Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide 2016 – Best Vaporizer Pens of the Year

Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide 2016 – Best Vaporizer Pens of the Year

If you are in the market to buy a vape pen, things can get confusing due to the amount of options to choose from. This article is here to simplify vaporizer pens and help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Vape Pens That Can Vaporize Dry Herb:

One thing you must know before proceeding is that most vaporizer pens only work with full melt concentrates as of now and will not vaporize dry herb. No matter what the manufacturer claims, the majority of dry herb pens exceed the vaporization point of 455 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, there are a few exceptions to this.

The V2 Pro Series 3 is one of these exceptions, and it was the first pen that could actually vape dry herbs. We have been using this pen for our dry herbs ever since its release, and we are super excited about this product. It actually does what it promises, unlike all the others that say they can do herbs but really can’t.

v2 series 3

If you want a legit vape pen that can do your herbs as well as e-liquids and concentrates, I highly encourage you to check out our review of the V2 Pro Series 3 here and see if it fits what you’re looking for (or, click here if you want to buy it and you will be taken to V2’s website where you can pick it up).

Otherwise, if you’re interested in a pen unit for your wax/oils, keep reading to learn all about them and find out which unit is best for you.

Vaporizer Pen Breakdown:

Almost every single vape pen consists of three main parts:

  1. The atomizer
  2. The battery
  3. And the mouthpiece

The battery is the long part that’s at the end. Some batteries light up in different places or colors, but what really matters is the size, which is explained in milliamp hours (mAh).

The atomizer is what heats your concentrates. The two main types of atomizers are ones that use wicks and ones that are wickless.

The mouthpiece is self explanatory, but most prefer metal mouthpieces to plastic.

You have 2 options when it comes to buying a vaporizer pen:

  1. You can buy a pre-built pen that comes with all the necessary parts (easiest, but usually costs a little more)
  2. Or you can build one yourself by buying all of the individual parts (this is usually cheaper, but requires a little bit of knowledge so you know what to buy.)

In this guide, we will cover both. For those that want a pre-built model, we have several great recommendations. And for those who want to build their own vape pen, we have a section for that too.

First, we will cover the pre-built options since this is what most people prefer as it’s the easiest and most convenient.

After that, we’re going to do a breakdown of the individual parts that make up a vaporizer pen for those who are new and need a run down. We will then go into our favorite “build-your-own” setups and list the cheapest places to buy the parts.

Full Packaged Vape Pens:

Some people don’t want to deal with the hassle of building their own pen and instead would prefer to just buy a model that is already put together for them. In some cases, you will pay more for a pre-built pen, but the convenience factor is worth it for most people (it’s at most maybe $20-$25 more to buy a pre-built pen with all the parts.)

Some of the most popular companies to buy a pre-built model from are: G-Pen, Atmos, and TrippyStix, but after using these extensively, I have concluded that these are some of the worst pens on the market. I’m honestly not sure why they are so popular, but from someone who has used a ton of pens extensively, they aren’t very good at all.

G-pen and most others, like the TrippyStix, use a wicked design that relies on fiberglass to absorb the oil or full melt concentrate. This takes away from the whole experience and mainly the flavor of your concentrates.

Most Atmos models use a wickless design that is similar to a car cigarette lighter, which performs very poorly to say the least. On top of that, these brands outsource their production to China and with that comes low build quality and poor reliability. I would never recommend any of those models.

However, there are some pre-built models that perform exceptionally well, and we will discuss those below.

At the moment, there are 2 pens on the market that stand head and shoulders above the rest. We used to have a longer list, but as of right now, these 2 are our absolute favorites, and we recommend either one very highly.

Our favorite pre-built vaporizer pens are:

1. The Brand New SOURCE Orb V3 Vape Pen – $79.95 or $129.95 from Source’s official website* (use coupon code ‘moon’ and get 10% off)

*Depending on if you go with the Premium Kit or the Signature Kit (more info on these below)

Source Orb V3

The SOURCE Orb V2 was an amazing vaporizer pen and used to be our #1 ranked unit, but Source stepped it up even further and just released their new V3 model, which we love even more.

It’s by far the best vaporizer pen on the market right now for concentrates.

The main difference with the Source Orb V3 compared to the V2 are the new Quartz atomizers, which deliver the best flavor of any atomizer on the market.

If the improved taste wasn’t enough, they even made the bowls 20% deeper and capable of holding twice as much material as the previous V2 atomizers.

The V3 comes in 2 different kits: Premium and Signature

The Premium kit, which goes for only $79.95 on Source’s website, comes with 7 different atomizers including 2 brand new Quartz atomizers, a variable voltage battery, a large eGo charger, dabbing tool, and several attachments.

