VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is the latest desktop vaporizer model offered by VapeXhale. EVO stands for “Extreme Vapor Output”, and let me tell you, it’s not an exaggeration.

I have over a year of daily use with my Cloud EVO and it has served me very well as my primary solo and group vape since I have added it to my collection.

The Cloud EVO delivers a concentrate-like experience at high temperatures when you’re using high quality flowers. If you are someone who is looking to transition from combustion to vaporization, this is the best vaporizer you can purchase to achieve that in my strong opinion.

It is very hard to emulate the experience of passing a bong around with some friends, and there are people like me who want to achieve that experience but with no combustion. You can do just that with the Cloud EVO.

This is personally my favorite vaporizer, and in this review I hope to highlight everything about this vape through my experiences that you would want to know before purchasing it.

I have learned a lot of techniques that aren’t necessary to the experience but that will certainly make your time with the Cloud EVO much better.

Since there’s so much to cover about the Cloud EVO, we’re going to break the review down into the following sections so we can go in depth with everything about this device:

  • Vapor Path
    • Hydratubes
    • Hydrabase
    • Traditional Water Pipes and Oil Rigs
    • Dry Mouthpiece and Whip
  • Temperature Control
  • Oven Capacity and Efficiency
  • Vapor Quality
    • Dry Herbs
    • Concentrates
  • Build Quality
  • Cleaning
  • Accessories
  • Warranty
  • Pros/Cons Breakdown
  • Final Subjective Assessment

With all that out of the way, let’s jump right into the VapeXhale Cloud EVO review!

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Vapor Path of the Cloud EVO

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is sporting an all glass vapor path from start to finish. The Cloud EVO has a glass rod that runs through the center of the device called the “Bamboo” by VapeXhale.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO Bamboo

The actual heater is wrapped around the glass bamboo. What this does is heat the air you draw through the tube, allowing that hot air to vaporize your dry herbs or concentrates with convection heating.

The vapor path doesn’t have to pass through any foul plastics or electronics since the vapor path is simply a glass tube that runs from the bottom to the top of the device.

The Easy Load Bowls are made out of a medical grade stainless steel and do not produce any harsh tastes or odors when heated. The Easy Load Bowl will typically be the only material in the vapor path that isn’t glass.

Loading the EZ Load Bowl into the Clloud EVO

Now that we’ve covered the vapor path of the unit itself, we need to talk about what you use the Cloud EVO with. You have lots of options for using the Cloud EVO and we’re going to talk about them here.


Using Hydratubes with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO is what I find to be the most natural way to use this vaporizer. The Hydratube of your choice simply slides onto the 18mm Male joint that is present on the top of the unit.

The official hydratubes are all of very high quality. The HydraHoneyComb, HydraBomb, and the Turbine are all great offerings and I feel you really can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re all very thick and provide differing levels of diffusion.



The HydraHoneyComb offers a great amount of diffusion for someone who has a hard time handling harsh vapor. You’re going to be sacrificing a little bit of flavor when diffusing the vapor through the honeycomb, but even then the vapor is still more flavorful than most lower end units I’ve tried.

VapeXhale Hydrahoneycomb

Another shot of the HydraHoneyComb

The HydraBomb would be great for someone who’s looking to diffuse their vapor, but still preserve a good amount of the flavor.

The Turbine I feel would be best for the flavor purist, who is also trying to diffuse their vapor a little bit for a smoother hit. The Turbine won’t strip away much flavor and is a great option for appreciating high quality flower or concentrates.

VapeXhale also offers some more limited hydratubes as well from time to time. I personally own the Evolver Hydratree and the Symbiartic Chandelier, and I am a big fan of both.

I don’t believe you can get the Evolver Hydratree anymore, but it still is possible to find them on the second hand market if you are lucky enough to find one.

