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The Dr. Dabber Ghost kit gives you everything you need to vape concentrates, all in one convenient little pen. With the kit, you get a USB Charger, silicone storage ball, loading tool and extra titanium atomizer, as well as the unit … Continue reading

American vaporizer specialists, Grenco Science, burst on to the scene a few years ago with their flagship vape pen known as the G Pen vaporizer. Back then, it was packaged together as the G Box and came with a range … Continue reading

Today we have another guest post from EveryoneDoesIT.com. This is a review of the Snoop Dogg Herbal G Pen. For those of you who have read our pen vaporizer buyer’s guide, you will know this isn’t a pen we personally … Continue reading

This is the first review we have in a series of guest posts we’re publishing from the guys at EveryoneDoesIT.com. We hope you enjoy it! When a product wins an award such as “Best Vaporizer” and it wins it at … Continue reading

Want an extremely small, easy to load pen vaporizer? Then the Atmos Dart is the perfect vaporizer for you. It’s extremely small, vapes both e-liquids and concentrates, and is very discrete. Lets get into how the unit works. Also, please … Continue reading

Tired of hot, harsh hits? Looking for a bubbler for your concentrate pen? Then the Percotop might be exactly what you’re looking for. It fits any standard glass globe attachment (pictured below), and almost all of those fit any 510/ego-threaded … Continue reading

The V2 Pro Series 3 is going to revolutionize the vaporizer industry. This is the first vape pen that is actually able to vaporize herbs instead of burning them or doing nothing at all. If you want a small, easily … Continue reading

**This is a guest post by our friends over at EveryoneDoesIt.com. We hope you enjoy it** The rise of vaporizers over the last few years is a huge success story. With more people switching from smoking to vaporizing, there has … Continue reading

The Zeus Thunder Pen Vaporizer is a pen vaporizer for solid concentrates and and liquid oils. It is one of the first concentrate pens that can do e-liquids as well, which is a big step for these pens. This vaporizer … Continue reading

The T-Vape 2.0 by Square Smoke is the second version of the T-Vape to come out. It’s a decent little portable vape that comes in three colors (pictured above), and this new version has a ton of extra features that … Continue reading

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