The Signature kit, which sells for just $129.95 on Source’s website, comes with everything in the Premium kit, but adds 1 more Quartz atomizer (the terra), the Source Slim (a thinner version of the V3), a glass globe, and a cool little metal briefcase to carry everything in.

The 8 completely different atomizers allow you to customize your vape experience exactly how you want it to be, which is one of our favorite things about this pen.

The different atomizers that the V3 comes with are:

  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Wicked Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Dry Herb Baker atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Dry Herb Hitter atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut atomizer
  • 1x Quartz SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut atomizer (only available in the Signature Kit)

The Orb is dead simple to use. Basically, all you do is turn the battery on by clicking the button 5 times, then set the dial at the bottom to whatever voltage you want (higher = warmer vapor/faster vaporization, lower = cooler vapor/slower vaporization).

After that, just pick your atomizer, screw it into the orb, attach the orb to your battery, and load it up. Then, all you have to do is press the button and inhale.

Overall, this is an awesome vape pen at a very affordable price that any vaper should have.

**You can get a discount on this vape by using the coupon code ‘MOON’, which gives you 10% off your entire order!**

**Please note that these are in very high demand and have been selling out quickly, so if you’re interested, we would recommend ordering now while they are still in stock!**

SOURCE Buy Button

>>If you want to learn a bit more about the Orb v3 before you buy, Click Here to read our full review and check out our video demo<<

2. The Galaxy Vape Pen by Kandypens- $99.99 from Kandypens (Use promo code ‘GALAXYLOVE’ and get 20% off your purchase)

The Galaxy by Kandypens may be their best product to date. It actually does what it’s made to do (and it does it very well), and with the promo code, it comes in at a very reasonable price.

The battery has three voltage settings, which you change by simply clicking the button. The atomizer itself is really high quality, utilizing quartz for the chamber and the rods in the coils as well.

This quartz design allows for really pure and clean tasting vapor, and if you’re used to more standard atomizers, the purity of the flavor you get from the Galaxy will blow you away.

The only reason this vape pen gets number two on our list is because the Source Orb kit just has more options in terms of atomizer choices and voltage settings.

If you don’t want to fiddle around with all the atomizers, and you want a smaller package than the Source Orb can offer, the Galaxy is a great choice. We’re big fans of this vaporizer pen.

buy Galaxy

*Use promo code ‘GALAXYLOVE’ to get the 20% discount*

>>Or, if you want to learn a bit more, Click Here to read our full Kandypens Galaxy review<<

Which Pre-Built Vape Pen is the Best?

This is a bit subjective as it depends on the user, but we have them ranked above in order of our preference. We personally love both pens, but like we mentioned above, the Orb just allows a bit more customization, which we think a lot of users will enjoy.

The Source Orb offers a ton of options for vaping concentrates, letting you control how hot you want to vape as well as which of 7 atomizers you want to use. It also uses the new Quartz atomizer design, just like the Galaxy, so you’re getting great flavor with either one.

If you want to do just concentrates and like the flexibility that comes with having 7 atomizers, go with the SOURCE Orb. The Orb is especially great for beginners since it allows you so many options to figure out how you best like to vape.

The Galaxy has the smallest size, and offers amazingly clean vapor thanks to the quartz chamber. It’s also variable voltage, and is just a great all around vape experience. If you want a simple pen with some of the purest flavor on the market, buy the Galaxy.

Building your own vape pen

Looking to build your own vape pen instead? Check out our guide here on how to make your own DIY vaporizer pen.

Any questions for us? Let us know in the comments and we would be glad to help!

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    • Hey Kat,

      I’d check out the source orb, which we just added to the guide for 2015. It has an adjustable battery, so you can dial in how hot you want it. Plus it comes with 8 atomizers, giving you a ton of options. It’s a great unit.

  • Hello I was wondering if you have to ever used the dr. Dabber
    I have been searching for a few months and it has come down to the the source orb you mentioned and the dr dabber.
    Please respond asap

  • I’m pretty torn between the kandypen and the o-phos. the kandypens are on sale for 59.99 right now in the green and purple which seems pretty good but I have been reading some questionable reviews about them so been making second guesses. any recommendations?

    • It’s gonna come down to personal preference. Honestly, the Source Orb, which is our #1 pen is the best one we have used on the market, and you can get it for about $71 by using the coupon code ‘paintthemoon’ when you checkout.

      If you’re sold on one of the others, the KandyPens provides more customization, some cool vubbler attachments (sold separately) and many more colors. The o-phos provides slightly better vapor quality though and is a little cheaper.

