Unique Smoke Bongs for Sale Online 2017

There are a lot of smoke shops online. It’s easy for stoners to buy different tools when smoking herbs or tobacco. Some people like to use a pipe, some smoke from a rolled paper, and others addicted to the smooth smoke that they get from a glass bong. Glass water bongs deliver a smooth toke that cannot be duplicated.

The new design of glass bongs attract many stoners. Any smokers will enjoy owning one of these glass bongs.

1. Three Percolator Straight Glass Bong Solid Base with Matrix

The nice water pipe will surely stand out in your glass collection. it has three different percolators, First, your smoke will through the matrix barrel percolator, it will filter and diffuse your smoke for clean and smooth rips. Second,it will through the honeycomb percolator. Third, when through the splash guard, it will prevent any water from getting in your mouth. Of course the thick glass will increases its durability and longevity.

2. Hammerhead Glass bongs Recycler Oil Rig Double Chamber Water Pipe

Want a bong with great function and a great price. This hammerhead recycler is both! Made from scientific glass this recycler is sturdy and stylish. The hammerhead perc gives just the right amount of diffusion while also keeping the flavor of your concentrates. With a 14mm male joint this piece comes with a matching dry herb bowl.

3.Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Water Pipe

This 16 inch straight tube features not one but two 8 arm tree percolators for an insane amount of filtration. Above both percs sits a splashguard so no matter how hard you pull you’ll never get disgusting bong water in your mouth and just incase thats not enough for you it also has an ice catcher. Be careful though this piece is not for beginners only seasoned tokers!

4.Glass Bongs Ball Perc Water Pipe

This piece has a bent neck for those who like to be comfortable when smoking. This piece features an angled 14mm female joint and comes with a male bowl piece for flowers. Swap out the flower bowl for a dab nail to use it with concentrates. At the bottom of this piece sits a showerhead perc for maximum diffusion. The internal ball acts not only as a splashguard but also as a second round of filtration because it moves your smoke in all different direction around the ball. This piece is available in several different colors to fit anyone’s style.

5.Upline Glass Bong with Spline Perc with 14 mm joint

This Upline water pipe is one of the coolest designs out there. Watch the bubbles stack up the spinal perc level by level as you pull through the bent neck mouthpiece and get perfectly filtered smoke. Designed by Micah Evans, this pipe combines a beautifully sleek architecture with exquisite functionality. Never get water in your mouth thanks to the bent neck mouthpiece, and clean this bubbler with ease thanks to the stemless design. This bong includes a 10mm or 14mm female joint with matching bowl based on your choice. Decal colors vary.

6. Mobius Bong Matrix Perc with 18 mm Joint

This scientific glass sidecar tobacco bong features a gridded matrix percolator as well as a recessed 18mm female joint. This water pipe features clear glass construction throughout to allow you to witness your smoke travel from the joint, through the perc, and out of the sidecar mouthpiece. The many slits in the matrix perc function to filter and distill your smoke for smooth hits upon every use. This tobacco bong is made from 5mm thick glass and has a wide circular base, both of which add to the durability of this piece. The sidecar design ensures that there is no splashback and all of the water stays inside this glass pipe. At the end of the sidecar is a wide flared mouthpiece that conforms perfectly to your mouth for an airtight seal. Select the appropriate option above to use this water pipe for dry herbs, concentrates, or both.

7.Baby Bottle Glass Bong with 14 mm Joint

This dab rig may have a baby bottle design but there is nothing “baby” about it. This heady scientific glass vapor rig features a faberge egg design with dual swiss percs in both the upper and lower chambers. It also contains a multi-holed inline perc. The dual chamber design, the hollow center in between chambers, and the many holes in the three percs make this dab rig function beautifully every time it’s used. Every hit is clean, filtered, and diffused for the smoothest rips possible. This clear glass concentrate rig features a sandblasted High Tech Glassworks logo, a polished 14mm male joint, and a polished 14mm female dome. This incredible vapor rig also contains white glass just below the nozzle mouthpiece, a thick rounded base, and a dewar’s reinforced joint. This glass dab rig is hand blown from 5mm thick German Schott glass here in the USA.

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