Vapir Rise 2.0 Vaporizer Review

The Vapir Rise 2.0 is the latest version of the Rise from Vapir. It is a desktop vape designed to be used with groups, and it performs amazingly.

The new 2.0 version improves in a big way on the old model, which did have some drawbacks. Here is how they improved it:

  • No Fan Mode – You no longer have to have the fan running at all times. In our opinion this is one of the best improvements
  • Increased Temperature – The temperature now goes all the way up to 420 degrees F.
  • Improved Heating Chamber – They redesigned the heating chamber to not only perform better, but made it easier to clean as well.

Now, let’s get into how it works.

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vapir rise 2.0 vaporizer

How the Vapir Rise 2.0 Works

Like all desktop vapes, you obviously have to plug it in. Once you do that, you hit a switch on the side of the unit to turn it on. Now, it does not start heating when you turn it on. To start heating, you need to press the “HEAT” button on the front of the unit.

However, before you start heating, you need to load up the chamber with either herbs or essential oils. Both chambers are HUGE, with the herb chamber holding easily a gram and a half, and with the essential oil chamber being about the size of a small shot glass, you can easily get where you want to go, no matter your tolerance.

After loading up the chamber, you attach it to the adaptor and then choose which mode you want to vape in. This vape has three modes, one is a single whip, one is with up to four whips, and the other is with a bag.

Single Whip:

For the single whip, you attach the single user adaptor. Then, you attach the silicone tube and activate your heater.


With the multi-user adaptor, you can hook up to four hoses in at once to get a “hookah” style vape. This is the best group vape I’ve come across because of this feature.

Bag Mode:

Now, this mode is only available with the ultimate edition, but I personally think it is a great feature. The bags take about a minute and 30 seconds to fully fill, and you get about 4-6 good hits out of one bag. Also, when using the bags, you want to turn the fan up all the way.

So now that we got the modes out of the way, let’s get back to how the unit works. After you load it up and choose what mode you want to vape in, you set your temperature. This can range anywhere up to 420°F, and after choosing your temp, you then activate the heater.

When the heater activates, so does a fan, which will stay on unless you turn it off by clicking the “-“ button on the fan touch pad. This is a big improvement over the first variation of the unit, which had to constantly have the fan running or the heater would turn off. The fan just kind of preheats the material, and I recommend turning it off once it gets to temperature.

As far as vapor quality goes, this vape does a really good job of getting flavorful vapor and efficiently extracting everything from your material. My herbs are always evenly vaped after my sessions with this vape too.

Here’s our video review so you can see all of the features and how it works:

Best Place to Buy the Vapir Rise 2.0?

If you want to purchase the Vapir Rise 2.0, we recommend buying it from Vapor Nation. If you can’t tell by now, they are one of our favorite merchants to buy from. They have this unit for a great price, ship it for free, and include some sweet bonuses as well.

Final Thoughts

If you want a vape for groups, this is the best there is. It is worth every penny you spend on it, and it absolutely will not disappoint. This unit also comes with a great two year warranty, which is one of the better warranties out there and shows they stand by their product.

I personally won’t use another vape in a group setting after trying this one, it’s just that good.

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