  • Have reg e go type battery–have very liquidy oil. Looking for best thing to put oil in. Have had leaking issue when putting into empty cart u would use on an o pen. Read from gentlemans site that their wickless wouldn’t be good with very liquidy stuff. Looking for your best suggestion. Thanks

    • I would recommend a tank that has a silica wick in it. Check out the Source Orb, they make an atomizer specifically for more liquidy concentrates.

    • The V2 Oil cartridge isn’t out yet, they currently only have the e-liquid and the dry herb carts. Because of this, I can’t attest to how well it works.

      UPDATE: The wax cart is now out for the Series 3, and we will be testing it soon. We will report back here with the results.

  • Hi,

    I would like to buy a v2 pro series 3 or 7(if available) for quite my regular smocking. Is this healthy comparatively B&H cigarette? If yes, pls advice which flavors are suitable for me.

    I take 10-15 cigarette daily. Which label nicotine are suitable for me. Also how many puff I need daily to avoid regular smocking. And after how many days I can stop my nicotine habitats. I think if I not stop my nicotine habitats, I can’t stop my regular smocking.

    Pls advice me.

    Waiting for reply.


    • Well Jewel,
      If you are trying to stop smoking cigarettes, but you don’t want to vape dry herbs, the V2 might not be the best choice. Check out the beginners guide to ecigs on our site, it has a lot of good suggestions for people switching from cigarettes to ecigs. For the amount of cigarettes you smoke, I’d say start with 18mg or 12mg with something like a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. If you go into a local shop, they will probably have a juice bar where you can try juices. Hope this helps(:

  • Hey guys, I am interested in buying a vape pen for dry herbs. Is it still true that the V2 Pro Series 3 is the only one suited for such purposes? What about the T-Vape 2.0, Imag+, and the K-Vape? Do they vape dry herb as well? If the answer is yes, which one is best in terms of built and vape quality? Am I missing one? Thx.

    • Hey Marc,

      If you’re looking for an actual pen, then yeah the V2 Pro Series 3 is the only one right now that can vape dry herb.

      The others you mentioned are “pen-like”, meaning they are sort of shaped like a pen, but they are a bit bigger so not quite as discrete.

      Out of the other 3 you mentioned, the Imag+ is probably the best one.

      Hope that helps.

  • Im looking to build the best pen from ground up. Money is not a problem. But im looking for longest battery life, best e liquid and herbal tank, and something that won’t break easy. Can you help?

    • Hey Joseph,
      I’m gonna start with the herbal cart, as an herb cart that actually vapes doesn’t exist yet. The closest that you’ll get is the V2 Pro Series 3, which can do herbs, e-liquid and wax/oil right now (the wax cart just came out).

      If you’re ok with moving away from the pen form factor, the Haze is another vape that can do e-liquid, dry herb, and concentrates, but it is more square shaped.

      • Hi there,

        Looking to buy a pen that can hold e-liquid, herbs/kief & wax/oil. is this possible? Im a real beginner to this stuff so excuse me if that’s a stupid question. PLEASE somebody point me towards a product! (seen V2 Pro Series 3, but don’t undertand what I can do with it to be honest, do i need different atomizers to vape herb/kief?)
        Confused! just need a multi mode one!


        • Hey Liam,

          Yeah if you want a true pen that can do all 3, the V2 Series 3 is your best bet. It comes standard with an e-liquid cartridge, and you can buy the loose leaf cart and the wax cart for $24.99 a piece.

          So altogether it will run you about $110 and you will be able to use all 3 materials. If you want to do herb, just put the loose leaf cart on it. If you want waxes, switch on the wax cart. It’s pretty simple to use.

          If you haven’t done so yet, check out our review here where we have a video demo. It will give you more of a visual on how to use it:

          Hope that helps.

  • Hey people,
    I’m looking for a dry herb and wax vaporizer, but the v2 pro and source orb is a little over my price range. Would you recommend the atmos rx dry herb vaporizer? It claims it can vaporize wax as well.


    • If you want it for wax, the atmos is not the pen to go with. Unfortunately, until you hit the price range of the V2, Source Orb, Gentleman’s etc., you really won’t find a pen that will vape that well (except for the O-Phos, which is a pretty good pen and a bit cheaper).

      You could also try something like the vapor genie for your dry herb ($55 I think) and get a separate wax pen like glass globe ($5-$10) and a battery ($10 at most is what you should spend on a battery). That way you can do both.

      • Thanks i”ll keep that in mind! i might just go with the source orb or source ghost. Does the source ghost work well with wax?

        • Hey Kiara,

          It works, but it’s not amazing. A dedicated wax pen is better, but if you want a vape for dry herbs then it’s a great option.

