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As the use of portable dry herbal vaporizers continues to grow in popularity, there is an increasing number of new brands attempting to infiltrate the market. Budget-conscious consumers may already be aware of some of the more popular units such as the Pulsar APX V2, or the Boundless CFC 2.0. However, the question that needs to be answered is how some of these lesser known devices compare against the top-rated products. Vapium is a relatively new company, based out of Toronto that states their focus is on the medical benefits of marijuana and the eventual legitimization of the entire industry. This enterprise currently produces two vaporizers, the Vapium LITE for its’ economical customers and the Vapium Summit for those purchasing units on the higher end of the spectrum. I recently tested out the Vapium Lite and the following review should help to assist consumers in understanding the pros and cons of this particular dry herbal vape. Personally, I found the unit to be average, but I have attempted to be a non-biased as possible.

Build, Portability & Facility of Use

The Vapium LITE is both discreet and appealing; its’ design will attract customers that like a stylish, yet simple look. This vaporizer competes well with other concealable brands, as it reaches just about four inches, and is less than two inches in width. It fits well in the palm of the hand, and can be slipped into a pocket with ease. The unit is currently only produced in black, and the front of the device features a power button, and plus and minus button which can be used to select one of the four pre-set temperatures listed. The oven can be accessed at the top by simply popping the mouthpiece off, and users may charge the unit via the USB power port found at the bottom of the vape.

In terms of ease of use, I feel that consumers will be happy with the process as it requires little effort. To begin a vape session, just make sure the device is charged, load the heating chamber with some flower, snap the mouthpiece back on and power on the device by holding the power button down for three seconds. The device will vibrate lightly and the LED lights will turn on at the bottom to signify it’s on. Next choose one of the four pre-set temperatures by scrolling with the plus or minus button– the LED light should blink until temperature is reached after about thirty five to forty seconds, and then the top light will display a green color, and the unit will vibrate again. From there, users are ready to start their session and intake the herb.

Oven Capacity & Temperature Control

The Vapium LITE has a fairly decent sized oven, uses ceramic conduction and can hold up to 0.33 grams of marijuana according to its’ technical specs. This capacity matches other competing units pretty well, however, it must be mentioned that this particular vape while it doesn’t burn through herb super rapidly, I still found that it was not as efficient as the Boundless CFC 2.0.

The Vapium LITE comes with four pre-set temperatures which include 356 degrees, 385 degrees, 414 degrees, and 442 degrees Fahrenheit. I think the temperatures that it runs at are accurate. I would recommend that users run the unit at 414 degrees and under, as at 442 degrees I felt the herb tasted terrible and burnt.

Battery Life & Accessories

The Vapium Lite utilizes an 18500 lithium ion battery that will provide up to twelve sessions when fully charged. The charge time is also pretty good, as it only takes about an hour to get a full charge.

As for accessories, the box includes a cleaning brush, usb charger, an extra clean air intake drawer, and a 14/18mm glass adaptor for bong enthusiasts.

Vapor Quality & Price Point

The Vapium Lite is currently listed for sale at the low price of $79.00. The retail value seems decent at first glance, however, there are a couple reasons I think it should be somewhat cheaper, with the number one issue being the vapor quality. The clouds produced by the Vapium LITE are visible, and will do the job, but are not flavorful in the slightest. The unit uses a medical grade silicone vapor path, but truth be told, there is little to no taste transmitted, except at the highest temperature of 442 degrees and then the herb simply tastes burnt. I also felt like I didn’t get really great rips in spite of inhaling forcefully.

Also, another big problem I had was the inhalation of actual pieces of flower. I’ve tried a variety of units and have never ended up with particles of marijuana in my mouth and on my tongue. This was not a pleasant experience for me, and I feel may be a deal breaker to some consumers. The bottom line is the unit scores a 5 out of 10- it is spectacularly average.

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