Top 3 Vaping Kits on the British Market

E-cigs and vaporizer pens are proving to be a very popular way of helping people to stop smoking both in the UK and overseas. They also come in a variety of flavours and even sizes to suit each individual. You can buy a cigarette or cigar sized kit, and the size usually correlates with the capacity of the item itself. Smaller kits are suited to those who smoke 5-12 cigarettes per day, or those who only smoke if they are out and about, and larger ones are more suited to heavy smokers.


Blucigs are one of the most commonly used vaping kits in the UK they are relatively inexpensive and are sold in most supermarkets or are available with free delivery if you make your purchase online. Choose from a variety of flavours from cherry to rich tobacco, which is a lovely blend of chocolate and coffee- not too overpowering if you are new to vaping. They use Smooth Flow Technology, which means you smoke them to release the nicotine, rather than pressing the button as you would on a vaporiser. Voted Product of the Year in the E-Cigarette category 2015, they are a good starting point for anyone looking to quit.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke e-cigarettes are particularly enjoyed by those who prefer to smoke menthol cigarettes. The Green Smoke starter kit is comprised of 3 rechargeable e-cigs, 3 batteries, 1 charger, 1 adapter and 2 packs of cartridges, all for around £50. There are an array of flavours on offer, popular with people who aren’t keen on the idea of fruit flavours and unnatural tastes, but earthy, tobacco-like flavours sell well, as do mocha and menthol varieties.

V2 Pro vapourizer

V2 offer a really wide range of vapourisers, perfect for those who are heavy smokers and may be looking for a little more variety to keep them on the straight and narrow. A standard starter kit contains your e-cig itself, 2 battery packs, 1 charger, a wall adapter and one bottle of e-liquid. You can use V2 vapourisers with cartridges or with e- liquids and you can choose from a number of flavours like mint tea, grape and your standard tobacco flavours, but they are all reasonably subtle – which is important if you plan to use them frequently throughout the day.

Remember if you are vaping with a view to quit smoking, it’s better to start small and gradually introduce vaping into your usual smoking routine, then eventually cut out cigarettes altogether, rather than cut them out completely.


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