        • Hey Kiara,

          Just to add on to what Jake has already said, it also depends on which material you plan on using more. If you mostly do dry herb but occasionally do wax, then you will want to go with something that is geared more for herb but still has wax capabilities for when you do use it (like the Source Ghost for example).

          Or if you mostly do wax, you will want to choose a pen that is more dedicated to wax, as it will give you better vapor quality. Something like the Source Orb or the Dr. Dabber Ghost are 2 really good options.

          Also, V2 just came out with their wax cart for the Series 3, and that is a pen that can do all 3 materials: dry herb, e-liquids, and now wax too. If you’re looking to save money and have just one unit that can do it all, the Series 3 is another great option.

          Hope that helps.

  • What is a good source for various 510 threaded batteries? I am looking for smaller profile options than the Joytech EGO-C twist for a more stealthy pen.

    • I’d go with a ego 650mah battery. They’re cheap, but not the highest quality, so get a couple. You could also get a cig-alike battery, which are thinner but also have a shorter battery life.

    • Check out our ecig beginners guide, it’ll tell you all you need to know about ecigs. Ecigs and concentrate pens are very different, and the guide goes over the differences.

    • Hey Alberto,

      The source orb is your best bet I think. It lets you have the most options so you can find what you like, then you can buy just the atomizers you like later.

  • I have recently started making my own e-juice. The large plume of vape is satisfying yet the true taste is lost. When I smoke from a Volcano or Pax; the taste is amazing yet the satisfaction of blowing out a lot of vape is lost. How can I get the best of both worlds while still keeping it odorless or close to odorless? I have heard there is laser technology being implemented for heating for pens. Any insight? Would this give the best of both worlds?

    • What vape are you using your e-liquid in? And as far as keeping taste, taste is actually 70% smell, so the less it smells the less it will taste. You can try mixing less ejuice with concentrate (what I assume you’re doing), but then you might get a much smellier mix.

  • Does the Source Orb work with e liquids? Also, does it truly vape or does it combust the herb? I’m new to this and am still looking for the best 3-in-1 for me.

    • Hey Ethan,

      The SOURCE Orb battery will work with e-liquids, but the “orb” itself is really only for concentrates, So you’d have to get another tank for e-liquid.

      If you’re looking for a good 3-in-1 vaporizer, the V2 Pro Series 3 is a great one. They just came out with their concentrate cart too, so it truly does all three forms of vaping. If you’re going for a multi-use vape, it’s the best there is right now. Check out the link below for our V2 review:

  • I’m new to this whole vape pen. Been a smoker for years and I’m looking for a vape to do only oils, that I can set to high temp if I so choose, and has a double wickless atomizer. Thanks!

    • I’d check out the SOURCE Orb. I think you can buy it on their site with just the dual “wickless” atomizer. I put wickless in quotes because they use a ceramic rod as a wick, but the flavor is fantastic

  • Do all of the atomizers work for e-liquids? Sorry I’m really new to this; my friend introduced my to vape pens not too long ago and I’m looking to build my own.


  • Just a heads up to any other noobs out there building their own setup. The Joyetech Ego-C twist battery linked above DOES NOT come with a charger of any sort. They aren’t expensive, but now I have a battery that I need to go find a charger for.

    Great info otherwise tho guys.

  • Hi there,
    I purchased, the following combo:
    1. K.I.S.S. Atomizer + 510 to 601 thread adapter + Joyetech EGO V3 (passthrough)
    but when I plug the atomizer to the adapter to the battery, I receive an error message of LO Om blinking.
    I have tried that Kiss cartridge with another of my batteries and works fine and and I have also tries the ego battery on another atomizer and works fine too so not sure why the combo above (Kiss + adapter + ego battery) does give me an error messsage :(.

  • I’m in the market for a 3in1 type pen. Which one would you recommend? And would you recommend getting one of those, or just buy one for wax and a separate for herbal usage?

    • The only 3-in-1 pen that will actually vape herbs right now and is pen sized is the V2 Pro Series 3. They just came out with their wax cart too

  • My brother recommended an expensive one by Aspire. I have zero exp with vape pens. Do you know anything about Aspire vs. your top recommendations? Thanks! Jason

    • If you’re looking for a starter ecig, check out the subtank mini by kanger and the eleaf iStick 50. With that setup, you’ll never need to upgrade (or atleast not for a while).

      • Thanks Jake,
        Are you familiar with the Aspire Atlantis? On a 1-10 how does it rate compared to the Orb? I just want to buy one that will last for a long time that I will be happy with. Thanks for the quick reply!


        • Those are extremely different tanks. The SOURCE is for concentrates, the Atlantis is a sub-ohm tank for e-liquids. If you’re getting the SOURCE, I wouldn’t get the Atlantis as an e-liquid tank to go with it.