VapeXhale Evolver Hydratree

VapeXhale Evolver Hydratree

The Evolver Hydratree has no draw restriction whatsoever, and minimally diffuses the hit. This is personally my daily driver and I have no plans of changing that.

The glass is very thick, and the tree perc inside of the hydratube is really solid. A lot of the tree percs you will see on Chinese pieces just look wonky and not sturdy at all, but this one is put together really solidly and is cleanly executed.

The Symbiartic Chandelier is a very interesting hydratube, and I can’t really compare it well to any of the current hydratubes offered by VapeXhale.

VapeXhale Symbiartic Chandelier

VapeXhale Symbiartic Chandelier

There is literally zero draw restriction, and the hydratube surprisingly does a great job at diffusing your hit without stripping away all of the flavor. The Chandelier perc is not simply 4 honeycombs stacked on top of each other.


Instead, it is a column of 4 discs that have holes punched into them all perfectly lined up on top of each other. This creates channels that the bubbles will flow up uninterrupted, as opposed to a quadruple stack of honeycomb percs which would break each bubble after it passes through each honeycomb, severely diminishing the flavor of the vapor.

In general, I feel most people will gravitate towards using hydratubes with the Cloud EVO as it is what I personally find to be the most comfortable and convenient way to use the EVO.


VapeXhale Hydrabase

The Hydrabase is another way you can use your Cloud EVO. What this does is convert your hydratube into a traditional water pipe that can be used with a dab nail or you can even invert your EVO right into the 18mm Female joint that is present on the Hydrabase.

VapeXhale Hydrabase

Now the combination of the Hydrabase and a Hydratube will present lots of diffusion, and I primarily use the Hydrabase for very high temperature vaping.

The Hydrabase has a lot of volume for vapor to accumulate, and this really allows you to get a larger hit than what is usually possible with a Hydratube alone.

VapeXhale Hydrabase Bomb Perc

Traditional Water Pipes and Oil Rigs

You can also use pretty much any traditional water pipe with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. Typically, you want a larger flower piece if you want to invert the EVO into the piece directly.


You will want a whip kit if you intend on using the EVO with smaller flower pieces or oil rigs.


This is a very feasible way of using the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. In fact, this was the way I used my EVO until I had the money to put up for my Evolver Hydratree, which was my first Hydratube.

I can say as a proud Hydratube owner you really aren’t missing much if you don’t like the Hydratube form factor. The Cloud EVO functions fantastically with most water pipes.

Something to remember even with large water pipes is the fact that a lot of designs have the joint very close to the piece itself. This usually means you need a 45 degree adapter to allow the Cloud EVO to be inverted directly into the glass.

When I have friends over, I just typically use a whip kit as I don’t trust people picking up my vape repeatedly, which is something you should consider if you have clumsy friends.

Cloud EVO whip kit

Using the EVO with a variety of glass is one of the reasons why I fell in love with it. The VapeXhale Cloud EVO allows you to appreciate awesome glass functions without having to combust flower.

Dry Mouthpiece and Whip

The great thing about the EVO is the fact you aren’t limited to using the vape through water; you can also appreciate its vapor via the standard glass mouthpiece or even a whip.

I really like using the dry mouthpiece when I am trying to preserve flavor. The vapor can get a bit rough at the higher temperature spectrum, but that’s not typically the way I vape when using the dry mouthpiece or whip.

Cloud EVO dry mouthpiece

These are great ways of using the vape on the lower end of the temperature spectrum as the vapor is smooth and flavorful.

Obviously if you use a silicone whip, you will be introducing that into the vapor path, but it is harmless and not going to negatively impact your health. From a flavor standpoint, it will be very comparable to other high end whip units like the Silver Surfer vape.


VapeXhale offers a whip kit on their website, but they do not offer a glass mouthpiece for the whip to rest your lips on. I have whip kits from other vapes that I am able to use with my EVO. The 7th Floor whip mouthpieces work fantastically from my experience.

