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As the use of concentrate, oils and waxes has become more common, there has been a correlating increase in the sale of specialized vaporizers for dabbing. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of predominately dry herb marijuana vaporizers; however, I’ve … Continue reading

As the vaporizing industry grows bigger and bigger with diluted subpar products, it’s always best to make sure you’re going for the best of the best. Our friends over at the Kind Group presented us with their vaporizer that was … Continue reading

The AirVape OM is possibly the most concealable discreet 510-thread pen out for wax and oil. It’s awesome design of being a key chain makes it next to impossible to leave your home without it. This classy sleek device with … Continue reading

SToK R Series Roil “This Thing Rips!” The Roil is the first coil-less pen designed in the R Series. With a ceramic heating plate, royal blue color and the powerful motto that is branded all over the pen like every … Continue reading

Yocan (R) Evolve The Yocan (R) Evolve is a discreet, durable dab pen equipped with a dual quartz coil atomizer that rips like you wouldn’t believe. Built to last this dab pen has a screw on mouthpiece cover that shields … Continue reading

SToK ReMIX SToK’s wax pen the ReMIX is similar to all the other pens in the R Series in it’s design with the only noticeable difference being it’s ceramic thermal cup heating chamber. Still branded with “This Thing Rips” everywhere … Continue reading

SToK Edition One SToK self-proclaimed “The Original Rip King” has dropped yet another wax pen and #ThisThingRips! Labeled as “Mile High White” this dab pen has variable voltage, dual ceramic Ti Coils, and quick rally mode. This sleek, discreet, durable … Continue reading

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Atmos is a big name in the world of vaporization that has been built off a wide array of products they have released with a variety of price ranges over the years. The Atmos Jump is a … Continue reading

Puffco Plus The Puffco Plus is an upgrade from the Puffco Pro, in fact it’s a completely different design, with it’s dart cap, fully ceramic oven, and advanced airflow, Puffco released a unit that is ready to compete in the … Continue reading

Saber wax vape pen

The sheer amount of possible choices for vaping concentrates makes it incredibly difficult to figure out what is worth your hard-earned money. However, there are some vaporizers that really stand out above the rest, especially in their specific category of … Continue reading

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