    • You must not have had the newest version, because it’s honestly the best pen I’ve used. It holds a ton of concentrate, vapes well, and has great flavor.

  • So are the pancake coils any good? I don’t see them mentioned much, but I’m not sure if I’m a fan of pens at all yet, I’ve only tried one that worked consistently and I could load a bunch on. Tha ks

    • I personally didn’t like the pancake coils, I found they didn’t heat up quickly at all and that they didn’t give very good flavor or vapor.

      • So I’ve been looking into more of them. Do any atomizers have a titanium cup? I feel like the ceramic cups absorb the oils that don’t get vaped. If the concentrates were loaded onto a titanium coil, with a ceramic rod with titanium coil, wouldn’t that be much more efficient? I had a bad set up and I’m looking for something load and go, but I don’t think I like the way the gentleman’s is set up…also what are your thoughts on the Dab OTG….and are any of the pens made in USA? I’m trying to be more healthy by vaping instead of smoking after all… thanks

        • If you want the best experience, you’re going to have to build your own coils. They have temperature control mods now, so you can dial in the temp really well.

          Here’s a good guide for coil making:

          To build a coils, you’ll need an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer). Because there are so many out there, I’m not going to suggest one, just try to look for one with all steel posts and adjustable airflow with a single coil option (you’ll understand more about that that stuff means when you research a bit).

          I’d also recommend checking out YouTube videos and reddit for some more info. RipTrippers, Vapingwithtwisted420, and SuckMyMod are great YouTube reviewers that you should definitely check out.

 is a great website when you start building coils too.

  • Hi Jake,
    I was wondering what would be a better choice between The Source Ghost 1.5 (improved version) or the CloudV Premium version? what would be the pros and cons for both? thanks.

    • They’re basically the same vape, but they look a little different. I would personally go with SOURCE because their customer service is some of the best I’ve seen.

  • Thanks for the fast reply. I like and respect your reviews as well. So why are the cups ceramic? That still eludes me…

    • They’re ceramic because ceramic doesn’t conduct electricity. If you made the cups titanium (a very low resistance metal) the coils would hard short and destroy the battery. Titanium is also a relatively expensive metal, so it would cost a lot.

    • The o.pen’s tend to be lower quality material and you get less bang for your buck because the concentrate is diluted from the PG mix they put in it to thin it out. Id stick with something like the source orb or the gentlemen’s kit.

  • In my experience, it’s best to just buy a battery like the eGo-CTwist (which I own) and buy prefilled cartridges from your dispensary. You don’t have to mess with filling anything yourself, and they come factory sealed and are disposable and the price is usually nominal.

    • Yeah that’s a good plan Jim. Only thing is, a lot of us unfortunately live in places where it’s not even legal yet (so no dispensaries), so our options are kinda limited.

      Hopefully someday soon there will be dispensaries on every corner, but that’s probably a few years off.

      Plus different pens give you different experiences, and everyone has their preference, which is why we have a few pens that we recommend.

  • so the source orb has a v3 now – with a quartz bowl. I knew I was on the right track…and I ordered the slim kit for 45 bucks with your coupon…and also I have been using the stag with cerami-wick, its much better than what I had tried (you-pep and wolf…both suck). It tastes pretty good and was 24 bucks for the atomizer + cart, had my own battery.

    • Hey Joe,

      Yeah the V3 with the quartz bowls looks amazing. We should be getting one within the next few weeks and will post our review then. It’s on pre-order now.

    • Hey John,

      Are you looking for a pen or just a regular portable vape? Also, do you want it just for dry herb or do you want the capability to do other materials as well like waxes?

  • Hello Admin – Thank you for the response. I’ll have my card in a week or so and just wanted to be prepared to go to the dispensary. I don’t know all of the options yet but wax…I could have never dreamed that might even be something to consider. I’m just looking for something to get started. The V2 Series 3 looked like a good starter or the source ORB 3 – but again I am brand new at this. Your input is priceless.

    • If you’re going to be doing solid concentrates, but you aren’t really sure what you like yet (which is what it sounds like, we’ve all been there), the source orb is going to be your best shot. It gives you a ton of options, which will help you choose what you want. I haven’t tried the source orb 3 yet, but I’m sure it’s even better than the last two versions, which are already great units.

    • Jake pretty much covered it. The Source Orb is a great unit and gives you so many different atomizers to choose from, so you can play around with each and figure out which one you like best.