Temperature Control with the Cloud EVO

The Cloud EVO does not offer “exact” temperature control, but its temperature is fully adjustable.


Looking at the dial like a clock, the temperature spectrum is 200F from 7 o’clock on the dial, and the temperature goes all the way up to 500F when at 5 o’clock on the dial.


In general, I found 12 o’clock on the dial to be the best starting point for anyone new to the Cloud EVO. 12 o’clock may even be your preferred temperature – it’s one of my favorites!

What this lets you do is lower it slightly or raise it slightly until you find what suits you the best.

At this point, I know what vapor I will get when I set the dial to a certain position, and this all comes from experience.

I wish the dial was a little harder to move as sometimes it’s easy for someone to manipulate the dial accidentally and throw off the temperature, which has happened to me plenty of times before on accident.

You’ll only notice after you get no hit and realize the dial was turned all the way down.

The unit does have an auto shutoff that will activate every 45-60 minutes. I personally don’t mind it, but I can see why someone would find it annoying.

Oven Capacity and Efficiency of the Cloud EVO

The Cloud EVO uses these Easy Load Bowls or ELBs to load and vaporize dry herbs. They are constructed out of medical stainless steel and they hold a fair amount of herb.

Easy Load Bowl

Each Easy Load Bowl will hold a maximum of about .4.-5 of ground flower, or even as little as .1 of flower. This is the great thing about the EVO, it is perfect for multiple people or just yourself.

I have a bunch of Easy Load Bowls at this point, and I highly recommend picking up extra ones if you decide to purchase the Cloud EVO. I typically session with anywhere from 1 to 4 people including myself in the number.

Easy load bowls

If I am by myself, I typically will just load enough flower for 1-2 large high temperature vapor bong hits. This is my preferred way of using the EVO as it is the closest I have gotten to emulating traditional combustion with a bong.

This is also the best method I have found for conserving or cutting back on usage. You can really gauge how much you are using since you aren’t loading stupidly large amounts of material into the vape before your session.

Now not everyone likes repacking their vape, and if you don’t, you can load the ELB 3/4ths full. The only difference is over time the flavor dulls out, and you obviously get more draws per pack.

If you’re going to be vaping with a group, I highly recommend preparing a few easy load bowls. When I have friends over, I’ll typically pre-pack 2-4 Easy Load Bowls to streamline the process of reloading the EVO during a session.

In terms of efficiency, it doesn’t get much better than the EVO. This vaporizer will efficiently extract your material to the fullest extent. If you want to, you can vaporize every last cannabinoid present on your flower.

Vapor Quality from the Cloud EVO

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO’s vapor quality is some of the best you can currently get. The Cloud EVO utilizes its patent pending PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology to provide convection heating to vaporize your dry herbs and concentrates.

In this section we’re going to look at the vapor quality of dry herbs and concentrates separately.


Vapor Quality with Dry Herbs

First, let’s talk about vapor production with dry herbs. The Cloud EVO with a fresh pack will always produce large amounts of vapor regardless of what temperature you set the vape to.

Even the lower end of the temperature spectrum will produce very large amounts of flavorful vapor.


The all glass vapor path that the Cloud EVO is sporting does wonders for producing great tasting vapor. The Cloud EVO set to a low temperature of about 9-10 o’clock will produce tasty vapor that truly represents the same essence you would smell when opening a jar of the same flower.

The higher temperature vapor past 12 o’clock produces a blander flavor, but not burnt. You’re trading off flavor for vapor production when you go to the really high temperatures as most of you would probably expect.

The vapor from the Cloud EVO for the most part is very smooth with or without water filtration. The vapor does get a little scratchy on the throat when you go past 12 o’clock on the dial, especially if you are using the dry mouthpiece. However, the vapor is overall really smooth especially if you are using some form of water filtration.

Vapor Quality with Concentrates

Using concentrates with the EVO is a little tricky in my experience. The wrong technique I’ve found produced a bad taste, but satisfying vapor.


