Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Review

Next up next in our line of vaporizers is the Vapir NO2. This product falls into the portable vaporizer category and compared to the popular Launch Box it’s a bit bigger. But despite this it fits very comfortably in your hands and almost feels like you’re holding a drink bottle. Unlike some of the other portable vaporizers, the Vapir also allows for very easy one handed operation. So you can easily use it while doing other tasks around the house.

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How does the Vapir NO2 work?

What I love about the Vapir NO2 is its simplicity. There aren’t too many things about this product that the typical herb user or a beginner would screw up. The unit is kept simple by only coming with 2 pieces, the unit itself and of course the mouth piece. To turn it on all you have to do is flip a little switch on the side and press the big red button in the middle. Voila! You’re ready to go.

All of the controls you’ll need are kept conveniently in the middle of the vaporizer and this includes the LCD display. Once the unit is powered on you’ll notice that the LCD shows the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. I personally found that my “sweet spot” on the Vapir NO2 was right around 370 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature it gave me a nice and smooth vape without any unwanted “burned herb” taste. Another nifty feature is that the unit also has an automatic shutoff for people like me that tend to vape and zone out a lot lol.


-Heats very quickly. I found that going from completely idle to hot and ready to go took just under a minute. This number held the same each time I used it and i‘m very pleased with the consistency.

-Simple. The Vapir NO2 is no brainer to use. There aren’t a lot of separate pieces which makes this perfect for a beginner.

-Automatic shutoff. For those of you that like to vape your herb and then zone out this product is perfect. After 20 minutes of non activity it automatically shuts off in order to save your herb and of course battery life.

-2 power sources. The Vapir NO2 gives you two choices when it comes to power selection. You can either use it while plugged in or with the rechargeable battery.


-Small bowl. The size of the bowl on the Vapir NO2 is a bit smaller than some of the other vaporizers on the market, but only marginally so.

-2 screens. Having 2 screens means that you’ll also have to replace them both. To the manufacturers’ credit though, the second one is designed to keep your medicine from falling into the heater.

What’s the best place to buy the Vapir NO2?

If you’re ready to get your hands on the Vapir NO2, then the best place to make your purchase is Vapor Nation. Hands down Vapor Nation offers the best prices out of all of the vaporizer dealers you’ll find online. What’s even better is that the shipping is fast and the customer service couldn’t be any better.

Final recommendation

After roughly a week of use, I must say that the Vapir NO2 vaporizer is definitely a quality product. My final thoughts about it is that it makes the perfect product for beginners. The Vapir blends simplicity and ease of use into a vaporizer that produces a nice and strong vapor. This is definitely something that caught me off guard, and even now I’m still pleasantly surprised. 😉

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