      The only thing is the Orb won’t do your dry herb – it’s more for concentrates. You could either get a separate vape for your dry herb, or just choose one of the units that can do both (like the V2 Series 3 you already mentioned)

      If you want something separate for dry herb, check out our Portable Vape Buyers Guide here to see the best ones. If you’re on a budget, I’d probably say grab the Source Ghost, which is a great value for the money. If you use our promo code ‘PaintTheMoon’ you will get 10% off and it works for both the Orb and the Ghost.

  • Hi, I picked up a Dr Dabber Ghost. It’s my first pen. Works great and feels like a quality build. I did get the glass globe attachment and gave it a go. It has a horrible plastic flavor and really went thru my dab with one click of the button! It tastes unhealthy, unnatural, and unsafe. Any thoughts?

    • The glass globes have notoriously bad quality control, so you probably just got a dud. They also use lower quality silica wicks in the globes. It also could have been machine oil on the coil/in the wick.

      It’s better to just stick with the original atomizer. It’s efficient and has really good flavor.

  • Hello,
    Great article, but since im still somewhat new to the whole vape business, Im still trying to decide which one to buy. Im looking for one that does only liquid (no herbs), but my main priority is to get as much smoke as possible and be able to blow clouds and not little wisps of smoke, while also having the vape somewhat portable. Anything from the list you’d recommend? Should i consider the Source Orb V2 or something different? I’d appreciate it

  • For a globe with wax–wicked or wickless. And single or double coil. Have u checked out the new Quartz coil from source yet??

    • I think they’re all right, but the other atomizers are better in terms of flavor and vapor production in my opinion

  • My first question is what types of atomizers / coils do NOT work with wax? Some Chinese OEM’s are starting to claim that ALL of their stuff is best for wax. So I’m pretty sure that a clearo, a carto, and a tank are all useless for wax. What about RDA and rebuildables? I’ve seen the Source Orb and it’s pretty similar to the dabbler and a standard globe. So between the dabbler, orb, and generic globe is there another type of atomizer that rocks wax? And do nails work with pens or should they be used with something that remains upright? Also the Orb comes with a straw atomizer, how well does that work?

    • The only thing that really works for wax is something with an exposed coil and really small wicks (so not clearos at all). If it isn’t at least millimeters from the heat source, it’s probably not going to work very well.

      RDA’s work great for wax, but you need to know a lot about coil building and battery safety before diving into that.

      As far as other atomizers go, I’ve seen some that are made with a kind of foil that heats up super quick, it’s called something like nano foil or something like that. It’s good, but far too easy to break, so it’s better to stick with regular coils.

      I’m not sure what you mean by nails, but if you mean a nail like you’d use with a rig, the absolutely do not work with pen batteries.

      The straw atomizer works really well, and I think if you’re getting a pen, you should go with either the Source Orb or the Gentlemen’s Brand pen. They’re two of the best I’ve used (besides RDA’s), and you can’t go wrong with those. Both companies have great products and even better customer service, which is so important.

      Hopefully that covers everything, and sorry this took me so long to answer. I just wanted to take the time to think about all the questions and make sure I could answer them as effectively as possible.

  • Dear PTM and Fellow Readers,

    I’m very much leaning towards the Source Orb 3. However, I am still unsure about some things. I want a pen strictly for full melt concentrates, and that works well with all of them (oil, shatter, wax…).
    The specific characteristics for the vape pen I’m looking for are:
    1. strong/durable/high quality
    2. solid/not easily breakable glass globe with a carb
    3. wickless, to provide super tasty hits
    4. long battery life
    5. refillable cartridges, for easy, on the go use
    6. easy to fill and use, without a mess
    7. large capacity
    8. for use with all concentrate types: oil, wax, shatter, etc.
    9. not necessary, but would be nice to find one that in addition to the above can use pre-filled cartridges

    Do you know of any that fit the above?

    Thank you!

    • I don’t know of any that meet all of those qualities. The closest I can think of is the Gentlemen’s Brand V4, it has a huge capacity (up to one gram of concentrate), has a good battery life, is easier to fill than the manual makes it seem, and has really good flavor.

      It doesn’t have a glass globe, but besides that it meets nearly all of your criteria.

      • Thanks Jake! Do you know if I would be able fit an additionally purchased glass globe onto the GB V4, or if it would be possible to custom build a device that meets my preferences?

        I like the sound of Source’s quartz atomizer. Do you think the GB V4’s atomizer is comparable?

        In addition to the Source Orb 3 and GB V4, I’m also looking at the Apex Pen ( Do you have any experience with this device?

        Thanks again!

        • I haven’t used the Source Quartz yet, so I can’t comment on that (although everything Source does is quality, in my experience).

          The only issue with glass globes is capacity, because they usually don’t hold very much. Easy to load, but they can only hold like 0.1g (and usually don’t have the best flavor).

          Don’t get the Apex, it’s a gimmick with a really cheap globe on it.