First off, I would like to walk you through the steps I go through when using concentrates with the Cloud EVO before we talk about vapor quality with concentrates.

I set my Cloud EVO to 12 o’clock when I want to vaporize concentrates. From there, let the EVO heat up while you load the VapeXNail.

You want to only load a small amount of oil into the VapeXNails. If you load large amounts, I find they just create excess buildup in the bamboo and on your nails. Less is more from my experience with the Cloud EVO.

Now drop the VapeXnail into the Cloud EVO and let the concentrate fully melt. Once it is fully melted, turn the EVO off and put your hydratube or water pipe adapter on the EVO and start taking your draw.

The bamboo will retain enough heat to vaporize your oil without producing any burnt flavors.

You have to remember that at this point the oil is in a viscous state and will actually climb up the walls of the VapeXNail if you draw too aggressively. Pull slowly if you are using the dry mouthpiece, or pull just hard enough to make your water pipe function when using glass.

Once you do start drawing, you will begin to see a large amount of vapor accumulating, and then you will see the dense vapor begins to thin out after about 5-10 seconds of drawing from it.

Once the vapor gets noticeably thin, it is advisable to stop drawing if you don’t like foul tasting vapor. The tail end of the hit usually just tastes like a really hot dab off of a traditional nail.

Once you’ve taken your hit, turn your EVO to the maximum temperature for a few minutes to allow the excess oil to burn off the VapeXnail before you use it again.

This isn’t the only “technique” to using concentrates with the EVO, but this is what I have personally gotten the best results using. Likewise, the concentrate you put in the EVO is also a major factor in the flavor you get from the VapeXNails.

I overall like the vapor quality when using concentrates with the Cloud EVO. I find the vapor very smooth when filtered through water, and it is a great unit to have if you want to sit down and try a couple different types of concentrates.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy the EVO strictly for use with concentrates personally, but it is a great addition to the overall package offered by this vape.

Build Quality of the Cloud EVO

Some people aren’t a fan of the Cloud EVO’s aesthetic, but I personally like it and I’m more worried about performance and durability more than anything.

Cloud EVO

The Cloud EVO is really lightweight, which caught me by surprise when I first held it in my hand. It makes sense though; this vape is designed to be inverted in traditional water pipes if need be, and I definitely wouldn’t want there to be a lot of load bearing stress on the glass bamboo.

The outer material of the Cloud EVO is some type of plastic that has a texture I can’t quite describe.

The Cloud EVO does retain a lot of heat when used for extended periods of time. They include a heat shield that is available in 4 different colors: black, green, pink, and blue.

I believe most kits come with the black sleeve. I like the feel of the heat shields and they make the unit overall more comfortable and substantial to hold in my opinion.

Now you do have to be careful, as the vapor path is glass. You must always be mindful of its location so you don’t knock it off a table or anything.

Likewise, leaving your hydratubes on top of the EVO is a BAD idea, don’t do it. I’m not kidding, just don’t do it if you are clumsy what so ever. Your hydratube will make the EVO really top heavy and more prone to being tipped over.

Get one of the hydratube stands if you are scared of tipping over a hydratube sitting by itself if that’s the reason why you would leave your hydratube on the EVO.

You will break both your EVO and your Hydratube if you knock over both of them at the same time.

Cleaning the Cloud EVO and its accessories

Cleaning the EVO is pretty straight forward. The only part that gets dirty really on the unit itself is the 18mm Male joint on the top of the unit.

To clean this, I unplug the unit, soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol, and swab the inside of the joint while holding the EVO upside down so I don’t allow anything to drip into the center of the bamboo. If anything does it’s no big deal as the heat will evaporate any alcohol, but I don’t want to take any risks.

The easy load bowls just need to be soaked periodically in isopropyl alcohol as they will accumulate in ABV over time.

