveaway if you smoke it in a public area, so mind that. 

Gorilla Punch Effects 

Some of the effects of Gorilla Punch include strong bodily relaxation, mental uplift, and some tingling. You can tell it affects your body stronger than it does your mind, which makes it a perfect choice for the stoners who just love their couch lock and don’t want to move around while they are high. It has been reported for being quite helpful when dealing with chronic pain, so if that is something that concerns you, it might be a good idea to talk to a doctor and see whether it is going to help.

Purple Headband Strain (THC 24%)

Here we one of the best marijuana strains that combine the effects of both Indica and Sativa being a well-rounded hybrid strain. Thanks to its rather high THC content, it is meant to be smoked by experienced users who know a thing or two about their weed, so keep that in mind. Purple Headband is one of the better options for people having problems falling asleep, as this little tree will knock you off your feet and make you quite sleepy. 

Purple Headband - All About This Strain - YouTube

Smell and Aroma

Nothing too crazy here but the smell of the Purple Headband is quite distinct in its own right. You can tell a quite distinct sweet and tropical flavor with a hint of grapes lingering somewhere out there. The smoke itself is not too harsh, almost sweet in fact, so you won’t be coughing your lungs out with that one. Overall, people on the streets will be able to tell you are smoking weed and some of the more knowledgeable ones will know you are smoking good weed.

Purple Headband Effects

A Purple Headband is known for its sleep-inducing effect as well as the overall sensation of happiness and mood uplift. It is the perfect bedtime marijuana that will gently put you to sleep and give you a night of rejuvenating rest. That is exactly why it might be used by people suffering from insomnia. This might not be a party weed, but if you know what you want, the Purple Headband is the right choice.

Sour Bubba Strain (THC 25%) 

Sour Bubba is a well-pronounced Indica strain that comes from the lineage of Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush, hence the name. With a rather high THC content that might go as high as 30% in some cultivars, you might want to approach this guy with caution. This marijuana was made for experienced smokers, so you have to be mindful unless you want your mind to blow.

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Smell and Aroma

Sour Bubba has a strange combination of smells that will probably make you cough like crazy, so have some drink at your side. The smell palette ranges from a citrusy smell with a hint of spice and herbs to a smell of literal diesel, thanks to its Sour Diesel parent strain. The smoke itself is rather harsh, so you better be ready. Sure, you won’t cough your lungs off, but some drink is totally recommended as you will crave something to water your mouth immediately after you smoke this one.

Sour Bubba Effects 

If you want to have some good laughs, this strain is it – Sour Bubba will make you will happy and relaxed while making you laugh for no apparent reason. This is a classic weed experience as we know and love. A couple of good laughs, a strong mental uplift, and a sense of bodily relaxation. If that is what you are looking for in your weed, Sour Bubba might just be the best thing.


The three weed strains we’ve discussed here are not that popular and you might’ve heard of their parent strains more. That is unfortunate because these weed strains are worth recognition, thanks to their potency and quite spectacular effects. Of course, they are rather potent, and thus, must be approached with a reasonable deal of caution. So, if you feel like you are ready for some new experiences and have already built up some tolerance, trying these trees might be the best choice.

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