          You could easily get the V4 and buy a globe to go on it. The most you might have to do is buy a converter if the globe you get isn’t 510 threaded (which is very rare, 510 threading is the standard).

          It seemed to me like having a large capacity easy loading, and flavor were things you emphasized a lot, and the V4 meets all of those. Granted, you can’t see your hits and it can take a bit to learn to regulate it, but after using it a couple times, you’ll get it down no problem.

  • I want a to-go setups with day time and nighttime oil concentrates, maybe dry herb would be a plus but not nessessary. Two simular set-ups pretty simple, I was looking at the SOURCE ORB SLIM – TRAVEL KIT VAPORIZER PEN. But would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks TG

    • If you want an oil vape that can go all day, try the Gentlemen’s Ambassador Kit v4. Huge capacity. Otherwise, I’d buy SOURCE. Just a great company with affordable, quality products.

  • Great article! I’m just looking for the best pen that I can screw a pre-loaded cartridge on. All of these seem to be capable of so much more, but do I need all of the tools, etc. for what I want to do? Also, do any of these work any better for the sole purpose of screwing on a pre-loaded cartridge? Thanks!

  • I would like a pen for dry herbs and hash oil catridges from the medical marijuana dispensary

    What will work? If it is the V2, how do the cartridges plug into this pen?

    • Well, the V2 uses it’s own proprietary cartridges, so I think that’s out. If you can get solid concentrate (like wax or a more stable concentrate than a liquid form) then you can load that into the concentrate cartridge.

  • Sorry to sound so unknowledgeable about e cigs, but trying to find one that looks like a regular cig with a filter. I don’t see it here. What exactly is it called so I know what style to look for? Thanks!

    • What you’re looking for is called a cig-alike ecig, you can find them pretty commonly at gas stations for not much money.

      They’re a great way to get into ecigs, because they offer a lot of similar features of a regular cigarette. However, people usually move quickly to ecigs with higher capacity, more vapor production, and better battery life.

      I recommend getting the cig-alike, then checking out our beginners guide for upgrade recommendations.

  • I recently purchased the Joyetech eGo-C Twist battery which was great when it lasted, but died after about a month. I sent it back to company as it was still under warranty, but haven’t yet got it back.

    I was also looking at the Joyetech ego-C upgrade ( and have a question. The Joyetech site talks about constant voltage output mode and variable voltage output mode, However nowhere does it say you actually can control voltage output is like the dial on the Twist. The pictures don’t really show. Does anyone have this battery?


    • This battery does not adjust voltage, I’d recommend getting another twist or upgrading to a variable voltage/wattage mod, like an istick.

  • How hard does the Galaxy Kandypen hit in comparison with the SOURCE Orb v3? Does it knock you on your ass like the orb does?

  • Please help with a purchase too many choices. I will let you know what I’m looking for. I don’t need a full kit. I have a few different batteries already. Looking for a slow burning, single coil, wickless that i can afford. I’ve never used a wickless, but i hate the wicked coil that I currently have. I tried a single coil with a screen and it burned way to hot and I wasted $60 on that. The string coil concerns me. The taste is all wrong and I know that string is burning. Can’t be good for the lungs.. I want something really clean, that i can reuse many times without needing to replace, preferably reasonably priced replacement coils I mainly use shatter. I like to just take little hits, nothing too fancy or overpowering. lol. Not asking too much is it?? I thank you in advance for your help. I could spend weeks on end checking all of these different choices, brands and still not know the right way to go. I should mention that I like in Canada, so need to purchase from a Canadian friendly website. Peace

    • Sorry there was a typo…let me clarify. Yes, I like Canada, but I “live” here. Doesn’t need to be a Canadian source, just willing to deliver.

    • If check out source vapes or gentlemen’s brand. They both make fantastic atomizers that you can buy on their own. It mostly boils down to how much concentrate you want to vape. If it’s usually a small amount, I’d go with source. If you want to store larger amounts, you can’t go wrong with gentlemen’s brand.

    • Ceramic is fine for any form of concentrate, you’ll just have a bit of a ramp up time before it gets to temp (4-5 seconds longer than a normal atomizer, so about 7-8 seconds). I’d recommend never using a pancake could for dry herb unless you want to burn it.