The VapeXNails are another story and you really have to stay on top of these things for the most part. If your nails are really bad, try using Alconox and really hot water. It brought one of my super old nails back to life that I had been using for over a year.

While it’s definitely seen some wear and tear, I’m still able to get it clean kind of like new.

Quartz and Glass will always fog up over time. But the brown residue can always be cleaned off somehow, and it seems like Alconox is the key to this from my experience.


The Hydratubes can be cleaned like any traditional water pipe.


For starters, if you want to keep your glass looking pristine, only use distilled water.

A lot of the time, the glass will get cloudy or murky simply because of mineral deposits from tap water. A gallon of distilled water goes for about $1.39 in my area, and one gallon is enough for me to fill and clean my collection weekly.

Just fill your hydratube up with isopropyl alcohol – you want enough so it fills the overfill chamber and main chamber where the percolator is but not enough to have it spill out of the bottom joint.

Every hydratube is a little different, so pay attention and use common sense when filling your hydratube with alcohol. You don’t need much!

From there, seal off both openings with either your hand, paper towel, plug, etc. and start shaking until the piece is noticeably clean.

After the alcohol has done its work and the hydratube looks clean, give it a thorough rinse with distilled water or tap water if you don’t care that much.

Accessories Included with the Cloud EVO

As of now, VapeXhale is offering 5 different bundles of varying adapters, Hydratubes, and other accessories. However, every EVO will receive the same basic accessories:

  • 2 Easy Load Bowls
  • 1 Glass VapeXNail
  • Black VapeXHeat Shield
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual

You can head on over to VapeXhale’s website to check out all of the different packages they are currently offering.


VapeXhale is offering two different warranties on the Cloud EVO.

The VapeXhale 3 Year Limited Warranty covers the EVO for defects in the material or workmanship of the vaporizer itself.

This warranty does not cover any of the glass for accidental breakage.

The VapeXhale 3 Year Platinum warranty covers the following:

  • 1 accidental breakage of an EVO
  • 1 accidental breakage or damage of a Hydratube not including limited edition glass
  • VapeXHale covers all shipping and all associated fees for repair
  • Prioritized scheduling for warranty servicing

Pros/Cons Breakdown

To summarize this review, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of the VapeXhale Cloud EVO.


  • Unmatched vapor production, flavor, and smoothness
  • Great efficiency with dry herbs and concentrates
  • Realistic alternative to traditional combustion rituals
  • Large amounts of official accessories and glass


  • Fragile vapor path
  • Unit gets hot to the touch
  • VapeXNails are very fragile and hard to clean
  • Possibility of combustion past 3 o’clock on the dial

Final Subjective Assessment of the VapeXhale Cloud Evo

In general, this is my recommendation for anyone who’s looking for a vaporizer that provides insane vapor production, great flavor, smooth vapor, and various modular accessories. I never get bored with the Cloud EVO because there’s always something else you can do with it.


I think the Cloud EVO would appeal to pretty much anyone looking for a quality desktop vaporizer whether you’re a casual user or a crazy vapor enthusiast like myself.

It is ideal for 1-2 people, and this vape can be used with larger groups easily if you pre-pack some easy load bowls.

Vaping through glass with a high performance vaporizer like the Cloud EVO is something I hope everyone has the opportunity to try. It’s a great experience and very few vapes deliver the same knockout power that the Cloud EVO possesses.

I would also take a look at the Volcano vaporizer if you’re looking for a desktop vape that works great with groups.

Vapor bags seem to the best method of vaping with groups of 4+ people, and the Volcano excels at sufficiently medicating a large group of people. However, it can be pretty overkill for solo use due to its large oven size.

Looking for the best place to buy the VapeXhale Cloud Evo?

I recommend picking it up directly from VapeXhale’s website. You will have the ability to customize your package, choose which hydratubes you want, and get the perfect setup for you.

I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them!

Thanks for stopping by!

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