  • Jake, I already have multiple 510 threaded ecigs so im looking for a good attachment to vape concentrates AND dry herb… The sub herb (new product?) was recommended to me, and I have heard only good things about it, but would like your opinion on it. Will it vape both concentrates and dry herb well? I believe there are separate atomizers for your different material (similar to the v3 listed above?) Im looking for something inexpensive so the sub herb caught my attention, but do you think its a good option for me? Are there any new 510 threaded attachments you would recommend? Do any actually vape both concentrates and dry herb well? Id rather not buy an entire vape pen kit since i already have ecigs (istick 20w, joyetech ego one, smok treebox 75x TC) and id rather not have separate “tanks” for my dry herb, wax/oils. Is there a all in one tank for me out there? What do you think of the sub herb?… ive been told its the best option but im still skeptical.
    -Thank you for your input

    • That atomizer will burn any dry herb, or it will do nothing. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any 510 atomizers that work for vaping dry herb without burning it (yet). You might need to bite the bullet and get a vape that will be how you vape your concentrates/dry herb and have your other vape gear separate.

      There are a few options out there, but honestly none of them are better than a dedicated dry herb vape and a good quality concentrate atty. Like any tool, a vape that can do one task really well is better than a “Jack of all trades”, so even though it’s more money, it’s worth it in the long run to get multiple dedicated setups instead of one that does what you need it to do in a half-assed way. It’ll save you on dry herb and concentrate by having a dedicated setup for each too, because the dedicated setups are more efficient.

  • im totally new to vaping and after buying a mini g and being extremely unsatisfied because it went through like 3 coils in 2 days, turning on in my pocket and wasting all my product and just being all around crap i bought a v2 pro. after reading the instructions , charging the thing up and putting dab after dab after dab and getting nothing out of it i decided to look at the shatter cup to see if it was even working and in the cup was a wick soaked in about a half gr of really expensive product. what the hell is it for? as theres NO mention of it in the instructions anywhere. can i use it without the wick and what temp shoul i be using?

    • I’d leave the wick in, but it should be on the highest setting for concentrates in my opinion. That should solve your issue

  • Super post! I already have a variable power battery. I’m looking for the best bang for my buck refillable cartridge for wax and oils.

    • I’d go with the source orb or a gentlemen’s brand tank. They’re both great companies with awesome products, can’t go wrong with either IMO

  • Hey jake, is the Source Ghost suitable for a beginner? I like that it can do herb and eliquid, but I’m a complete noob. A friend told me I’m better going with a standard ego style pen, what do you think?

    • If you’re really serious about vaping, I’d get a dedicated setup. They aren’t overly expensive, and it’ll work better than the ghost IMO. A standard ego pen would be good to start off with, and the ghost is a great dry herb vape. With the two, you’ll have a great experience. With just the ghost, the e-liquid aspect would be lackluster by comparison

  • Hey Jake,
    If I am looking for a reliable nice 3 in 1 where the cartridges don’t cost a fortune would you reccomend the Gentlemans Ambassador V4 opposed to the v2 pro series 3? Given that the cartridges of the pro series cost 25$ while the Gentlemans cost only around 10$. Also how well does the Double agent vape ejuice as well as dry herbs?

  • I’m looking for a clean wax only pen..possibly just. Ceramic bowl or plate no coil… Is the lynx hypnos zero any good..

  • I have a couple AIRISTECH pens..but aren’t great.
    Also a good size chamber would be nice..thank you for your time..

      • Thank you….awsome..What about the Kandy pens Galaxy, does this pen compete with the two you have listed.?.and what about the lynx hypnos zero I asked about? Thank you

        • The Galaxy is a very nice unit too. It also utilizes the quartz coil system, which will give you great flavor. It doesn’t quite have the capacity of the Orb XL or Orb Flosstradamus though, so keep that in mind if you want a vape pen with a large capacity.

          As for the Hypnos Zero, we haven’t tested that one out yet, but we’re working on getting one right now. I do know that Vape Critic has it rated very high in his pen guide, so it must be pretty good.

    • The source orb doesn’t really do dry herb, it’s mostly for concentrates. With dry herb, it either burns or does nothing

  • Hi!

    I realize that this is a site devoted to the joys of vaping, so I apologize if this is slightly off-topic.

    I own a Source Orb XL kit, and it’s great… for concentrates. I have a desktop volcano for vaping dry herb. But occasionally I like to smoke herb. Now, here’s my question. Do you know of any 510/ego atomizer that is made for (or can handle) combusting dry herb? Would intentionally burning herb ruin the atomizer?

    • Hey Blair,

      I’m curious, if you’re looking to combust your herb, why not just use something more traditional like a bowl, papers, blunt, etc.?

      Seems like it would be much cheaper that way rather than having to replace atomizers all the time.

      Or are you looking for something that you can take out in public that’s a bit more discrete?

      • Mostly it was for convenience… I have a bubbler pipe which is what I smoke with currently. I’m just lazy and thought it would be simpler to swap out an atomizer when I wanted to smoke… one less piece of paraphernalia to keep clean.


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